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Hi Ladies,

I think I cured my BV. I have been BV free for about three months now. I read a lot of remedies on this forum and I wanted to tell everyone about my experience as a 'thank-you'. I started having recurring BV and yeast infection since I met my ex-boyfriend last October. We broke up in December and I started abstinence. Even though I was prescribed antibiotics, BV still came back after menstruation every month. This March, I took a full round of Metronidazole (twice a day for seven days). In the meantime, in order to prevent yeast to come back, I took Diflucan two times (once every three days). Right after I finished Metronidazole (on the eighth day), I started using suppository that contains only lactobacillus every night for two weeks.At the same time, I also started taking probiotics and drinking one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar once a day. The probiotics brand I took is Jarrow's formula.At the same time, I took multi-vitamin supplement every day. Apple cider vinegar, multi-vitamin, and oral probiotics lasted for about two months. Then I stopped everything. I have been abstinence the whole time. I have been to my gyn to get tested on BV and yeast twice after I started my home remedy, and I have been negative on everything. Now I am not using anything and everything seems fine. I just went to get tested this morning and still BV free! Yay, ladies.

I feel like that antibiotics (metronidazole)are necessary as the first treatment of BV since they kill almost all of the bacteria. But we also need to supplement the good bacteria in our system as reinforcement after the first treatment, which would be the suppository and probiotics. Please note that the suppository I used contains only live culture of lactobacillus. It does not contain anything else.

So here is a summary of my remedy. The full remedy include both antibiotics and probiotics.

First week : metronidazole only (twice a day for 7 days. this is what your gyn will prescribe. Also take diflucan if you also have yeast)

Second week: lacto suppository(once a day for two weeks),probiotics taken orally once a day for two months, drink one teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in cold water once a day for at least one month, multi-vitamin supplement once a day for two months.

I never douche. Besides the lacto suppository, I never put anything else in my vagina. I only wash the outer area with warm water once a day. Please try not to douche, which will upset the ph balance. Help your body to build up a healthy balance itself.

Now I have been off the remedy for a month and I am still BV and yeast free. It's a long battle, but not so long since it lasted only about three months.The probiotics and the suppository were a little expensive, but thinking that it stopped BV from coming back even after I stopped the remeday, it's totally worth it. I am so so happy and relieved. I hope this helps ladies. Let me know if you have questions.


I have an IUD so I get infections very easily. Most commonly is BV which I had a reoccuring prescription for at one point, anyhow off and on for years I go back and forth to the doctor but this time I had no $. I realized if your partner is having sex with someone else and their PH differs from yours you get BV. If their PH differs from yours period you pretty much can get it. If they aren't clean you can get it. If you having sex with multiple partners its more likely too. I've encountered all above situations.

I researched coconut oil. Dipped a tampon in it sometimes 2 or 3 times a day, left it in my vag for a few hrs for about 2 weeks straight and its been days with no discharge or odor since ive stopped. While doing it i sometimes felt like it may be getting worse but ive been proved wrong. It takes 3 days tops to show itself with me so I'm now convinced it is gone, its almost been a week. I'm shocked honestly, I even had sex 2x with no protection in between inserts. I'm going to start using coconut oil for many more things now.


I have been suffering from reoccurent infections (BV, yeast infections, and UTI's) for about 3 years now, after I contracted an STD. I was under the impression that the STD is what triggered the constant strings of infections I would get that were usually always triggered by sex (even though I had one partner). I was always at the doctor, always embarrassed feeling like the doctors would look at my chart and look at me and wonder why I could not keep my vagina in order.

After getting frustrated and no longer wanting to take any more medication, or pay for another doctor visit, I decided to do another and more thorough bit of research into the treatment of BV and stumbled upon this amazing site. Here is what worked for me:

This has been really what saved me, the smell, GONE. Discharge is now CLEAR! What I do is take hydrogen peroxide, 3% and a douche bottle (I just use a regular Summer's Eve douche bottle that I pour out the contents and wash out before use) and mix equal parts of hydrogen peroxide and water and douche with it. I personally use bottled water with my mix. FYI, it more than likely will fizz like soda, but that is normal.

At the beginning I also took a Vitamin C pill and inserted it vaginally overnight. It depends on the person, but when I did that it burned like crazy for about 30-40 minutes, but it eventually subsided.

I also started doing a hydrogen peroxide douche the day after my period and it completely eliminated any 'after period' discharge and smell.

As many other post state, the vagina naturally produces hydrogen peroxide so this is completely safe to use.

The next important step to control infections is to begin taking Vitamin D3, as you could be getting infections because you have a Vitamin D deficiency which I realized I had myself. I do not like the sun, and my diet could use a lot more Vitamin D, so upon taking Vitamin D3 pills, that has kept everything clear and smell free.

I also take: (For Vaginal reasons)

-Vitamin C (1,000MG/Daily)
-Folic Acid (1,200MG/Daily) I take that much now, but might decrease the amount over time.
-Vitamin D3 (4,000ID/Daily)

Hope my tips help someone as much as all of yours have helped me! God Bless!


I have BV for 5yrs I started on this effective plan. OLKOS PLAIN NATURAL YOGURT WITH NO FRUIT SUGER OR ADDITIVES. THE YOGURT MUST SAY LIVE ACTIVE CULTURE. This works but the down side to my experience with it is your flower will smell like the yogurt. I suggest rinsing after to get rid of the yogurt smell.


Hi, before I started using Femanol, I was having recurring issues with BV and yeast infections. I went from using over the counter medications to prescriptions. The infections would go away temporarily, but then come right back. I have been using Femanol for about 8 months now and have had wonderful success with it. Femanol is not cheap but it is worth every penny I spent. It was so embarrassing and humiliating I did not even feel like going out much less dating.

Now I am back to myself and feel like a new woman. I even have a new boyfriend and loving every minute of it.

Enough about me, you should just do an internet search for Femanol if your are having the dreaded odor problem.



I'm only three/four days into this, so it's too early to tell for sure whether it's temporary relief or something more permanent, but BORIC ACID. inserted vaginally. i bought size 00 gelatin capsules at Whole Foods (about $5) and boric acid at Walgreens (about $8). Insert at night, and in the morning it will drip out a bit but nothing too too messy.

I started getting BV probably two years ago. I've done I think 4 or 5 rounds of the antibiotics. I knew from reading online that taking antibiotics repeatedly should just make the infection more resistant. Sure enough, the final time that I took them, the usual one week course didn't quite kick it, and my doctor extended my prescription. I kept expressing my concern to him that if I continued taking the antibiotics the infection would just keep coming back stronger and more resilient. He just kept saying 'We can't say what will happen.' So frustrated now that I did the antibiotics for as long as I did.

Also, super frustrated by posts on here of girls/women saying 'OMG FOUND THE CURE TRIED IT LAST NIGHT PROMISE IT WILL WORK FOR YOU.' Obviously these women aren't BV veterans: something that eases symptoms for a single night can hardly be called a cure, and obviously what works for one person isn't guaranteed to work for another (or else this site wouldn't have 101 different cures right??)

The boric acid helped overnight for me. It was painless and not messy and cheap, I'm more excited about this than anything else I've tried. I'll keep it up and post again, but I'd be interested to hear other women's experiences with it too.

One more thing, I have a new boyfriend that's had to go through this with me. At times it's been so frustrating I want to cry. It's hard enough going through it alone, but having to explain the embarrassing situation to someone you are madly infatuated with doesn't help. Things I found helpful in explaining it to him:

-explain that it's the most common vaginal infection, even more so than yeast infections
-most women take one round of antibiotics and are done, but for some reason a small percentage of women have it recurring
-dr's don't have a simple cure for it and don't know much about it

when he wanted to fool around and i didn't because i knew i'd have an odor, i would tell him that the infection makes my vagina smell like 'vagina.' i say that rather than fish, or saying that it smells bad. he'll know what you mean, but it's less uncomfortable, in my opinion..

good luck! i'll be back, this website has been a huge source of help and comfort to me. i wish the best for you all :)


Helllooo Ladies!

I've seen a lot of people say that vitamin C is working for them however, I hard this very hard to believe. Inserting Vitamin C vaginally and taking them orally is only going to make things worse, because BV is caused from being to acidic, and what do you think vitamin C is? I've done so much research, and people seem to think you need the acidic enviroment but its literally the opposite. Please Do your research because I sure have. I've literally tried everything there is out there but have no relief what so ever and Vitamin C made my discharge unbareable. I went from barely any discharge to ruining almost all of my underware, I was literally drenched. It was disgusting. I've done a lot of research and just recently watched DR. Oz as he talked about BV. BV occurs when you have a Vitamin D deficiency and a high acidic environment within your PH balance.. You should go to the doctors and get tests run to see if you have a Vitamin D deficiency and see if you need to take a Supplement and how much you need to take. However, I never went to the Doctors because I'm through with going there and I had a feeling in my gut that is exactly what I have. Reasons why: I hardly ever eat fish, I barely ever drink milk or eat eggs and thats where your vitamin D comes from other then the sun. Yet, according to a new study we are not in the sun long enough to even get the right amount of Vitamin D in our bodies. THey thought before you only needed to be outside for 15 minutes without sunblock, but the study changed.

I recently purchased some Vitamin D tablets 1000IU and took one today and seriously my discharge went from drenching my underware to barely there and the odor almost gone. IN ONE DAY !!! I'm seriously thinking another vitamin tomorrow and I will be cured. Also, I will add, if you buy the Vitamin D DO NOT exceed more than 5000IU a day. and honestly I would stick to no more than 2000IU unless told by a doctor.
Another thing that I'm doing that I've noticed helped before I bought the Vitamin D is drinking an 8 oz glass of water with a half teaspoon of baking soda right before bed. It really works. But you have to do it with out eating anything, and give yourself 4 hours, thats why I said before bed. I will warn you it doesn't taste great but its better then having BV.

Stop Douching and doing all that other stuff and I can almost guarantee you that this will work. So far for me it has and I'm so happy that I bought the Vitamin D. I took them orally too, so if you don't feel comfortable sticking things in your vagina this is perfect. I did so many things that were suggested on here and I'm so mad at myself for it because that Vitamin C literally made it so much worse, all the hrdogen peroxide crap, vinagar, apple cider, yogurt, nothing worked for me. But now I feel amazing. Finally after 4 lonnnng years. I can finally have the relationship with my husband back.!!!

Let me know if you have any questions, I will answer all of them.

Special thanks to Dr. Oz's show for sure.


I know there have been many home remedies submitted here for bacterial vaginosis. I have tried many but the best thing I have found is a product called Femanol.

Just do an internet search for it. Hope it helps you as much as it did me.


I struggled with this for years, always going back to the Doctor for meds etc...This last time I went to a New Doc and she had my partner take the antibiotics as well, which I had never done before...been BV free ever since which was about 4 months ago. I say its worth a shot ladies! Good luck :)


I recently became fish either and cheese occasionally and i also stopped eating sugary foods and chips (processed/packaged) and the smell has disappeared. Theres only a faint smell with the discharge but the discharge amount also decreased. I still have BV but its not as bad as it was before im gonna try a remedy from here. Since im mostly for natural remedies ill try the tree oil one first.

Also i should mention i was prescribed with nidagel applicator twice and each time it came back in a month or two. Since im against medicine i decided that i shouldnt take anything prescribed even for this..especially for this.

I believe eating healthier will reduce symptoms and make them disappear a bit.

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