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I have been suffering from bv for a couple of years now and the best remedy i have used is bee propolis. I take one per day plus a multi vitamin and acidolophilis.


I had recurrent bacterial vaginosis (BV) for about a year, but a few months ago I found 1 good preventative measure and 1 alternative treatment to the normally-recommended antibiotics. (Please note that I am not a medical professional.)

1) Alternative BV Treatment: Vaginal Vitamin C (Prevegyne)

A nurse-practitioner recommended inserting 1-2 boric acid capsules into the vagina every week to prevent BV, since the acid maintains the acidic environment that is needed for a healthy, BV-free vagina. I went to consult a pharmacist (I was weary since boric acid is toxic when consumed or in bloodstream). She suggested I try vaginal vitamin C tablets (the brand was Prevegyne), since vitamin C is also an acid and is normally used by the body anyway. In Canada, vaginal vitamine C is considered an 'alternative' treatment sold behind the counter without a prescription, and it’s not cheap (just over $30 CAD for 1 treatment of 6 tablets). However, I am so grateful to the pharmacist for introducing it to me, because it has worked both times I used it and allowed me to get rid of the symptoms without antibiotics (smell was gone after first day)! Just insert 1 tablet each night for 6 days. For me, the only side effect experienced was a watery, odourless discharge the following day, but all that meant was wearing pantyliners until the day after the end of the treatment. The information sheet does list several other possible side effects which have been reported, though.Your pharmacist should be able to give you a print-out about this treatment which includes findings from clinical studies.

As with the antibiotic treatment, one treatment of the vitamin C is not going to prevent reoccurence of BV. The manufacturer of Prevegyne say it can be used for BV prevention (as in you can take it even if you don't have BV), too, but it is a tad expensive to be used monthly. This leads to my next topic...

2) Preventing BV by using tampons less frequently

Another nurse-practitioner pointed out that since blood is less acidic than the vagina, menstruation can promote BV. For I while, I only used tampons during my period, and symptoms actually were most apparent in the days following my period and would diminish after. I actually think that that particular occurrence of BV that I went to the nurse for was caused by me forgetting to change my tampon frequently enough while at work. Afterward speaking to that nurse, I always alternate between tampons and pads and change my tampon at least every 6 hours (and thus never wear a tampon to sleep), even though the tampon manufacturer says that the tampons can be worn up to 8 hours. I then had my longest BV-free period since my BV problem started, despite getting a new sexual partner, being very sexually active, and having sex without condoms for the first time (all of which are correlated with BV occurrence). I noticed symptoms again for the first time about a month ago (not sure why, but it coincided with having a new sexual partner) but since I used the vaginal vitamin C right away, the symptoms were brief.

Hope that helps at least some of you!

Ava Alexis

I've personally struggled with BV for 3 years now. I've had some random health problems in my life but I'd have to say this is probably the most annoying, embarrassing one to deal with. Especially of you're sexual active. My run with BV has its moments. I have times where it's defiantly there & noticeable, along with times where my remedies & medication that have been proscribed actually works. I've notice with using the cream & the pills that you eventually start to build a resistance. It's so nice for it to be gone for a while, sometimes weeks! However it seems to always make its way back... If that be because of lack of vitamins in my diet or sex causing it to return.. Here is how I deal with mine: 

Metronidazole vaginal gel: In the beginning this cream actually worked however that stopped & this stuff is actually really messy.. Douching with half purified water & half hydrogen peroxide: has a tendency to burn afterwards but does take away some of the bad smell. Recently my doctor put me on tinidazole 500mg & again it works for a while but it does return back.. You take it 2 times a day for 2 days. It leaves the worst taste in your mouth but it works quickly usually. I've also started taking daily: Cranberry pills (twice a day) Acidophilus (twice a day) I've been drinking a lot more water, as much as I can take to drink.. I've looked at these posts for years! Seeing ladies battle with this. So I figured maybe I would post what I've used and seen success from.. Hope that helped!! :)

Elizabeth R.

Ladies, I dealt with this problem for about 3 years. The reason for the chronic issue, in my opinion, is the reliance upon prescribed antibiotics, because the antibiotics kills all bacteria, good or bad, and when you don't replenish your body with good bacteria, bad bacteria has a better opportunity to grow.

That said, the issue at hand is an imbalance of good vs. bad bacteria, so what I had to do to obtain balance again over a period of a few months (you have to be patient and keep up good habits) was consume pH-balancing foods and beverages, as well as vitamins, such as Synergy Kombucha (alkalinizes the body, grapefruit juice (alkalinizies the body), kefir yogurt drink (promotes good bacteria), vitamin D (studies link BV to vit D deficiency), echinacea (immune-system booster, vit C (immune system booster), GREEN TEA INSTEAD OF COFFEE (alcohol and coffee are irritants, while green tea is an antioxidant), minimize alcohol and tobacco intake (the fewer toxins, the better),and minimize intimate partner's ejaculating inside of you without a condom. Drink lots of water, cranberry and grapefruit juice, lots of organic green vegetables, and if you are allergic to anything, such as dairy, nuts, gluten, etc., stay away from that. I'm allergic to almonds, I found out, and since I cut them out of my diet, I've had more success being free from BV without almonds. TRY EVERYTHING! Be patient, pray, it WILL go away.. :)


I suffered for years with BV. My doctor prescribed Metro-gel and Flagyl numerous times and as soon as I would be done with the treatment, my symptoms would come back. I've been with only my husband for 12 years so it's not because of multiple partners. I tried a few home remedies but what changed my life was RePhresh vaginal gel and the probiotics they offer as well. The probiotics are a special strain specifically for the vagina. I bought the gel and probiotics at Walmart. The gel is around $15 for 4 applicators. I don't remember how much the probiotics are. Since your vaginal Ph tends to fluctuate during your period I always use it after the last day of my period, so just once a month even though it says it only lasts 3 days. Since I started doing this and my husband and I quit using condoms I've not had a recurrence with BV in over a year, I used to have in non stop for years. I cried my eyes out for so many years, mortified that I always smelled horrible and had nasty discharge. I'm a very clean person, hygiene is very important to me but this infection wouldn't stay gone. The problem is that the prescription meds your dr gives you kills the good bacteria as well as the bad causing recurring problems. The probiotics keep the good bacteria there and the RePhresh gel balances your vaginal Ph. It's a win win. I'm not a spokesperson or salesman for these products but it's what worked for me and if I can help another woman who has struggled with the same problem then so be it.


Hello, I had been suffering with BV for over 5 years. I had to go to my doctor to get flagyl and vaginal cream every two months. A couple of years ago, I had it so bad that when I had sex, there was a discharge of bacteria on the sheets. I was so ashame. The fishy odor was horrible. I finally was looking up BV cures online and found this website. Ladies, I was reading all the remedies. I thought some of them were ridiculous. I decided to try some of them. OMG!! Thank you ladies! It worked in less than two days! Almost immediately!. I purchased Vitamin D3, Cranberry capsules, Multivitamins, Folic Acid, Acidophilus capsules. I notice the difference almost immediately. I began my regimen by douching with warm water, peroxide, and a teaspoon of all natural plain yogurt that is gluten free, BGH fre and contain active cultures, and acidophilus. I also eat two teaspoons ful of the yogurt a day. It taste awful, but it works! OMG! Thanks!!!


I am typing this info to help the ladies that is suffering from bv like I have over the years, what helped me, was the Stoney Field organic yogurt,for years, I would read up on different solutions and they just would not help, but, with the yogurt , if you keep taking it, everyday for a couple of months to put your body back in good shape to fight off bacteria. To me, I think, it is so sad that , some people have a valid way of curing this nasty infection, and they would like to make a profit off of someone suffering, there is nothing good about smeeling like stinking fish, so , i waited until, i seen the results for myself,I have been a victim for over 20 years and now I can start enjoying my life without feeling embarassed after I get my period or have sexual intercourse.

on your side

All good advice... remember that you may have reoccuring BV due to the fact that if you are having sex, your sex partner may be of a different PH balance than you. Doesnt mean there is anything wrong with either of you just you have different levels. That being said, this can cause your body to reaact and get a reoccuring condition. I have Lupus, which is a autoimmune disorder, along with the yeast infections. None of it fun, and all plays havoc on my system. I think a lot of it all ties into yeast infection and how it messes with our system. Hang in there.


I've suffered from BV for about three years now and anything I tried never worked. Finally I decided to do something simple that I thought would never work. It's a 3-5 day process. Mix hydrogen peroxide with water and douche with it. You can buy douching bags for about a dollar at dollar stores. Douche once a day for 3 days. After douching dip a tampon in unpasteurized plain yogurt. Make sure the yogurt says 'live cultures' or 'acidophilus' in the ingredients. Take the tampon and insert it into the vagina. Do this for about 3-5 days. Remove the tampon after 2 hours. After the symptoms clear up incorporate the yogurt into your diet or take acidophilus tablet supplements. And occasionally douche with the peroxide water solution.


i have been dealing with this issue for 4 years i have tired everything that you see on these websites to cure the symptoms but you have to treat the body as a whole and i have found that taking a WOMEN'S MULIT-VITAMIN everyday or every other day is the best cure ever. I wish i had thought of this earlier. I saw a change in my body in 2 days. No more waisting money on things that just treat the symptoms. i belive that after a certain age a woman's body changes and when you get the BV your body is telling you that you are not feeding the body what it needs. by taking a multi-vitamin you can supply the body with everything it needs even if you don't have the best diet. and when the body has what it needs the BV goes away. i wish i had the money to do the research but i was so shocked at how quickly my body responded to the Multi-vitamin.

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