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i have been dealing with this issue for 4 years i have tired everything that you see on these websites to cure the symptoms but you have to treat the body as a whole and i have found that taking a WOMEN'S MULIT-VITAMIN everyday or every other day is the best cure ever. I wish i had thought of this earlier. I saw a change in my body in 2 days. No more waisting money on things that just treat the symptoms. i belive that after a certain age a woman's body changes and when you get the BV your body is telling you that you are not feeding the body what it needs. by taking a multi-vitamin you can supply the body with everything it needs even if you don't have the best diet. and when the body has what it needs the BV goes away. i wish i had the money to do the research but i was so shocked at how quickly my body responded to the Multi-vitamin.


I found this website yesterday, after finally coming to the realization that I have BV, and have had it for a very long time. The way I battled it? The absolute worst: I have worn tampons for the better part of my post-adolescent life. If I wanted to have sex, I would use the restroom, take it out, freshen up, hope he didn't notice anything funky, and replace it the next day. I got so tired of doing this I went to the doctor who prescribed flagyl, and that wiped it out for about 2 months. Now it is back. I was so, so happy that I was tampon-free for these last couple months, but now I realize this is some sort of condition I'm going to have to deal with forever, since it's back.

Anyway, yesterday I came across this board and went straight to the store where I picked up a big bottle of hydrogen peroxide, a bottle of Cranberry fruit 4200mg (plus vitamin C), a bottle of Pro-biotic Acidophilus (1 billion active culture), and a very big plastic syringe (like the type for administering medicine to kids, similar to a turkey baster I suppose). These are the few things that I noticed that kept reappearing as remedies, so this is what I chose. I went home, mixed equal parts hot water and room temp H2O2, laid on my bed with two thick towels under my bottom and injected it right in douche-style. I probably did too much since it mostly came right back out (but I've never done this so you have to make allowances). I let it sit there for at least ten minutes while I played on my phone or watched tv, I could feel it fizzle and pop but nothing was uncomfortable. After I felt like it was done, I took a warm bath (no soaps of any kind, just water), then before I got out I used a white washcloth, put some hydrogen peroxide on it and wiped real good down there. I didn't put on ANY underwear, just a sleepshirt. I took two each of the cranberry and acidophilus pills. As I sit here I don't smell anything, I went to the restroom and checked my COTTON undies, nothing yucky or smelly. I smelled the little bit of discharge I had (I would guess a normal amount for normal folks?) with my finger and it wasn't unpleasant at all. I wouldn't be embarrassed if my beau went down there for a little while, which is exactly what I plan on doing later, provided the situation hasn't changed!

Thank you so much for your help. If you've found this site, you're not alone, try anything, and maybe the first things you try work for you (like mine hopefully has). I plan on douching as often as needed, continuing with 2-4 pills of the cranberry/acidophilus a day, and peeing RIGHT AFTER intercourse. And then probably a quick H2O2 douche while I'm already in the bathroom. Good luck ladies.

get rid of it for good

Ihave tried some of everything and it only made my infection worse. But here are some good things to try to get rid of it for good.Make up a slat water concocksuion and pour it over your vagina do this for two days or until u think you need to stop.fresh lemon squeeze some into a cup and get a qtip and rub the lemon over your labia and over the front of ur thingy. Garlic water put a pice of garlic in awatr bottle and put nuke warm water in the bottle shake i up and drink. i would put down some other remedies but g2g.


Always wash and dry really well esp after sex. Its the concept of bad bacteria vs good bacteria. Lactic acids and the good bacteria that come with it are just what a healthy vagina needs to keep bad bacteria at bay. And it is what is found naturally occurring in a healthy vagina. The place to get it is plain yogurt, no sugar added or flavors. Apply a little like a cream to the outside. If the situation is really bad then put some on the inside to. This can be used to clear up a situation and avoid having to get chemical treatments. If my smell is off for whatever reason or have a irritation starting then i apply a tiny bit of yogurt and it is fine within a day. If you take antibiotics then they likely killed off all your good bacteria, in which case you need to recolonize with with good bacteria, so that bad bacteria doesn't have an opening to take over causing much discomfort. Its all about creating a balance in the vagina flora.


Hi, As of 2 weeks ago, I had a really bad smell (fishy and lots of discharge), and I just got tired of it. I came online, read alot of articles... I think I had either BV or a yeast infection. Not sure. But I took out most of the sugar I was eating in my diet, started preparing foods at home, but most importantly and what I think helped a lot was that I went to a good holistic grocery store that sold vitamins, and I bought these supplements (I was not interested in doing the douching or applying anything to my vagina directly so i went with the oral route) 1) acidophilus (iflora women's multi probiotic) 2) garlic (garlinase) 3) cranberry 500mg4) a women's multivitamin new chapter women's one daily 5) folic acid 6) B12 1000mg and 6)Folic Acid 400mcg

I started taking everything all at once at night right before going to sleep. And after a few days of doing this my smell started to go away. It even cleared up the really awful smell towards the end of my cycle. I also starting about a month and a half ago really increased my water intake to 6 to 8 cups of water a day from not really drinking water at all. Last but not least, I am pretty much dairy free, and all the supplements I am taking are gluten free/vegetarian.

On the downside some of the vitamins are pretty big. I'm willing to look past it though because the combination of everything has made me not have any bad/irregular/way too much discharge on top of the small going away. And I want to smell good for myself. And for any future partner I may have.

It's made my self esteem really rise alot. I feel so much more healthy. Background, I'm not on the pill or any medications like antibiotics or anything, nor am I a doctor.

Just wanted to share what has worked for me, in such a short time.


take a mixture of lemon juice 1 part and mustard oil 8 part. Massage this mixture gently in vegina. Five to seven time massage at first day.then three times.


I had BV for 6 months and alos a yeast infection off and on, I used the gel crap the doc prescribed and it didn't work.....then I looked online and noticed what other women were doing to treat BV and I went out and bought acidophilus 1 billion, folic acid 800mcg, and vitamin c 1000mg, and apple cider vinegar. I started taking the vitamins a few times a day and I washed the outside of my vagina with a splash of apple cider vinegar and warm water when I showered. It cleared up within a day or so. Also to prevent it from coming back, every time my boyfriend and I have sex I shower right away and wash the outside really good with apple cider vinegar! It really is a good method. I also got a UTI twice in one month and ever since I've been washing the outside of my vagina with ACV I havent gotten one. TRY IT !


I know this may sound crazy but BORIC ACID really helps with BV. I struggled with BV for about 2 and a half years. My gyno actually recommended it to me the first time he diagnosed me but I was to worried about what it could do to me. After months of research I decided to try it. Now I feel free from BV :-). I haven't had the symptoms in months. Here is what I did:
Purchased gel caps and boric acid from amazon, I made my own suppository, placed in deep into the vagina (1 suppository at night or 2 if its a really bad infection) at night. Do this for two weeks and you should have relief forever!

Dont do it during your period
Wear a pad
Use them during the day if necessary
Research this before you try it

Hope this helps ladies!


What worked for me might work for you. I started taking acidophilus and regular probiotics. These help with the friendly bacteria. I also soaked a tampon in plain yogurt and inserted it in the vagina right before bedtime. I recommend you use Stonyfield Farms Yogurt. It contains all the different probiotics. I also douche once a week with tea tree oil. 1/4 of tea tree oil and 3/4 of water. Hoprfully it works for you!


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