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Ok girls, I've been dealing with bv for about 6 months now,and I hate it I've lost all my confidence and I'm too worried about the smell to get close to anybody it's so embarrassing. I'm so glad I found this site it helps to know that im not alone and it has helped me discover my own remedy. So starting today im goin to try this...soak a tampon in 1/2 hydrogen peroxide 1/2 water wear it for 30 minutes every other night,sleep without underwear, increase my daily water intake 2glasses of 100% cranberry juice, insert 1 250mg noncoated vitamin c before bed every other night, eat one cup of Greek yogurt a day, take a multivitamin everyday take garlic pills and wash with Johnsons baby wash. It sounds like alot to do but if it works I'll do anything. Thanks for everyones suggestions. Wish me luck. I'll let everyone know if it works.


well ladies i have come to the conclusion different things work for different women when it comes to this ratchet disease. like most of your doctors, mine prescribed flagyl and metrogel. i had to see an ob/gyn and he reccommended a medicated douche (iodine and water) and vh essentials capsules. after douching and taking the capsules, i have no symptoms. no itching, burning, discharge or smell. ive added a multivitamin as well, and started eating yogurt, too. my vaginal health is finally restored after suffering from BV for two years.


Hello Ladies, I previously was diagnosed with BV in July of 2012. I knew that something was wrong as I had the symptoms for a year prior my diagnosis. As everyone else I was so embarrased and didn't understand what was wrong. I thought that I had yeast infections so I kept buying the over the counter treatments. I would buy douche kits but it was a temporary fix and the odour and irritation kept coming back. I am in a monogamous relationship for the past three years and we have a healthy sex life. My boyfriend never really said anything although I noticed the smell all the time. One night just before we were going to have sex he brought it to my attention. I wanted to die, I was embarrased and humiliated. He tried his best to explain it gently but I wanted to crawl under a rock. I searched the internet for a diagnosis and that is when the BV came up. I immediately went to my doctor, of course he insisted that it was a yeast infection so I went another round for a yeast infection. In july I ended up in the hospital because it became painful. They did the blood work and I was diagnosed with BV. I looked on line for treatment and read through all the homopathic remedies because I firmly believe that homeopathic rememdies work the best. You just have to find the combination that works best for you. I did find one that works. It is a 7 day treatment. You douche with equal parts of distilled water and hydrogen proxide twice a day, I purchase the acidohphilus suppositories at a health food store and started taking folic acid. This worked immediately and the odor was gone as well as the irritation. I recently noticed an odor again and I thought omg not again. I become extremely anxious but instead of ignoring it I thought I just do the same treatment as I did before and it is gone. I think that it is something that you have to live with. I found that once it returned and I followed the same routine as I did previuosly it went away again.

My hope is that by sharing my story it will help someone who is going through the same thing. I know how difficult this is and how it makes you feel shameful but I believe that it can be controlled. My story confirms that.


Ok ladies! I'm a clean, healthy 30 year old gal in a monogamous relationship and I was getting way super sick of the going on antibiotics for BV followed by a yeast infection that somehow resulted in BV again. The antibiotics were making me sick and yeast meds aren't any better. Finally found what worked for me, but every lady and her lady bits are different!

1) garlic glove in my choochie at night for 3 nights ( wrapped in gauze with dental floss tied around it. You can just stick it up there by itself but I have better things to do in the AM than go on the great garlic quest in my hooha). Garlic has natural anti biotic and anti fungal qualities.

2) ok I'm gonna say it: douche. Equal parts hydrogen peroxide and distilled water. Hold it for a few) I have to do this like a gymnast/yogi/ contortionist. I do this for 3 mornings.

3) increase good stuff, get rid of bad stuff: just eating yogurt is not enough probiotics! Your tummy had all sorts of acids in right waging war so you need a supplement in the billions. I take multidophillus 3 times a day! Also take a folic acid supplement. I watch my refined sugar intake and avoide caffeine and eat lots of cruciferous veggies!

This seems to do the trick for me! I also use rephresh right after my period.

Also stay away from anything summers eve makes!!

Hope it helps!!


I had a long course of antibiotics and after that developed irritation in my vulval area. Thinking it was a yeast infection, I bought some antifungal cream and used that several times a day. However, the condition got worse and I realise I now had vaginosis. What I do is wash with a special soap-free solution when I'm in the shower. Then after I have carefully dried myself (dabbing the genital area, not rubbing) I use cotton balls or makeup removal cotton pads and dip them in a mix of half water and half lavender oil. I swab myself with that (it slightly burns/tingles but that quickly wears off) and it eases all the symptoms, as well as leaving that lovely fresh lavender scent. At night I do a similar thing but with tea tree oil. I don't like the smell much, which is why I only do it when I'm about to go to sleep. I also eat a lot of Greek yoghurt and take garlic pills. This works for me and I hope it works for someone else as well. It's interesting that the natural remedies which work for vaginosis also work for yeast infections. It seems that it's not uncommon to have both conditions at the same time.


I've been suffering with BV for a few years now and have tried several remedies such as inserting yogurt (which is very messy), apple cider vinegar, changing soaps, etc. none of them gave lasting relief. While on a major hunt to find something that will ease the embarrassing symptoms, I found BV capsules at Walmart. They are made by VH essentials, Homeopathic BV Capsules. It's located near the feminine products. I take one daily and the bottle is a 2 month supply for only about $8. Ladies, try it. It's awesome!


I've been putting tea tree oil on a tampon and wearing over night every other night and no luck. Tried running a bath and also putting tea tree oil in the bath and just sitting in it for a while and no change. I've had it for a few months now and I'm too embarrassed to tell anyone, I just want it gone but I can't bring myself to go to the doctors but it's getting to the point where it really is ruining my life because I refuse to go out other than going to work. :'(


One thing I haven't heard anybody mention is drinking/eating things with Miso in them such as Miso Soup.

I also use:
Emergen-C x

Vitamin C Pills 250 mg x

Folic Acid

Probiotics x

Greek Yogurt x

Apple Cider Vinegar

3% hydrogen peroxide



RePhresh Gel x

Cranberry Juice x


All of that together usually works.


Ladies, please stop inserting pills, yogurts, garlic, etc. intravaginally and taking cocktails of pills daily.

Try this instead:

Make a solution of half 3% hydrogen peroxide and half water (Amount does not matter. It's however much you feel you need to make for one cleaning.), and douche with it in the shower everyday for a week (lay on the shower floor and allow it to settle in your vagina for a few minutes before standing up to rinse). Follow up with douching for the next two weeks anytime you suspect you are having symptoms. After that, do it as needed.

I did this over a month ago, I stopped doing it after the third week, and I can honestly say that I have not had one symptom of BV for a month. Even after intercourse, of any kind. It cost me less than 5 dollars. No messy yogurt tampons, cutting and inserting pills, no cocktail of pills to swallow. Try this, see how it works for you. I will never set foot in the doctors office again. All the antibiotics do is strip away all bacteria, thus allowing the bad bacteria to resurface again. The peroxide kills the bad bacteria while allowing the good to thrive. The good bacteria produces trace amounts of hydrogen peroxide to ward off bad bacteria, so the peroxide won't kill the good. It's our bodies own natural defense. Here we are helping our bodies along with the process. For some reason our body is not allowing adequate time for this chemical to be produced, giving the bad bacteria time to flourish.

To anyone new that is seeking out remedies, I suggest trying this first before running out to the health food store and pharmacy to load up on expensive pills and vitamins. Probiotics are a dollar a pill. $30.00 for a 30 day sample. Think about it. You have nothing to lose here with this option and you probably have everything you need already in your house.


I get bacterial vaginosis several times a year and usually have to resort to seeing a doctor for a prescription of Flagyl or Metrogel. This time I was on vacation and couldn't see one for about 4 more days. Desperate for relief, I found that garlic does indeed work. I refuse to douche so this was really my only option. Several sites suggested inserting garlic vaginally. One site suggested wrapping a clove in thin medical gauze before inserting it so you can pull it out easily. Another suggested piercing the clove with your fingernail to release the juices. I left mine in for two hours. The rest of the day and the next morning were symptom free! It did not hurt at all and I didn't have to insert the clove very far for relief.

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