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This is a remedy you'll probably have to use every night/most nights, but it works. Alternatively you may need to do a bit of experimentation to get the right balance for you. There's a probiotic which comes in tablet form Called Lactobacillus Sporogenes made by a well known vitamin company (initials HN) and is available from a well known auction site. These tablets are for oral consumption, and I take them orally, but they can also be used as vaginal suppositories. I have used 1/2 to 1 tablet per night but you may need less. I would advise using no more than one per night though to avoid any mild irritation. The tablets contain a hardy lactic acid producing bacteria and also fructooligisaccharides which act as nourishment for the lactobacillus bacteria themselves. When the tablets come into contact with warmth and moisture they begin to produce lactic acid thus acidifying the vagina and preventing the bad bacteria from overgrowing. The odor disappears and discharge produced is healthier. Remember some discharge which is clear to cloudy is normal.
The tablets are easy to insert and do leak a little as they dissolve over night, but are more discreet, far more straight forward to use and far less messy than any other home remedy I've tried, and I've tried lots.
The tablets are also less expensive than many other over the counter treatments and have kept my symptoms at bay for over a year. I highly recommend you try this home treatment. I was getting desperate before I found these, and I totally sympathise with those of you suffering with this condition, it can be a real living nightmare. I truly believe more research needs to be done in to the use of probiotics as treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis and it's a shame there isn't more of a spotlight on this humiliating problem.
With regards to other home remedies my advice would be as follows - Each woman is different and not everything will work for everyone, you must find what works for you, undoubtably something will. However I would say this- never put anything in your vagina which you wouldn't put in your mouth. Natural is probably best, and chemicals may make things worse in the long run. I hope my suggested treatment works for you and helps you to find some peace.


Ok so ever since I had my second son almost 3yrs ago I've been getting bv on and off and the past year has be more frequent. All my obgyn has done is prescribe me pills which I'm sick of doing that every couple of months so I looked at the posts on here and decided to try the Apple cider vinegar and warm water because that's all I had and I had absolutely no money for anything else. I was kind of scared because I didn't want to make it worse, so I mixed the water & Apple cider vinegar in a small bowl and used a syringe and laid on a towel and used it like a douche. To my surprise IT ACTUALLY WORKS!!! I'm so glad I tried it!!!!


I've suffered with BV for as long as I could remember. As I was reading the comments from others, I decided to try and douche with %50 water and %50 peroxide. Then I inserted 1 500mg vitamin C capsule. I SWEAR in about 2 hours, that awful odor was GONE as was the creamy-like discharge. It was completely clear! This is by far the best regimen that I've tried (I'VE TRIED EVERYTHING!!) We'll see what happens in a few days but its definitely a quick fix if nothing else. Good luck to you all!!


I recently found out that I have Bacterial Vaginosis without going to the doctor. I just researched like crazy! I am sexually active with the same partner, he was my first and all I've ever been with. After 10 months of being with him, nothing was ever wrong. However I somehow managed to get this awful infection. It really brought my self esteem down! When he would want to do it, I'd just have to make up excuses and you could tell that he was getting discourged. So, without telling my mom, I went to Walmart and got Stonyfield plain Greek Yogurt with no fat, and Vagisil pH balance wash. I hurried home and secretly tried this remedy. I took a tampon and dipped it in the yogurt and left it in there for about 3 hours. After that, I got a shower and washed with the Vagisil. After my shower, I took the whole tampon (without indicator) and rolled it around in a small bowl of the yogurt, and inserted it. I only left it in for about 2 hours that time, so when I took it out I went to bed. Took it out the next morning and the horrid, fishy smell was gone! I'm so happy! Please try this ladies, it does work!


Remedy for BV..This actually works, the smell will be GONE!!!!

If you've ever used tea tree oil in the past, you know that undiluted tea tree oil has an incredibly strong, antiseptic smell. Don't let this deter you. If I were to choose, I'd have to say that the tea tree oil is the most effective of all potential natural remedies for the offensive odor associated with bacterial vaginosis. This treatment, however, is a bit more involved than the hydrogen peroxide douche. You will need tampons, tea tree oil and a bottle of olive oil.

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The tea tree oil treatment for BV.
The steps are as follows:

1. Pour a small amount of the olive oil into a container.

2. Push roughly one inch of the tampon from the applicator. Dip the tip of the tampon into the olive oil until it becomes saturated (5-10 seconds).

3. Pour a small amount of tea tree oil on the tampon after saturating it in the olive oil. The amount you use depends on you. You can apply the tea tree oil with a dropper, a q-tip or pour it directly onto the tampon. Try not to waste it, it isn't cheap.

4. Insert the tampon. Leave it there for a minimum of one hour. When you remove it, the smell will be gone.

Don't attempt to use tea tree oil without the olive oil base. The olive oil serves two purposes. First, it dilutes the tea tree oil to reduce any discomfort you may experience (the tea tree oil feels very cold upon insertion. Some women don't mind this while others find it unpleasant). Second, the olive oil provides a resting base for the tea tree oil. Without the olive oil, the tea tree oil would soak directly into the tampon and be less effective.

This treatment is beneficial because not only are you treating the odor of your bacterial vaginosis, you're also killing off bacteria. Tea tree oil cannot differentiate between good and bad bacteria, but starting with a semi-clean slate is better than allowing the bacterial vaginosis to continue.


It Took Me Almost 6 mos To Find A Cure For My Bv And One Day I Was Looking On The Internet And Saw That Digestive Health In They Powder Form Works... So I Went To GNC (Only One Who Carries This) And Asked Them Did They Have Digestive Health In The Powder Form He Said Yes..It Was Almost 30 Bucks But I Told Him I Only Needed It For One Day So He Gave Me Like 3 Chewables Something Like Digestive health powder..(Digestive Health Has Everything In It To Get Rid Of A Bv In One Day)..Also When You Eat At Least Two Make Sure You Drinks Lots And Lotz Of water.The Smell And Discharge Was Gone In A Hour..So I Advise Everybody To Try This It Really Works!!!

P.s. The digestive powder has probiotics In It


Hi everyone. When i was diagnosed with BV i did what everyone else did, i went online and tried to find a solution. i saw many people try all sorts of remedies and the BV kept coming back. I was really scared. Fortunately for me, what i did worked. its been almost a month now and my symptoms have not returned. I felt i should show the universe my appreciation by sharing what i did. i went to the doctor who gave me the vaginal metrogel to use once a day for 5 days. on the first day i did it, i also started a regime of vitamins so that by the time the 5 days of anti-biotic was over, i was already on back up. So anyway, every morning as i wake up i have a cup of yogurt, a probiotic table, a garlic tablet, a vitamin B12 and a folic acid tablet. i also have a cup of organo gold tea which helps increase the ph level from acid to alkaline. since then i've started selling the product to women all over the world. so! every morning i've been doing the same more symptoms. hope this helps.


Hello Beautiful People !

I've tried everything .... And I mean everything
Tea tree oil, yogurt tampons, garlic, apple cider vinegar, vitamin C pill and all that. To the point I thought I was incurable. Depression overcame me.

Then I came across a two websites looking at the background of Bacterial Vaginosis. First off make sure you have BV, cause you can have a Yeast infection, Lactobacillosis (Which is an overgrowth of lactobacillius so some of you just keep taking acidophilus pills and yogurt tampons make it worst), AtrophicVaginosis and etc. Trust me the research I did was great.

The other website I came across had a different approach to treat BV. A mixture of Iodine and Hydrogen Peroxide and water. Because I'm at my last stand I might as well try it and because I wasn't sure of I had BV or lactobacilluosis because my symptoms were so similar I planned to use a baking soda douche that is highly recommended to treat that.

Boy did the iodine douche burn ! I had to add more water ! And after I douched with the baking soda. Not even two hours later I felt a discharge coming from me, I was nervous it didn't work. It was pure clear discharge I was so shocked. I did the iodine and baking soda douche the next night just to make sure everything is cleared out of me.

Now three days later, I'm just completely free of BV or whatever completely free ! Tears of joy havesprung from my eyes. I've been suffering for 3 months. I hope this helps someone as it helped me. God bless you all


Hello Ladies,

I've suffered from BV for many years and I've been desperate for a long time to figure out how to treat it. BV takes over your life, because your constantly worrying about the odor and if others can smell it to, it really kills your confidence. One day I decided to research and see what I can find, I came across Rephresh, of course there were the pro's and con's from different reviews, but after dealing with this for years I thought what will it hurt. I realized that my pH level, bacteria and yeast infections were out of control and anything at this point was worth a try. I decided to go and buy it and to give Rephresh a try, by mistake I picked up Rephresh Pro-B which are the probiotic pills, it helps balances bacteria and yeast. I decided to first use the doctor prescribed Metronidazole Vaginal Gel for 2 days at night before bed and then take the probiotic pills for 30 days,within 1 week it was gone and has not returned and I'm a happy chic!!! It has been a month now and I have not used anything for it. I do worry about it coming back, but until it does I'm worry free and odor free. I'm trying to see how long I can go without it coming back and using anything keep it away. I don't worry about having to do a daily or weekly ritual, I just go on day to day. I have started taking prenatal vitamins for ALL the vitamins and minerals it provides it also helps with the hair and nails, I think it does. I'm at my happiest right now and confidence is higher than ever. This combination has worked for me and I hope that it will work for you ladies as well.
My treatment was Rephresh Pro-B, doctor prescribed Metronidazole Vaginal Gel, prenatal vitamins(optional. Good Luck and let me know if it works for you.


Hello ladies,
I've found a new remedy that worked for me -- the TEA TREE OIL! I've had recurring BV for the past 2 years & i did a lot of research and tried all possible treatment from doctor's prescription meds to home remedies but these only gave me temporary relief and then brings me back again to frustration after a week or two when BV recurs. I initially bought the tea tree oil & mixed few drops of it with water as a douche but this didn't worked until i gave up.

Here's what i did. One day, I just thought about neutralizing the bad smell with the tea tree oil (and not really expecting that this would treat me totally!) So, I wet my middle finger with 2 to 3 drops of 100% pure tea tree oil and insert my finger to my vagina in as far as i could. I did this twice a day (one in the morning and one before going to bed) and i've noticed that the awful smell started to diminish on the 4th day. I continued doing this for one week and i'm surprised that the smell was totally gone. The following week, i lessened my remedy to once a day only (before i go to sleep) & i still felt good w/o any smell. Then on the 3rd week, i only do this remedy twice a week and gradually tapering it to once a week on the following week and that awful smell never came back. Now it's been more than 3 months that i'm free from BV but i still do my remedy once a week. Three menstrual periods had passed now (the days before my period was usually the time when i notice that the awful smell was really strong) and i haven't experienced that awful smell anymore! And by the way, i never douche anymore since i started this remedy for almost 4 months now. Just this simple drops of 100% pure tea tree oil treated me! I've never felt so relieved in the past 2 years but just these recent months. :-) Hope this remedy could help you too!

Just an important note though:
Make sure that you wash your hands thoroughly and just a gentle wash of your vagina with a mild soap (i use Ivory liquid body soap, unscented) before you do this procedure. Also, make sure that the finger with the tea tree oil does not touches your urinary meatus (the hole where the pee comes out) but only your vaginal opening/canal to avoid urinary tract infection.

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