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I'm so happy I have found my cure!!!! I've had BV for about 3 weeks after taking an antibiotic to clear a UTI it made my vagina go out of whack or something. It was killing my self esteem and ruining my sex life. I was turning down my boyfriend for sex every day and I wouldn't even let him touch me out of fear that he would smell me. I've tried so many things! Coconut oil, probiotic pills, garlic, and yogurt. None of them worked except for inserting the yogurt into my vagina. But it would k my stop the discharge for 2 days and the smell for one day and it came right back. One day I just decided to take half a lemon and squeeze the juice and add a bottle of cold drinking water. I drank it and a couple hours later I squeezed the other half of the lemon and drank it with another cold bottle of drinking water. I kid you not, the discharge stopped within 2 hours after the second time!!!! The smell was very very much less noticeable the next day that I even had sex without so much worry. I only had one lemon so the next day I took half a lime and added it to cold water first thing in the morning before eating anything. Then about 6 hours later I did the same with the other half. I suggest trying this for a couple days and maybe it'll work for you! I tried all of these other expensive remedies before paying $1 for some lemons and limes thinking they'll work better but plain old lemons and limes did the trick. I will try to post a 1 week update for you ladies


Thank you ladies for all your posts!! It has been a god send. So my symptoms started two weeks ago after the first time I had sex with my boyfriend. I was scared because of the strong fishy odor and yellow discharge and itchy! and embarrassing. So first, I tried soaking the tampon in coconut oil and leaving it in for a couple hours. It kind of helped, but as soon as I took it out, it all came back. so it was temp relief. Im still scared to put yogurt up there (cause how do i get it out..) but instead, for the last 3 days I started soaking in ACV + fenugreek/honey/lemon tea + yogurt w/live cultures as a snack. AMAZING! I think the immediate help is the ACV. it took the itch away immediately, the smell is almost nonexistent now and the discharge has reduced. Gonna keep it up for a while longer and try to eat yogurt at least daily and see where it goes. I tried this since I read of all the side effects from meds. I feel that this my body's way of telling me something isn't right and so aside from pills, my body needs different nourishment. That and I cant afford a doctor right Will post again once it's all back to normal :)


coconut oil cured me!!! I went to the store and bought regular coconut oil like the kind you can cook with and all of that and came home and inserted a coconut oil Tampon for 2 hours and then right after I showered , I repeated for maybe 3 or 4 days and the smell was gone!! I went to my gynecologist and got tested and I do not have it anymore.. I can honestly say coconut oil cured me. flagyl (bacteria medicine) did not work for me. make sure after you take out your coconut oil tampon that you either take a shower or rinse the area!! hope it works for you.


I'm 20 and I've been dealing with bacterial vaginosis for a few years now. It came about before I was sexually active or anything so I was always really embarrassed and scared to speak up about it. I went to the doctor and got antibiotics and everything went away until a month later. Now its gotten to the point where its affecting my love and social life and I need a cure fast. I stay home all the time because I feel dirty and disgusting, I'm also not a fan of inserting vaginally so PLEASE HELP ME!!!

women power

I sincerely hope that ad many women who suffer from this annoying, emotionally life altering diagnosis read this post.

I have been diagnosed with BV for several years and have tried everything possible to give me relief from the symptoms of BV until I found something that works like a miracle for me. I hope that it works for you all as well.
Daily regimen:
1)Take 850mcg of folic avid daily
2)buy any flavor of the Lifeway Kefir and drink at least 1 to 2 cups daily.
Have a great day. I am off to the gym to meet personal trainer and he will smell any fish while I am working out.


I was 18 when I began to show symptoms of BV. The first thing you automatically run to is a douche. I've used this for years even though I read over and over to NEVER douche! Of course it's the easiest solution, but it's temporary. The more you use it, the less it helps to mask the smell. I soaked in vinegar and water ONCE and that seemed to work, but only for a few days. I began taking Acidophilus which WORKS if you take it EVERYDAY. I stopped taking them and it came back. Then I was prescribed METRO GEL, and that seemed to help for a month and then after my period came, and so did the smell. The smell continued through both my pregnancies at the age of 19 and the age of 23. But I will say that the smell wasn't as strong from age 22-23 as in my younger years. I also have a different sex partner, which is the result of my second pregnancy. So, not sure if the first person 'caused' it, but during my second pregnancy, it completely went away and it's been 4 months now, even after baby. I will say that I was on an antibiotic for a foot injury and once I began taking it, the smell has not been back since. Really weird, the name of it is 'Cephalexin'. I'm not encouraging anyone to get a toe nail injury to take this! If you can abstain from having sex for like a month or 2 while you take Acidophilus, I honestly think that is your best solution to balancing your PH. And also eat correctly.


I Am sooooo Thankful For The Internet Lol Tfseee ' My Bv Is si annoying ' Ive had it for three years my first year didnt really Noticee ' Im Feed Up You guys have really helped im off to the stores to get all of these products ' mainly apple cider which is really talked about in all of u guys Stories . i really hope i can kiss this shit good bye . my boyfriend loves me ; but i know he hates the fishy ass smell lolbs


I enjoyed reading each story this evening. I've suffered with BV for years now, there is no real cure. I've come to learn that by drinking too much wine in one month or using body perfumes, scented shower gels too often 'awaken BV' BV does start with your pH changing. That means 'you' can awaken her by just changing shower gels.. Well, for me at least. I've learned to use GOLDENSEAL.. Goldenseal has changed my outlook. I take about 40 drops in a shot glass of water three times a day. Within the first shot glass you will notice all the discharge will dry and go away. Literally can make love within the first two hours and not be scared to death of smelling like a fish factory. I've study, researched, took my time looking for away to treat this condition on my own. I find mysel embarrassed returning to the Dr for medication. Do your research, give goldenseal a try. It doesn't taste great, it's better then smelling like fish.

Happy Vajayjay

Vitamin C is heaven sent I've dealt with Chronic BV on and off for 4years (I'm married and very much in love with my husband) I know the pain of. Wanting to make love to my husband and can't because I smell like a fish combo from Captain D's, but he never complained (blessed his little heart bc if I can smell it every time we make love I know he can :/) it really took a hit at my self esteem, I felt dirty&I was depressed and wanted to not interact with my family in fear that they would smell me. I've tried all the antibiotics that my good ole doc prescribed,douche with peroxide and Apple cider vinegar yes it went away for a month or so but later came back even worse before. I found out that the antibiotics not only killed the bad bacteria that was causing the nuisance down there but it killed the good bacteria that my vajajay need to flourish and stay happy. So I searched and searched and I came across a website and the woman was telling how she was battling with BV for over 20years? (I don't think I could manage that long) but she said she use regular Vitamin C. She insert a capsule every night before bed for a week just to see what the results. I followed her advice and went to my local Dollar General store and purchased a bottle of Vitamin C with rose hips and I start for one week then stop the next week and I seen a big difference. No smell, itchy and discharge. I made love to my husband and he was looking at me like 'where have you been all my life'? Lol. Vitamin C is the best thing that has every happen to me. I would recommend it to anyone who has struggle with trying to get rid of BV. :)

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hey ladies i just want to say BV is the devil lol but seriously i have been dealing with this issue for so long now i got it as soon as i had my first daughter who is almost 4 and let me tell u it has been a real headache although it magically disappeared the 2 times i was pregnant idk no sign of it anywhere for my whole pregnancy thank god but as soo as i have my baby wamm hear it comes again like really any who the only thing that been keeping my v squeaky clean is clean eating ladies like tons of water lots of fruits and veggies i cut out all processed food i no longer eat no fast food or red-meat just baked chicken and lots of fruits and veggies also what i think has truly helped me my nutri blender it can be purchased @ Walmart its a bit pricey like $130 but well worth it at least once a day i make a fruit smoothie with bananas,strawberry almond with sea salt,flax-seed powder that can be purchased at whole foods or it could be purchased at regular grocery stores and spinach leafs sometimes i add carrots to not always but just switching my eating habits helped a lot and sustain from sex while trying to heel i just recently got out of a relationship and always seemed to have it im pretty sure its from eating processed food and pop and juice sugary snacks etc, i didn't always have it but for the most part but ladies if i can heel my bv case which i though was impossible u can heel yours also...if anyone has any questions for me im open i have been dealing with this issue for so long praise god i found what worked for me every women's body is very different. also wanna throw this out there i just got off my period and it was not know weird foul odor surprisingly yaaaassss to happy also make sure your washing daily that's a big factor Im one of those ladies that sweats and is very moist in that area what i found that has also helped my odor is unscented arm and hammer ultra max deodorant its a white deodorant but once u rub it in down there u cannot see it i put it where the hairs grow around the vagina and in between the lips again this is unscented so it wont change you natural smell u will just feel clean down there also i never put the deodorant by the hole lol...again ladies any questions comment love y'all and don't be discouraged:)

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