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Hello Ladies,
All of your remedies have definitely enlightened me because I have suffered from BV off and on for years. I too have gone to physicians and received temporary relief. I just wanted to comment that I feel that BV occurs in women due to sex and all of what is done to pleasure us. (lol) I have been with the same man for 20 plus years and could relate the on set of BV mostly after oral sex. (lol) think about your mouth is the germest place of the body and full of bacteria so if you enjoy oral sex this could be the culprit. I try to get immediately after sex and urinate, another thing that I have noticed iIs that men rarely wash their hands prior to urinating. Keep in mind they have touched all type of doors handles beer bottles if they have been out at the bar, as well as eating hot wings and whatever else. Many of these things (entrance door handles,
glasses,bottles) are full of all kinds of bacteria, so even if you and your mate are going out and take showers prior to leaving home most often when you get home you don't take another shower. Women are ok to do this , because we don't have to touch ourselves when using the restroom and should be pretty clean, but not men. I say this because I can remember me and my husband going out, we had drinks and appetizers (hot and spicy shrimp) came for an evening of romance and after enter course I went to urinate and was on fire. (lol) I immediately knew what it was. Thus this is why I feel that women suffer with recurring BV off and on for these reasons. I now make my husband take a shower prior to sex which has helped greatly but I still get them because of other pleasures that I enjoy, (lol)and if you ladies are real freaks and like anal sex to let him insert his penis in your vagina without cleaning is a NO! NO! Because your anus is full of bad bacteria and you will get an infection from HELL....


Hi Gals,
I have been suffering from BV over two years now. From the research I have done, it is all about your intestinal flora balance and your vaginal pH levels.
Your intestinal flora has both several good and bad bacteria, this must be balanced. If you have taken a dose of antibiotics or have a bad diet your natural flora becomes disrupted and can be a root of infections, for example thrush, BV, vaginitis, low immune system, acne, skin conditions…the list goes on.
The vaginal pH fluctuates between 3.8 to 4.5 levels, slightly acidic. When a healthy pH level is maintained it produces the growth of your own lactobacilli, promoting a health flora. On the other when your normal flora becomes unsettled and your vaginal pH level goes up it stops producing lactobacilli, this disruption results in BV or Vaginitis…See the connection?
It is not just about finding a treatment, it is about understanding why the recurrence. If you do not get to the core of the problem, you will never be cured. For me, I am a very active young lady, weighing in at 60kgs. In general I eat/drink healthy apart from my weaknesses, which are chips and dips, alcohol, and cigarettes. I have abused these for years and years, not realising how it has affected my system – especially my intestinal flora balance. Result – you got it…I have been living with an unbalanced intestinal flora since my fetishes started, my immune system has weakened and from this I have developed BV.
Unfortunately, this BV or Vaginitis won’t go away from a 7 day treatment or stupid antibiotics (totally against taking antibiotic for any bacterial infection unless its life threatening), it is an on-going healing process. I am currently taking the following –
• Vitamin C 2000mg daily – forever, I may reduce to 1000mg after 3 months
• Folic Acid 1mg daily – forever
• Golden Seal 2000mg daily – for 2 months
• Flora vaginal support probiotic 1 twice daily – for 3-6months
• Vitamin C (ascorbic acid) 250 mg Vaginal Tablets daily @ night – for one month.
I have been taking the above for one month now and my BV symptoms have cleared up, the reason why I am still treating myself is because I want to be sure my natural intestinal and vaginal flora are balanced and stay that way!!!!
I am not a doctor and I am sure there is SOOOO much more research we/I can do. Try to educate yourself constantly and understand your body, you won’t regret it.
An on-going healthy gut and a happy levelled pH down below = happy us.


I have been searching for a while now looking for home remedies and this site is by far the best. I'm so glad I found it! I've been suffering from this crap for about a year now and have tried an ton a stuff and nothing worked. Finally after reading all the post in here I tried some new things and right away all seems good! First, in the shower I did the hydrogen peroxide with water douche thing (with a water bottle) I actually just poured it in since I didnt have a
squeeze top one. Than right after I did the same thing with apple cider vinegar and water. Usually the stench comes back 15mins or so right out the shower but this time NOTHING! ALL DAY I was smell free! To be safe, I still went and got some vitamins. I got the D3, probiotic 1 billion, vitamin c 1000, and I also found a apple cider vinegar one too. I did put the vitamin c one inside me that night and like other women it did burn a lil but only when it was close to falling out but went away when I took it out, I don't think ill do that aging though. Anyways, this is the second day after doing the mixes and I seem pretty good but I'm sure it'll come back and ill have to do it again :( but that's okay cause it's so easy and quick. Hope this can help some other ladies out there!


I have had recurrent bacterial vaginosis for the past 6 months. It started when I got on birth control. I would get a yeast infection, treat that, then get bacterial vaginosis. I was treated twice by the doctor but both times; the same result happened. Treatment, yeast infection, bv & the cycle would repeat.

I came on here to find a more natural remedy. I saw one about using yogurt on a tampon as well as a baking soda wash. Both have worked but only temporarily and have cleared up the symptoms but not completely. I have been using probiotics; the baking soda wash; and the smell isnt nearly as bad but every once and awhile it will start getting bad again.

does anyone have a permanent solution that they can honestly say worked and it didn't come back? I have never douched before and am nervous about doing it; especially with peroxide or apple cider vinegar.


I am so happy to share this remedy with you all, because it actually works, your bv should be gone in no time, all you need to do id douche with 50% apple cider and 50% water, but you will also need to insert a tampon with nonfat plain yogurt inside your vagina to just paint some on your walls to restore the good bacteria you need, and I also take azo cranberry pills for a extra supplement, you should do this until you see your bv clearing up and your so rid of bv, hopes it work for you guys because it did for me.


I tried everything for three years. Then I started getting recurring UTI's as well as BV. I tracked the occurrences and certain enough it was happening on a monthly basis. I took a hormone test online after charting my symptoms. I suspected I had low estrogen. I asked my doctor they said they don't think that's the cause but I insisted that I needed a birth control pill with slightly higher dose of estrogen since my last combination pill aggravated the symptoms. It's been three months and I've been cured! It's a hormonal imbalance that throws off your PH and your bodies natural ability to fight off bad bacteria! Check what your hormonal balance is like! Sometimes the doctor won't know you need to chart your own body.

Smelly Shelley

I have been suffering from bacterial vaginosis for at least a year that I know of. When I first started getting it, I had no other symptoms other than odor. I just remember thinking what on earth is that smell and where is it coming from.
My symptoms would start about a week before my period started. The odor would start out as like a finger nail polish remover and progress into a horrid rotten smell for the first two days of my period, then it would disappear again. I had never tried to treat it, as I thought that it was an odor that only I could pick up on. Was I ever wrong! I was horrified to overhear my coworkers whispering about how bad I smelled. I was mortified. I made an appointment with a Gyn and was given Flagyl. It didn't budge. My doc prescribed Clindamycin gel, which seemed to help tone down the smell, but on the sixth day of treatment I started my period and bam the odor was back in full force. I have tried everything! Flagyl with Metrogel, Metrogel alone, Clindamycin, Tindamax, Vh Essentials, Luvena, Rephresh Gel, Rephresh Probiotic pills, Boric acid, AC vinegar, douching with name it. The peroxide douche burned and i smelled like fried fish afterwards instead of regular fish. Ugh! No matter what I tried, the odor was still there. The treatments made the smell change, but it was still a putrid smell, just like trash mixed with medicine smell. I could still smell it through my clothes as I sat at work and would be afraid to get up from my desk, lest someone smell me and make a rude remark. People would walk by my desk and sniff loudly or make comments anout the smell. This horrible condition can put anyone into a very dark place. I was depressed, anti-social, almost suicidal.
My doctor wanted me to try boric acid again, as she felt I was not using it correctly the first time I self treated. She prescribed 600 mg every other day and also gave me Provella probiotic samples. I tried using the boric acid as directed, but as I expected, the smell was still overpowering. I started using two in the morning and two at night. It toned down the smell, but didn't completely get rid of it. After reading about other women's successes of using vaginal probiotics, I got a tablespoon of plain Greek yogurt and pulverized a Provella capsule and mixed it together and inserted it using only my finger. I didn't expect it to work, but after 2 hours, that horrid smell I'd been smelling for 4 months straight was gone!
I'm still in shock and hell bent on keeping up a regime that prevents it coming back. My plan is to start taking Boric acid twice a week as well as probiotics orally daily and vaginally every other day. I don't care much it costs because anything is worth keeping my sanity and what little dignity I have left.
I just wanted to share my story in hopes it will be a help to someone else going through this hell. I feel that everyone's body is different and what works for one may not work for another. We just have to keep trying until we find what works for us.


I have been suffering with recurring BV for YEARS now. I feel like I've tried almost everything. I went to the doctor three times and I was prescribed metronidazole and clindamycin and both worked for a very short amount of time before it came back. I did the hydrogen peroxide and water douche and that worked for the longest time before the smell came back. Lately I've been using tea tree oil on a tampon and leaving it in for an hour and that helps SOOO much. THe only thing is that in order to keep it away I have to do this every day or every other day. Is there ANYTHING that has helped you ladies that has kept it away for good and you didn't have to stick to a routine for a month to do it?????

God Made A Way For Me <3

Hello hello hello !

I've been suffering from BV for about 2 months and its been controlling my life. I come on here and see hundreds of remedies and females saying they've been cured. Trying to get the same result I've tried everything but no permanent solution.

Then I came on here and seen the 2 posts on Vitamin C and D. So I tried it out. It worked I was elated but however it didn't last and I had an orange discharge staining my underwear.

I seen a comment under one of the Vitamin C and D posts and someone suggested to dilute the Vitamin C inside a mixture of Apple Cider and Water (God Bless her soul). However, before I tried it, I decided to do some research and became an over night rocket scientist.

So this is what I did.
1st Step- Douche with Hydrogen Peroxide. I know it sounds weird but apparently there are some traces of it in our vagina. Also I seen online that this is like a cleaner. Put a towel on the floor or on a bed (I suggest a color towel to see what comes out) and as you douche (if you can't find a douching bottle or too embarrassed to ask for one in a store just use a squirt bottle in your house just don't reuse it to drink lol). Lay on your back and lift your legs up so your vagina is pointing towards the ceiling and squirt a mixture of Hydrogen Peroxide and Water (50% of each) and when all the solution is done. Look at your towel and see all the white chunky discharge on the towel. Your vagina is now cleared. (However insert a clean finger inside and if your finger has white chunks on it keep douching until its fully cleared of the discharge)

Step 2- Apple Cider Douche. (This is where the trusty help of that lady helped.) Make of mix of water and apple cider in a bottle (50% each but o put a little more apple cider) and in that mix take a Vitamin C 1000 mg capsule and open it (be careful not to spill any powder) and pour it in the bottle Shake well. Then get into the position with the towels under you and douche. (You might still see some white discharge that was probably left over expelling out your body) Online I heard this will restore the Acidity levels of your vagina back to its normal pH range levels. Next morning I was blessed with clear discharge ! Amen !

(Optional Step 2) Tea tree oil Tampon. Tea tree oil is known for its uses on fungus and bacteria. (Also its known for being expensive so remember its optional unless the first second step doesn't work then just use this one) So just put a couple of drops (No more than 10 or up to 30 like me because it will burn like HELL lol) and you will feel the coolness of it When you put your finger inside you might see chunky discharge on your finger. At first I was sad, thinking, back to the drawing board. But the next morning my underwear was soaked and when I checked. I was back to the clear beautiful discharge my vagina used to have. Glory Glory Glory Hallelujah ! Which leads to the most important step.

Step 3- Vitamins and Probiotics. Take Folic Acid and Acidophilus pills. Trust me, this is the only way this whole thing will work. As you can see in the first two steps we just cleaned out the bacteria and restored the acidity but dont forget we need to restore the good bacteria which has been hiding or missing. On the bottle of the Vitamin Shoppe Acidophilus with Pectin it says take up to 3 capsules. So I took all 3 lol Don't be afraid. And I got Folic Acid with Biotin but I suggest pure Folic Acid at the highest dosage possible. Also don't forget to take Vitamin C 1000mg and Vitamin D (10,000mg in my case). I also suggest these VH BV Essential capsules I seen in the pharmacy.

I did this the whole week. The only reason Tea tree is apart of it because I did the Hydrogen Peroxide for 5 days and Tea tree for 2 just to experiment a little. So it doesn't matter if you do the Tea tree one or not because I got the same results without it, but one can never be too sure. Remember tea tree oil is expensive you don't have to buy it unless the apple cider doesn't work.

I hope this long and detailed remedy helps someone out there like it helped me. If it doesn't work for you just keep trying. Remember everybody's body is unique and different so be strong and keep looking for a cure. It's Bacteria and bacteria can always be killed remember that. Just keep experimenting and finds what can help you.

I don't know who's reading this but just know I love you, you are beautiful and stay strong. God loves you, so stay strong. I'm praying for all of you fighting to get ride of this. So stay blessed and have a wonderful day. <3


Omg omg omg! So, I have reoccurring BV and I usually just go get antibiotics when it re emerges. This last time I decided that I didn't want to waste the time or money if seeing a doc when I already knew what it was. Also, the overuse of antibiotics can cause your body to become immune over time. I came to this site and read over some remedies, but one that caught my eye was the vitamin c post. I went immediately to the store, bought vitamin C tablets 500mg, vitamin D3 5000 IU, and folic acid. When I got home, I douched with 50% regular hydrogen peroxide (3%) and 50% water (using a douche bottle). I then inserted a vitamin C tablet into my vagina. I went to bed and when I woke up... Smell Gone! Strange discharge Gone! Didn't use vitamin D and folic acid until this morning after my pleasant surprise. I also read that lessening your the sugar in your diet plus drinking water will help balance your body, but this was definitely a quick fix and relief. Oh yea, make sure it says no yeast, milk, sugar, etc. before you buy it. Some vitamins have this for flavoring and can cause major outrage in your vagina.

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