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When I get BV, I put a few drops of tea tree oil on a thin tampon and where overnight. Sometimes it works overnight or I may have to do it for a couple nights! Works Great!!


Sick of taking repeat prescriptions of antibiotics, which only lasted for a while and would then bring on thrush and/or cystitis, I tried this combination, which has finally worked, is cheap and not harmful to my immune system. Each day I wash with aqueous cream and not soap, I drink a tablespoon of organic cider vinegar diluted in water and a small cup of probiotic yoghurt drink each morning. No BV now for 3 months on this regime after several months before that of misery!


I have been suffering from bv off and on for about a year or two. I finally figured out the problem was the soap that i was using. Causing that embarrassing odor to occur from the bv. Well since my daughter has been born i have been washing my body with Johnsons baby wash in the yellow bottle and no more smell. I guess my body just cant handle regular soap. It helped me maybe itll help someone else


I suffered from BV ever since i was a teen. For years i didnt know what caused it. I was embarrassed and ashamed. I tried the yogurt douche, vinegar, and pills but nothing worked longer than a week. I have sience discovered organic coconut oil! And it has saved my life. I know i sound dramatic but trust me ladies. Insert the coconut oil after taking a shower. I do it everday. And drink a lot of water. No more messy discharge. !


I have been suffering with BV for about 2 years. I have tried everything possible, antibiotics several times, douching with peroxide and these things only helped for a short while and BV was back again. It made me completely insecure and unhappy. My immune system got really weak because of all the antibiotics I have been taking so I have started to drink something called ASEA, a drink which makes your immune system very strong and helps you fight all infections and bad bacteria in your body. I have been drinking ASEA for 8 month now and my BV has completely gone. I got my life and my confidence back.


I have struggled with recurring BV/yeast infections for years. This site is the only place I've seen menstrual blamed for raising vaginal pH. I've been off the pill for a few years now and have been having heavy 8-day periods. I've been to doctors who just keep prescribing flagyl and diflucan alternately. None seem to care that I can never get rid of this stuff permanently. A nurse practitioner did suggest I use Luvena, a product that contains a 'prebiotic' which keeps pH levels normal. Has anyone had experience with this? Is it better then RepHresh gel? It comes in a box of six filled applicators to use at night. So tired of this.


It's a great comfort reading about others with this same issue of recurring BV. It has made me cringe over the thought of spontaneous sex and eventually diminished my desire for it. I've even visited a therapist because it made depressed and shun my sex alltogether. My remedy is probably not the tastiest, but the natural detoxifying agents of WHEATGRASS cure BV within a week. I have a wheatgrass juicer and buy only soil-grown wheatgrass. I've used this remedy on and off for years, however having sex almost always causes it to return. My husband and I use condoms or I return to my wheatgrass remedy to clear it up. I have also used this over the counter remedy call BV Essentials and it works great. I've also gone to a natural health specialists who recommends removing white sugar and starches from your diets and increasing green veggies and a multivitamin. One bright spot about getting older is eventually you will have fewer BV encounters to a complete end to the misery.


I came down with bacterial vaginosis while on vacation. to make matters worse, my insurance card was expired and i didn't have my current info. i tried 1000mg Vit C every hour, even extra strength cranberry pills because i thought it was a UTI. I researched homeopathic remedies online that suggested taking garlic pills because garlic has natural antibacterial properties. so, i came up with this: peel one clove of garlic, pierce it a few times (i used my fingernail) and stick the clove up your vagina. not too far, it just has to be in there. i left it in for about 5 hours (it came out when i got up to pee in the middle of the night) and the bacterial vaginosis was gone by morning! no smell, no itching, no UTI sensations while urinating. completely disappeared.


Suffering from BV since 13 years, no medication ever worked, now that i am working among many people, it was embarising to see how my co-workers put their hand on their nose and step away from me and even say like someone smells like Skunk!!! I just wanted to die coz i grew up with this horrific smell which gets worse sometimes.

I recently worn a tampon and really got busy at work and left it in there for at least 6 hour and BV got worse than ever. I never douched myself but now i was convinced that hydrogen peroxide 3% will work after reading so many posts. So i bought the solution with distilled water, i did not have any syringe so i bought a piece of flat cotton for a dollar from cvs, i mixed the solution of peroxide and distilled water 50/50 and diped a fine pice of that cotton piece and rolled it and then inserted in my vagina for 5 minuted. i did not inserted this all the way in. i kept a tiny piece out from my vagina to pull it out when i need to and it worked instantly. Right after i took it out, there was no smell what so ever, it felt heavenly.

Unfortunatly, the smell came back the next day or so thiking i didn't do proper douching so i still did not feel comfortable douching (basically scared to catch some other infection such as PID or something).

Finally, i found the cure, i did some search about Vitamin C, and bought 500mg non coted pills from CVS. I also was spotting because my periods were coming the next day so i was scared how this will work, I also have PCOS so i was even more scared especially when i couldn't find vitamins C 250mg so i ws scared 500mg might sting or bother. But anyways, i inserted the pill all the way in my vagina and slept, i woke up in the morning with no pain or stinging. Checked my pad, and my periods started! I have had almost no normal periods in many many years because as i mentioned i have PCOS so most of the time i have very less bleeding ( sometimes spotting). I also didn't have any lower back pain. Just a mild the first day and today is my second day with no pain. All the FISHy Smell is Gone. I was scared of having my periods this time becuse blood makes bv worse. But there is no smell even during my periods. Most of all i got my periods normally which happened after many years.

I also take folic acid, Zinc, B vitamins, Fem-dophilus that has Reutri and Rhamnosis (works the best) - i also tried a pill of fem-dophilus inside my vagina overnite at another time and it worked but the smell was back.

So far Vitamin C worked and did the trick for me. Please get enough sleep to stabalize your hormones also and drink a lot of water during the day, and eat low G-I Diet. just google Low GI foods and but from that list. I am following Paleo diet which works great for BV but once i start eating pizza and rice and bread, all the fishy smell comes back.

Its good to go to a doc and get it all checked and i already made my appointment but i am not planning to take any antibiotics for bv.

I will also do the vitamin C thing for 5 or 7 days after i am done with my periods, i just don't wana mess with my vagina while i am having periods. I will keep you all posted later on and many of you who lost their hopes over bv, please try vitamin C, it's very cheap and effective method but try it with 250mg instead of 500mg.

Thanks, and sorry for all the typos :)


I've been suffering with BV for about 6 months now. And each time ill go to the doctor they gave me metronidazole500mg twice a day for seven days, but each time it would clear up and I started having sex again it would come right back. I'm only 19years old, I keep my hygiene up and I just don't understand why this keep happening. Its very stressful and depressing.

So, I decided to take action into my own hands. I don't know if it will help yet, but I dry to drink cranberry juice 100% vitamin C, eat a cup of Greek yogurt each day, greek yogurt has more active cultures, and I'm taking one tablet a day multivitamin, and acidophius with pectin two tablets a day. Seems I'm making progress. Hope this helps someone. Ill be back once I know its working.

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