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Like most of you other ladies, I don't usually post on these sites. I first got diagnosed with BV almost a year ago. My Gyn prescribed Flagyl and that took care of it for about 3 weeks. After taking the antibiotics again and it coming back. I got tired of paying all that money for the pills. I tired the apple cider vinegar baths and that wasn't very much help. Finally, after getting sick and tired of being sick and tired, I went to the grocery store, bought a 4 pack of plain Activia yogurt and squirted it right in my vag. Let me tell you ladies...the very next day, the smell was gone, the pain was gone...The BV was gone! After one day! I'm going to continue with this 'yogurt therapy' for the next 4 days. I'm a living witness! Yogurt works!


Just like a few others i dont post things on sites like this. But i thought it would be fair to share whats worked for me. I guess i been struggling with my symptoms for about 2 years. Meds from dr helped but it came right back a few days when the meds were done. I LOVE coffee and now I learn with even one cup its throws things off so now I refrain from it. I have been sticking to tea and lemon to get my caffeine fix and seem to have no flare ups. I tried the coconut oil it did work but always seemed a challenge to get it in and half the time it felt like all came out. I tried the tampon rolled in it and that was easiler. I even refigerated some. so it would solidify and would break a chunk off and try to administer. Had to be quick cause it melted fast. things seemes to clear up by the next day. It was amazing with a AC vinegar it took away the smell almost immediately. I didnt douch, just sat in a warm tub with about a cup for 20 mins. Once i did that and let things take their course i was having the same symptoms again. :(
So.... i read about the kefir yogurt. Its really really tart. I been drinking about 1 cup a day with these wonder pills i discovered made from nature made. Its called digestive probiotics plus multivitamins FOR WOMEN. 30 day supply. So i take those pills and 1 cup a kefir yogurt and it seemed to do the trick. No more smell, or extra clear discharge. I feel back to my old self again. I also try to eat yogurt as a snack in my regular diet and thats been helping.
Thanks for reading my story and hope this helps someone else.


Last year, I had sex for the first time. I was a virgin for so long, so you can imagine how ignorant I was when it finally came down to it. So because my BF at the time was experienced, I trusted him and let him have total control, not knowing that lotion should NEVER be used as a lubricant.

After a few weeks, I developed an itch. It became unbearable and I was so embarrassed. I visited a doctor and eventually discovered I had BV and Thrush. I was put on Diflucan (twice in the space of a month) It was so potent that shortly after, I developed an autoimmune disease called Leaky Gut Syndrome.

I can't even begin to tell you what I'm going through. Two years ago I was this confident, happy girl. Now I'm just so self conscious and so scared to get intimate with anyone because of BV and Thrush. When I make out with someone I'm so afraid of it leading to sex that I always back out.

I really want to try some of these remedies on this thread. I do try keeping my diet more alkaline currently and it works temporarily. But as soon as I try to get hot and heavy, my symptoms return.

I really need help. I am just so embarrassed and chronically depressed guys. I don't even want to date anyone because I know it will lead to sex and I can't do it. :(


I was so relieved to have come across this site. I have been suffering from BV for almost 2 years now, after seeing my ob/gyn several times and receiving the same treatment (metro gel) I've come to realize that I need a more potent remedy.

I followed some advise I found on this forum and I would like to share what I did to resolve the recurring, disgusting, depressing situation!

First I douched with just plain peroxide, and douched again with a mixture of distilled water and apple cider vinegar 50/50. I drank a cup half dilluted with distilled water and apple cider vinegar, and then inserted 1 500 mcg vitamin c with rosehips into my vagina and left in it in for 2 hours. After 2 hours passed I removed what was left over of the pill and within the hour my BV symptoms were gone!! Believe me I ran home and had sex with my boyfriend countless times! I've never felt so clean, confident and sexy in the past 2 years.

For 5 days I continued to insert the vitamin c pill into my vagina every morning to ensure this method worked and the symptoms were gone.

To maintain overall good pH and balance, I am considering inserting a yogurt soaked tampon into my vagina at least once a week.

Please try what I did if you are suffering from BV like I was. Good luck to all of you who are experiencing this horrible situation, there is a cure and ob/gyn prescribed medications arent one of them!


In the past 7 weeks i have been to the gyno 4 times for this horrible BV. I tested positive for it 3 times and was on 3 rounds of antibiotics both oral and suppository. The BV is gone now, but unfortunately I am still suffering from the itchy sore and uncomfortableness that comes with it.i never noticed a smell, i just thought i had a yeast infection. but i got tested and it was BV. My doc said she doesnt even notice anything wrong. I have been to two docs now! after 4 weeks of antibiotics, im still miserable. My OBGYN sayed last week i have 'few' Lactobacillis (not sure how you spell it) and it just 'takes time' to get your PH back to normal :(. So at this point i have tried EVERYTHING. i am eating lots of yogurt !! I did the regular 500mg vitamin C and OMG it burned , i had to go home from work and take a bath, it was horrible!! so i switched to the one with Rose hips and only did 250 MG, i got the vegan one at central market. At this point i am desperate so i dont care if it burns!! and the next day i was feeling alot better. i also did apple cider vinegar bath for about a week, braggs brand with the mother. and that helped alot too. A epson salt bath helped as well with the soreness. its still lingering right now and not 100% better. but i got this ointment at whole foods called V-majic, this helps alot with the vulva pain and itching. You can buy it on amazon as well and it is all natural! i get so tired of all those chemicals! also i have been doing just the 250 mg vitamin c with rose hips every night and i hope i will be 100% better soon!!


I have just taken a course of antibiotics (Metronidazole) and the problem is worse than it was before. I have read about alkaline diets and I'm sure it is excessive acid and alcohol that is causing this. I used apple cider vinegar to try to get rid of genital warts (it almost worked, my god it hurt. FYI I swear by Lysine and Vit C, cold sore remedies, to keep this at bay. Medication worked in the end but my skin is still tender from the process). I'm going to try the following: Soak tampon in mix of 50/50 apple cider vinegar and water. Insert, wait 15 mins, then remove. Repeat every 2-3 days. I have noticed the presence of yoghurt in my diet makes improvements too. Wish me luck, and I wish you all luck too, as we know this is a horrible and frustrating thing to go through! xxx


Hey girls I have never posted on these sites but I just had to share my experience. I had been struggling with bv for almost 3 years it started right after I had my 3rd child I had never had anything like this happen before and I was going crazy because it seemed like I was always running to the Dr's office & always had the same failed treatment go without having sex for weeks and as soon as I had sex it would be back . We (my husband and I) even went through treatment together because the doc recommended it even though she said guys don't get bv, but it was just another failed attempt!! So yesterday after having attemting to have sex and failing because of the smell I had had enough & finally went for it & squeezed a syringe full of plain yogurt straight up my vajj & went to bed. This morning the smell was completly gone I couldn't believe it I was so happy I had to try having sex to see if it was real this is gonna sound crazy but I literally smelled my hubbys penis...the smell was gone!! Ive spent so much money on prescription meds & a $6 bottle of yogurt cured it overnight I'm still going to do the yogurt for a couple of more days & refrain from sex but I've also decided to introduce the yogurt in my diet!! I know what worked for me might not work for someone else but if you haven't tried the yogurt into the vagina because it freaks you out I'm here to say go for it!! I read that if your lactose intolerant you should try soy yogurt. I will be going to the dr next week to do a swab & finally find out if its truly gone! Fingers crossed but girls I want to say I finally feel sexy again!


Just wanted to share this in hopes of helping someone else who has/is suffering. After years of going through the metronidazole Rollercoaster both orally and intravaginally i was beyond tired. FYI antibiotics kill all bacteria including the good ones. Ill start by telling you how to get immediate relief if your suffering from a chronic episode now, and how to maintain vaginal homeostasis.

Your suffering now!:take a tampon, soak it (with the applicator still on) in organic apple cider vinegar for at least one minute. Push it down just a little bit so you can absorb it but not so you can't insert it. Now,you guessed it, insert it. I promise the relief starts within 10 minutes. I left it in for about an hour, then repeated this twice. This worked better than any pill, cream, suppository ever made. I suffered for so long, but after doing this i have been bv free almost a year now. The last vinegar 'stick' needs to be left in overnight. The next morning I felt amazing. Completely asymptomatic. I wish i could have done this sooner.

Maintenence: If you're like me, you have tried antibiotics in the past. They have wrecked the good bacteria in your gut leaving you with a dangerous imbalance. Find the right probiotic for you and take it DAILY! Get more vitamin C in your diet and drink organic apple cider vinegar daily with honey and water. Inserting the vitamin C intravaginally did not work for me, so i would just recommend taking it.

Good luck to you.


I've gone on this site many times, what a relief that I'm not the only one going through this horrible thing. I've cut back on caffeine and started drinking warm lemon water in the mornings instead. I noticed a difference, once I started drinking coffee again it came back so much worse. I've even had a couple of times where I've bleed, I've gone to the doctor and it's the same thing antibiotics for a few days and it goes away. I'll be on my way to purchasing the vitamin c, to be honest I'm a bit afraid of inserting it first so I'll be taking them orally, drinking lemon water religiously and hope that it goes away.


First off, when I tell you ladies that this site has literally changed my life please know that I am forever grateful. I thought I was the only person suffering with chronic reoccurring bv, low and behold...I'm not. I am 29 and have had bv on and off for the past several years. Yes everything that everyone says about the smell, the discharge and all of the uncomfortable-ness is sad and true. After visiting doc after doc and spending several hundreds of dollars on meds that only work for a few days and make me sick as a dog....atlast something natural and safe has come along. So...cutting to the chase, after finding this site yesterday I went out and purchased vitamin c, coconut oil, lots of lemons, yogurt and accuflora (probiotic)....I took 1000 mgs of vit c, and 2 caplets of accuflora around lunchtime along with a tall glass of strong lemon water. Once I got home started with more lemon water and soaked a tampon with coconut oil and inserted it for 2 hours. I then decided to take a shower...soak another tampon and sleep in it. This morning...everything, for gone!!!!!! No smell, no discharge....nothing. Ladies I seriously don't know the last time I've felt so....clean. So today and for the next several days I will be on this regime praying everything gets cleared up. Please continue to share! Good luck!

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