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Hi, ladies! I struggled with diagnosed BV for almost a year with no help from the doctor's prescribed treatments, but after reading many remedies on this site, I came up with one of my own based on a few different suggestions and it has worked wonderfully in just three weeks! I soaked a tampon in a solution of 1/2 water and 1/2 hydrogen peroxide and inserted it into my vagina for 15-20 minutes every other night after my shower. I also started sleeping without underwear and increased my water intake during the day. I now have no foul odor and my discharge is at a normal amount again and i am stil able to be sexually active with my husband. This treatment has worked miracles, given me my confidence back and best of all, it's super cheap and easy!


Hi ladies. I, too, have struggled with recurrent BV even when I wasn't having sex. My gyn prescribed flagyl and metro gel like many others have said. However, it would always come back. So, my gyn told me to always wear white cotton underwear when I feel it coming on or when it's occurring. She also told me to keep myself dry even if it means drying my vaginal area with a blow dryer. Don't take baths, take showers. And you can insert plain unsweetened yogurt into your vagina on a tampon. Doing these things has helped a lot, especially the white cotton panties and the blow drying. Hope that helps, ladies. Good luck!


I have come up with a great treatment, if not cure, it deals with the worst part of BV in my opinion, the smell. I mix water with a few drops of tea tree oil in a bowl. I take a high quality pantiliner, I use Always X-tra protection dryliners for they hold liquid well and stay pretty dry. I dip the liner in the solution for a second and use as normal. I like the scent of tea tree oil and it totally kills the bad-smelling bacteria. I used to use the feminine sprays even though they undoubtedly exaserbated the problem because I just couldn't stand the smell, but they would always wear off after a few hours anyway. Tea tree oil on the otherhand is used as a treatment for BV as it kills the bad bacteria and it's horrible odor and it doesn't wear off. If you don't like the smell of tea tree oil this won't be the solution for you but it has saved me. I hope my invention helps you.


Well I have suffered from BV for about 6 years now and I am otherwise a healthy 26 year old. I have never posted on any of the sites I have visited on a daily basis, I've really just lurked around, taking in ideas, and just finding comfort in knowing I was not (am not) alone. And that in itself, is comforting. This has hovered over me haunting me like a black cloud for most of my adult hood. I've been at my breaking point too many times to count. The depression I carry with me everyday. Well ladies after trying everything (antibiotics and home remedys) and spending rounghly a thousand dollars, I think (God willing) I have found a cure. For four days now at bed time I am vaginally inserting 250mg of vitamin C and in the mornings am syringing hydrogen peroxide and inserting that for about a minute. I know it might be too early to tell but spending 1$ on peroxide and 2$ on these vitamins, I am praying that this is the trick I've been praying for. Its so easy. So cheap. And I am seeing results and I am almost nervous to be as excited as I am. But for now I'm knocking on wood and keeling my fingers crossed. Oh also. Good luck ladies. I'm so so sorry that we are going through this.


Make sure your boyfriend is treated as well. I had a boyfriend who everytime we had sex it would come back. We broke up and I have been BV free for a year. I think it was him (which sounds weird but totally possible) His ex became one of my good friends and told me she got BV all the time with him because he had a 'dirty d***' It's not about being dirty though. The boys never treat themselves because they have no symtoms.. But think about it like this: you have sex with him while you are infected (even if its just a little bit, not badly infected) and then you do all these remedies to clear it and you think its gone... It is gone and would prob stay gone, but then you have sex with someone who was having sex with you while you had the infection. It will keep on going and going unless he takes antibiotics, and probiotics after and you do the same, and yall stop having sex for atleast two maybe three weeks. This is my advice and it's worked for me for a year. Also if a guy ever smells kinda funny (even just a tiny bit) NEVER have sex with him because A)it could be something way worse than BV or B)it could be bad bacteria that will make your BV flare up like a son of a gun. I don't care if this guy is amazing and crazy adorable: don't do it. Also always always shower after sex, NOT bath but SHOWER. If I even feel it coming on I insert probiotics down there with a tampon covered in plain yogurt. It goes away right away as long as : you don't eat candy (I know your craving it) don't drink alcohol, and don't drink coffee or soft drinks, also no smoking! Take vitamin C and get plenty of rest and water. It will all go away but only if you tell your boyfriend he has to be treated to.I'm sure people will think 'boys cant get BV what's this chick talking about?' However; they can get bad bacteria down there just like us... and after all isn't that what BV is?? :)


I read one of the entries on here and tried it just now and...instant relief! The symptoms (burning, urgent need to pee, some itching) were making me think I had a UTI, and I took two rounds of medication for one over two weeks - only to be told today by a doc that my urine sample shows I do not have, nor did I ever have a UTI!! So...after poking around on the web, I deduced it must be BV...all the symptoms fit (I started experiencing all of this in the first place right after a hot bath with epsom salts and some essential oils, which I think basically stripped away my natural good flora). It has been almost three weeks I have been dealing with these symptoms, and just now I tried one of the remedies (as I had begun to say at the top of this entry), and it FEELS SO MUCH BETTER! It was this simple: a plastic dish big enough to lower my genitals into, warm water, several drops of tea tree oil, and about a half a cup of apple cider vinegar. Instantly I felt a sense of relief. Tomorrow I will go to get something that promotes healthy flora regrowth because I am concerned that if I go take some prescribed antibiotics, I will actually make the condition worse by killing off the good bacteria - which may be what the (mistakenly prescribed) UTI antibiotics were doing...


I have struggled with Bacteria Vaginosis for 4 years, and have tried everything that I can think of from antibiotics, prescribed creams, apple cider baths to yogurt. But the only thing that really worked and kept working without the symptoms coming back, was my Flora Bliss natural herbs. It comes in a pill form, and I take it everyday along with probiotics and multi vitamins. It worked after 2 days!

Tami Monroe

Fill your bathtub with as much water as you normally would use to take a bath. Get comfortable and spread your legs. Pour (1/2 cup or so - I didn't measure it) apple cider vinegar (ACV)(preferrably raw ACV) a few inches away from your labia. (Don't pour directly on your labia or it will burn!) When this dissipates into the bath water, pour some more ACV near your labia. Soak for 20-30 minutes.

Take a little plain yogurt (high quality like Stonyfield - high in live active cultures) and gently rub into the irritated area around the labia. You can also put some on your finger and insert it into your vagina.

Also, take a quality acidophilis capsule 2x a day orally.

I was miserable last night, but felt much better after doing this. Good luck. I hope this helps you!


Okay so I have only had this once, but it returned after treatment and I didn't have sex, nor did I change partners. So I reviewed some of your methods posted and chose from that.

Here is what I did, I cut out sweet tea(I live in the south, its the, increased my water, added the acidophilus and folic acid to my morning regimen, took a couple of baths with apple cider vinegar(2 cups in your bath water) and used the rePhresh gel suppositories for 9 days. There is a dosage for 12 in the box, but 9 worked for me. All of these items can be purchased at Target, Wal-Mart, Rite Aid, Walgreens or CVS.

Hope this helps someone like you all helped me.


I have struggled with this embarrassing problem for 2 years, it comes and goes. After researching home remedies last week, I decided to give it a try and thank God I think I found a remedy, or at least relief for now. On the first day, I douched with one part hydrogen peroxide, and one part water, and immedietly noticed the odor was gone. On the second day, I began taking 1 Acidophillus tablet orally twice for a total of three days and now am at once daily, and 1.Folic Acid tablet orally every other day. Also on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th day I applied plain organic yogurt on the outside AND inside of my vagina, let it sit for 10 mins and washed afterwards. Immedietly, the irritation and discharge stopped. I have since cut back on cafffeine as well as sugar and increased my water intake. I have also forced myself to eating the organic pkain yogurt every other day with strawberries, bananas and honey. Ladies, it works!! Tweek the regimen a bit to better suit you but try it!, I didnt believe it at first but decided it was worth a try and I m glad I did. I will come back and follow up in a mn and let you all know if it has come back. Good luck and dont give up!!

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