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LEMON WATER!!!! Squeeze fresh kemon juice into a large glass of water and drink daily.


I'm 19, and I my husband and I just had our first baby exactly 1 month ago. But since then I have found that I have bv, and it's awful because I'm still recovering from natural childbirth where I tore my vj. No stitches happened, but the bv has made it where it's not healing, and I haven't progressed in an entire month.
Reading all of these remedies I'm going to try the coconut oil, and hopefully the apple cider vineger.
Wish me luck, I've had that smell since I was 13.


Hello! I've just read through the first few pages of this forum and been doing some other research too about this issue, since I've had BV for quite a few months now.
Recently I've discovered the cause of this might perhaps be 'Achidosis' a state where there is too much acid in the body. I've found a very useful forum and if you scroll down, it seemed to work for many women. (Can't put link apparently, but if you google 'earth clinic, bacterical vaginosis, I think it will come up) Many have testified that an alkaline diet is key to vanishing symptoms completely adn if you search online for a list of alkalising/alkaline food, it will show and you can start your new diet ^ ^
Hope for the best for all of you and just thought I'd share this ;)


I used to get this constantly like you over and over again, strangly it stopped when i changed my pill, so just a thought if you are on the pill. Also it was recurrent bv so they did more tests and found out i had chlamadia, i had been with someone for 5 years at this point so it must have been from before then(unless he had been naughty), just thought i would mention it as when the chlamadia was treated the bv occured much less frequently

Yesterday 19:46 loveurslf

I think i might have found a cure!!!! not sure but i have had bv for 5yrs long yrs smh! i have tried every doctor prescribed and home remedy out there.. all big fails!!! i did alittle research and found out that it may be a hormone imbalance that is throwing off my ph balance witch gives me bv and y it keeps coming back time and time again... i found this out when i was wondering y i wasnt getting prego and hormone imbalance kinda made sense to me... well anyways back to bv i came across vitamin c witch i inserted right into my vagina warning! most women say it hurts or they get pinkish discharge for me it didnt hurt and i didnt get pink discharge i actually thought it would work after the first night because i woke up the next morning with no smell omg the best! BUT!! i still had discharge and alot of it like never ending! idk if it was my body trying to over clean itself because it had something up there but my excitement was short lived... i tried it for a week and same thing every day... then i thought maybe its too strong and one thing u dont wanna do is over do it just because u have it for yrs doesnt mean u need to over do it.. i tried to just take the vitamin c orally iv been taking it daily for about 5days no discharge no smell and i put it to the ultimate test i had sex! and yes after during and a day later still no smell no discharge!! its only been 5days so i will keep all of u posted of my results long term but i have hope im gonna keep taking it and also for my hormone imbalance im going to try and start taking agnus Castus its supposed to help with it so idk yet but i will start soon!

Ms.annoyed of this

I've tried acv, teatree oil the most, yogurt, vitamin c maybe I'm not doing it long enough. I've tried hydrogen prox+ acv + tea tree oil+ Water at once douch with this
It's so annoying the smell I've had this so long I don't even know if the smell is there or not most of the times. My nose can't really detect it like that anymore. 5 yrs dealing with that weird funky fishy what ever else odor. My doc said I have bv now but he won't do anything else until he knows my birthcontrol works. I wish doc obgyn had this so they would understand how of a problem this is everyday I'm going on a low sugar no yeast and carb diet so women swear some remedies work for them but sometimes thing do always wrk for someone else

From Canada

Short and on point: douche with apple cider vinegar mixed with water (50%/50%) then take a tampon and soak in coconut oil in which I put a few drops of oregano oil and insert then go to bed. Smell GONE by morning. The acidity of the ACV helps restore the Ph of the vagina (which normally is acidic). Bacteria grows when the Ph is off... I also take probiotics - 20 billion a day, quality brand (Genestra). Your diet has to be clean, avoid junk that will upset your body's ph.
Today is my second day of regimen, so I hope this will not come back. I'm going to keep doing this for a few more days to make sure i'm safe.
Good luck!


I'm on day one of Vitamin C & Ultra Flora Probiotic. Inserted one Vit.C tonight & will continue for 3.5 days as well as the Ultra Flora


THANK GOD for this site. I have been suffering from BV for at least the last 5-6 years. It has been awful and has truly made my life a living (well you know). I had been to many doctors like most of those on this site and they comtinuosly prescribed me antibiotics and gels that worked but only for a few weeks. I had the disgusting white discharge and the smelly odor. I stopped going to doctors and tried to find remedies on my own to try to get rid of it. None of which worked. I tried changing detergent to one for sensitive skin, I tried changing to natural soaps, I tried Represh suppositories and daily pills. I tried bathing in ACV and drinking A LOT more water. NOTHING WORKED. I stumbled upon this site a few days ago and read countless stories of all the other women who were battling this DREADFUL infection. I decided to try taking little parts from all the testimonies I read to see what would work for me. I was already taking 1 (1 billion live culitures) lactobacillus acidophilus tablet per day and my doctor had prescribed my vitamin D since it was very low. I added 1 1000mcg Vitamin C tablet, 1 odorless garlic tablet, 1 folic acid, and 1 1000mcg B12. After two days I have no symptoms at all. IT'S GONE and for good I hope. I will continue with this remedy daily. It seems that what it all comes down to is the lack of nutrients our bodies are reviving from food to fight off these awful infections. What we put in our bodies truly matter. Some of us have weaker immune systems and because all of our bodies are so different it is probably why there are women who have to deal with this and others who don't. Everything I took was orally and I couldn't be happier!


Hey guys,
I felt inclined to share how I got rid of BV just in case even one person stumbles across this and it might help them
I've suffered from BV all my life but finally got rid of it 6 months ago.
My BV symptoms
Smelly discharge somewhere ranging from fishy-amonia like
Discharge is thin, watery and off white but dries a white to yellow
Heavy discharge at times
Discharge will dry around my vagina/vulva to what looked like excessive (and smelly) smegma
Itchy vulva especially during period
Easily contract UTIs
I tried alot of treatments without good results.Finally I decided to go to the doctor to give a cure that's working for me.
After all medical exams the doctor said that there is only one medicine available for Bacterial Vaginosis with best results. It is called Cervugid Ovules. It's a vaginal suppository , and consists in 3 courses.I said to try this treatment, maybe I will get rid of this infection. I took 3 boxes with break between them. I had again Pap Smear test that came out negative. After a long time i can say that I got rid of itching, unpleasant leakage and worse odor.

I wish you to stay healthy.


I need help! I've been having bv on and off again for a few months now. I did two rounds of antibiotics in tilly that did not help. So, I started using these bv suppositories which helped until I had sex again. I just started using 500mg of Vitamin C nightly after reading all of these responses. It's been 3 days and the smell has on gotten worse. Could it possibly be the brand I'm using? I grabbed a bottle of Target brand tablets with rose hips as I've been to every place I can think of and none sell just vitamin c. They all have some type of additive. Can anyone help me?

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