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I tried a lot of things I've seen on here and started my own personal research. I realized with all the hydrogen peroxide and apple cider douching things were the same. Hydrogen Peroxide and Apple Cider basically cleanse and brings back acidity however what do I do about the good bacteria I need to replenish?

So I decided to douche one last time and put cold organic Greek plain yogurt with live culture and insert it. Not just the yogurt but 3 acidophilus pills and 2 probiotic pills (I opened the pills and poured the powder in not mashed it in). Now I did not insert the mixture with a tampon (because I feel it takes u too much space)but squeeze or pour the yogurt in there until it overflows. It's very cooling and refreshing.

I think this replenished the bacteria and it helped me a lot. Thanks for your posts especially the one I seen with the lady that tried to renew our faiths. If this doesn't work for you don't be discouraged just do your own research because everyone's body is different. God bless you all, much love.


Hello ladies! I have suffered from bv/ yeast infections for the past year and a half. Like Many of you I have been to the doctor umpteen times and sent home with antibiotics that temporarily stopped my symptoms. After another bv episode I decided to do something different. I changed my eating habits(no I'm not on a diet nor do I need to lose weight lol). I had read a while back that cutting out sugars in certain foods that we eat might help so I decided to give it a try. I cut out breads, white rice, cookies, basically any processed foods. I'm now on my 3rd day to my new lifestyle and I can report that the foul ell is gone! I will have to keep up with it to see long term affects but I believe I've found what works for me. What we eat, good or bad, truly does have an effect on our health and ph balance. I hope this helps someone xoxo


hi ladies, i've decided to embark on the remedy where I fix myself from the inside out. I've ordered folic acid, probiotics and vit c. I intend on taking them orally and also using the probiotics in my vagina. tomorrow I will begin by using an apple cider vinger douche to see if it helps at all and once my pills arrive the next stage of replacing my good bacteria begins.

I'm not sure its BV because it has more of an off milk smell than fishy, but the discharge is not lumpy or thick like thrush. It was stronger before i used a prescribed antibiotic gel. but it is still there and id rather not use any more pharmaceuticals.

I have used anti biotics for the past 4 years to treat recurrent UTI's. so its fair to say my immune system and gut is frazzled.

I'll let you know how it goes, fingers crossed!


I have been suffering from BV for over a year now. The worst thing about it is the God awful smell! It can lower your self-esteem just like THAT! I have felt very uncomfortable being around just about anybody because I don't want them to smell me. I didn't have much of a summer last summer because I was too embarrassed to be in a bathing suit and have the wind blow and someone smell straight fish. I have tried almost everything to keep the smell away and at least feel somewhat fresh down there. I've tried pH balance wipes, antibiotics, doucheing, even the pH feminine body wash. Nothing worked. I recently tried the hydrogen peroxide and water douche. It has worked GREAT! That nasty smell is slowly but surely subsiding! I'm so glad I found this website because I honestly thought for the longest time that there was no hope. Ladies! There's still hope! Just try anything you can until something works for your body! Vitamin C works great too. Healthier diet. I really do hope and pray you find your cure of BV. No woman as beautiful as you deserves to have this evil infection! Just keep your head up and keep trying! God bless every single one of you! And just know my prayers and thoughts are being sent your way each and everyday! <3


I've been dealing with BV for YEARS and have beentrying to find something that will get rid of it or at least keep it at bay. I've tried the hydrogn peroxide & water douche and that helps A LOT , but only for a few days, maybe one or two after I stop doing it. I recently tried the Vitamin C tablets. I inserted one into my vagina on a Monday and I felt clean through about saturday before I noticed it start to come back again. I put another on in earlier this week (Monday) and by about yesterday (Friday) I started to smell that smell again. So, I put in 1000mg Friday night and felt great all the way through saturday and put another 1000mg in tonight. This has been the best remedy for me so far. Going an entire week without having that smell attached to me has been AMAZING!! I highly suggest it.


I tried the peroxide douche, apple cidar vin douche and vh essentials homeopathic bv capsules, and after two weeks relief , sex was my trigger so its condoms and I slip up ill definitely keep tthese proucts in stock. Good luck ladies.


Hi girls! Thank you so much for your advice!!! After my fourth BV attack in a row my femininity and self esteem was in tatters. I was at a loss as after being to four different doctors and being given the same antibiotics to a very, very short lived effect, that I was doomed to a life of a smelly vagina. I just wanted my old one back !! I was sick of the infections, temporary hope, post antibiotic thrush, back to BV. With medicine failing me I turned to my own research and found this site.
I was so happy to find I wasn't alone and there were natural remedies! I wasn't too keen at douching as was told this was the worst thing to do as it removes the good bacteria too, so avoided this but started the daily intake of folic acid, 1000mg of vitamin c, pro bio tics (non fridge ones - seem to be cheaper!) threw out all my old knickers and bought all cotton ones, eat a healthy serving of yoghurt each day - and am over the moon to say I am fresher that ever!!! Already feeling sexy and confident again!!! Try it ladies, it's so simple and hopefully for you it works :)
Thank you for being so open too, we need to be able to talk about this, I ignored it for months and it was such a simple fix :)

Beth G.

The best thing I found was Femanol. It totally cleared my problem.


I have been suffering from bacterial vaginitis for 2 years. I've been on several rounds of oral as well as internal antibiotics. Nothing helped, at least not for very long. Just like most all the other ladies on this site, it has been nothing short of devastating! I had to have a 'vaginal routine'.. showering was just not cutting it. I began using RePhresh gel, it would keep me odor free for a couple days..but often the smell would break through, so I would carry around different wipes..and so on! For two years I was constantly checking myself for odor, not that it was difficult to smell it.
I started using internal probiotics just over a year ago. Through trial and error I found one called Fermalac. I have been using it for about a year ..everyday I plug one in and pray its doing me good. These last couple days things have changed, the offensive smell if it's not gone it's so minimal that I can barely detect it.
I was hoping for a quick solution to free me from this terrible situation and what I got was a solution just took longer than I imagined. Fermalac is the name of the probiotic.
It's about 23 Canadian dollars for 10 caps, but it has been well worth it for me. Keep your spirits up..and good luck!

BV free

I had a really bad case of BV for about 2 months without even knowing! It got to the point where i could smell my own vaginal, fishy odor by just sitting down! I started to feel self concious, so when i diagnosed myself with BV, i realized that the cause were my super tight skinny jeans! However, i made my own home remedy that worked and its way more simple than all the others i have read on this site. All you have to do is wear lose fitted pants/ jeans that allow air, and also after every shower BLOW DRY down there!!!!! To get rid of the moisture!! (This is the most important step!!!)

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