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Hello! I have had BV for a while now and I'm always open to that kind of stuff because my ph balance isn't what it should be (poor diet and lack of drinking enough water, etc...) plus I have a pretty weak immune system and going to the doctors on a regular is NOT in the game plan, so I finally found a OTC treatment! Its called 'VH essentials BV treatment homeopathic', I found mine at walmart, but its sold at a number of places, Its a 6 'night' long treatment (you use it a night just like you would monistat for the same reasons) and it WORKS!!!, I know its not a home remedy, but its OTC and its cost effective, so go ahead, give it a try and good luck! :)


I have to start with first saying thank you to this site!!!!! I have had bv for a little over a year and I think I have found something that has worked for me after reading a post on here. Like most other women I have been to my gym countless times. I have taken 5 different medications. My gyn even recommended boric acid after she spoke with an infectious disease doctor, that worked about a month rather than a week weeks. Anyways I used a douche of 70% water and 30% peroxide. I just bought a cheap summer eve's douche and emptied it out and also rinsed it well. Right after the douche, I inserted a tampon saturated in Greek non fat and plain yogurt. I took the tampon out of the plastic and coated it with the yogurt and just inserted it with my finger. I had the tampon in for 2 hours and took it out. When I took it out no more discharge and for the first time I have felt fresh and clean down there. Although it has only been 2 days, still nothing. The only downfall I have a complaint with, I soon noticed slight pain in my pelvic area. Believe me I would rather deal with the little pain then with the discharge, although I do have a cyst on my only ovary left so I do have some cercerns so of course I am going to see my gyn next week. Hopefully this has helped someone.


Hi ladies.. i had bv for 2 years... N recently been cured by not my gynae... But vitamin d!!!! I Took 2000iud of vitamin d n probiotics( yoghurt taken orally!! Not inserted!!) and the smell gets less n less and then it's gone! Try it.... I hope for all of you here....


Earlier this year I went to see my doctor because I had noticed a strong fishy odour from my vagina and that my vaginal discharge had become thin. I was diagnosed with BV and I was put on antibiotics and was told to use vaginal pessaries. They worked well for a little while until the BV came back after having sex. I was once again put on antibiotics and had to use the pessaries. Same thing happened only this time I was abroad when I started noticing the symptoms reoccuring. I went to the local pharmacy to see if I could find some pessaries that could potentially hold the symptoms at bay and ended up finding this product called Balance Activ. Now I know that this is not a natural remedy but I still thought I should share that this product is amazing! You can either get it as a gel or as pessaries. I got the pessaries and put one in before I went to bed. Two hours after I fell asleep I woke up with a burning sensation in my vagina and I was very alarmed by this. After a short while the burning stopped and I was able to fall asleep. When I woke up the next day all the symptoms were gone which is so much more than what I was hoping for. When you have BV you have to use the pessaries for 7 days and then you can also use the product for maintainance to keep the BV at bay. The product doesn't contain hormones which is a releif and I can't help thinking that if I can use this product instead of having to go on antibiotic I would much prefer that!

BV is so difficult to get rid of and seriously messes with your self-esteem which is why I wanted to share my experience in the hope that Balance Activ will work for everyone else who have continuous problems with BV.

Alissa C.


I struggled with BV for about 6 years. I went to doctors and tried a lot of home remmedies that worked for a while then came back. Then I did a free trial of B-Vtan Vaginal Cleansing system from a place called Adewura Natural. A friend told me about it and granted it's not exactly a home remedy, but it's a 100% natural plant based product. So I thought I'd give it a go since it was free and kazam no more BV! I used it for 3 days as directed and have yet to have any reoccurring symptoms to weeks later. Just thought i'd share :). It's a bit pricey but for weeks of freshness, to it's worth every penny. Good luck to everyone with finding a product that works!


I've suffered from B.V for years and the doctor always prescribed me Flagyl and refused to tell me why i get it or how i can fix it forever, It was always just a temp fix. I always ended up having it every time after sex...i knew right away i'd be off to the dr the next morning for a prescription. I did some research and realized it is an imbalance of PH? so i decided to try Folic Acid and Acidophilus vitamins! I'M CURED! NO MORE MEDICATIONS AND TOXIC POISONS GOING IN MY BODY DOING NOTHING BUT HARM AND TEMPORARILY PUTTING ME AT EASE!. PLEASE TRY THIS IF YOU HAVEN'T. I never felt happier and healthier.


I have had reoccuring BV for years. I would constantly have a discharge along with a horrible, fishy smell. I finally found what works for me and Ihope it works for you as well. Instead of only taking showera, like I was recommended by my OBGYN, I now take baths more often. I pour about a cup of apple cider vinager into my water. (Not distilled or white vinegar) I also threw away ALL and I mean ALL of my old undies and bought all new 100% cotton underwear because it helps the air to flow and allows it to breathe. I also bought a probiotic called Acidiphilus which helps with maintaining the healthy bacteria inside of the vagina. I feel so much better now that I found my home remedy. I hope this helps you on your journey to having a healthy vajayjay!


I tried the half and half mix of 3% hydrogen peroxide and water douche, and after only one go of it was completely relieved of any unflattering odour. So happy It has been ages since I have felt so comfortable. Thanks for the remedy, wish I had heard of this months ago!


Hi Ladies, I would first like to say WOW what an amazing group of women you all are. I have found so much comfort in all of your post that is much appreciated!! Next, for me I understand the frustration reading through all the post saying ok I tried that , and that ,and does any of this really even work because that didn't work for me. Well its not going to hurt you to try every single one of them until you find one that works for you . That is exactly what I did.

I am 31 years old , have been married 11 years , same sex partner the entire time. I'm really not sure how I contracted BV , the only thing I can relate it to is my diet. I drink way too many sodas. Anyways I tried all of these home remedies, ACV,hydrogen peroxide,yogurt,tea tree oil. I tried all of these with in 4 days and nothing touched it. Not to say that none of these will work for some of you they are all worth a try for sure. The one thing that worked for me was the vit c tablets. I inserted one 500mg uncoated into my vagina before bed, and woke up and the odor was finally GONE!! I just did this last night so I'm not 100% sure I'm cured but I do know its a start. I will insert one of those bad boys every single day if I have to. I will also be adding vit D supplements to my diet and drinking the 8 oz of water with 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda before bed. These things just seem to be right for me. So if you have not had any luck thus far KEEP TRYING EVERYTHING! Something will work Good Luck ladies!!!



So all I keep hearing is peopleusing boric acid so Ibrought Boric Acid and it said for farm and household use. I was furious, not because its expensive but because why would someone even mislead a female like that?

However, I kept seeing posts about it so I did some research. Boric Acid has been used for generations to cure infections. Why it doesn't say it on the bottle? I don't know, maybe the government wants us to stay sick and use antibiotics that make us MORE sick.

So I took a HUGE leap of faith and decided to put Boric Acid in pill capsules (I just open old vitamin C pills capsules) and I just inserted it one night. Trust me I was petrified, I thought my uterus would fall out lol trust me I thought the worst.
But I didn't feel a thing, no pain nada.

The next morning my underwear wad soaked with discharge, but I didn't get excited because I tried every remedy and most of the outcomes were like this but never lasted. But taking a shower I smelled NOTHING, no fishy odor. So I took the Boric Acid for the next 3 days and the thick chunky discharge was slowly getting back to normal I can feel it in my fingers and see it getting clearer. The odd smell the discharge use to have was gone and the fishy smell when I use soap in the shower was gone.

However, with the remedy I started taking Femdophilius Pills and Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support 50 Billion that I ordered off of because it comes with an icepack to keep the live bacteria alive. Amazon does not provide that. You can even get $10 off your first purchase if you use this code BMD354.

Trust me this has been working like a charm however my period came so I haven't been able tocontinue but if anything I shall update. But even during my period there was NO FISHY odor.
I feel this is the most help that anyone can give a girl with this problem. Trust me I was skeptical about Boric Acid too but it has helped me more than anything else. You can even insert one of the ultimate flora capsules in your vagina one night.
You don't have to follow everything I did step my step but use the information here to find your owncure. Do your own research not everything is gonna work for you, were all unique, but keep searching and you will.

Have a great day

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