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I find that peeing and washing right after sex keeps it away once you find a remedy that gets rid of it.

Thankful in Texas <3

OMG!!! I am so thankful for finally thinking to research this issue online. I was dreading going to the doctor to take yet another dose of antibiotics...which we all know taking them frequently can build up a certain immunity or make it harder to treat cases that require them!!! I have recently been embarrassed during sex with my boyfriend. He is so supportive, but its still embarrassing to deal with the order when you know you are cleaning the area as you should daily!!! Thank you all so much, I am truly comforted and will be trying some methods soon that I think would benefit me. Thanks again!


I have been dealing with Bacterial Vaginosis for over 2 years. I am in my late 40's and I noticed it seems to activate itself right after my period.
I have tried the apple vinegar douche, the antibiotic vaginal gel/cream, and other home remedies.... it seems to always come back with that same foul uncomfortable odor.
I then read something about BORIC acid, which is something my MD/Gyno also had mentioned.... So I finally decided to try it.
I went to a pharmacy and bought the Boric acid powder. (you may need to order it, as it is hard to find) then I went to an health/vitamins store to buy gelatin capsules (size double 00).
I can home and create my own little capsules by filling them up with the boric acid powder.
I have been inserting a capsule in my vagina right before bed 2 or 3 nights following my periods. I find it very satisfying. The odor is gone within a day. My doctor approves as long as I don't use it every day.
Good luck in your search for a cure. This definitely has not gotten rid of the BV but resolved the odor issue within a day of appearance.

Happily Cured

The H202 and water worked!

I never had any problems with my downstairs area until I had a string of UTIs, which I eventually attributed to the vibrator my boyfriend and I were using for some extra fun in the bedroom..We quickly said goodbye to that. After five UTI treatments over 4 months, I must have really messed up my natural balance of microorganisms. I had multiple yeast infections and, much to my horror, my boyfriend informed me that I was a bit stinky down there and didn't taste good. (He was really nice about it though). I had no idea what it could be and stumbled across descriptions of BV. Although I smelled funky, I didn't smell fishy, but I thought I'd give a home remedy a try after three months of no change in the smell. Here's what I did:

Yesterday I created a 50% H202, 50% distilled water douche and rinsed my lady parts using a sterilized squeeze bottle I had in the medicine cabinet. I also applied the solution to the outer areas and allowed the solution to stay in for a while.

I relaxed for a while and let everything dry. I made sure to use a tissue to wipe my private areas to avoid contaminating myself with possible bacteria on my towels. (If it's living in you, it's probably on your towels).

After about 20 minutes, I used a tampon to insert Fage, plain, non-fat Greek yogurt. I used the tampon more as a tool to get the yogurt in, and I took out the tampon immediately. I also used the yogurt as a cream on my inner vulvar area. I left the yogurt on for 30 minutes, then wiped the outer yogurt off. I put on clean panties and went about the rest of my day. In the evening, I purchased Vagisil pH Balance Wash and used that during my shower.

I used a tampon the next morning to 'soak up' any remaining yogurt; I'm not sure this is really necessary. Four hours later, I removed the tampon and again washed with Vagisil pH Balance Wash. After a roll in the hay later that day, I asked my boyfriend how everything was down there, and he happily informed me it smelled and tasted great. I am ecstatic! Only 24 hours after and I'm back to normal.

I think I will continue to use the pH balance wash because I believe it will help me maintain the appropriate environment to not only support the good bacteria, but also keep the bad bacteria and yeast at bay. After reviewing all of the other comments on this section, I determined this to be the best treatment method for me, based on the logical order of the steps of treatment.

The overall steps were:
Kill the bad bacteria: H2O2/Distilled Water douche
Replace good bacteria: Plain, Greek Yogurt
Support a healthy environment: pH balance wash

Try it and you'll see an improvement. If the smell comes back, I'd recommend repeating the steps, but allowing more time for the peroxide or using more solution.


I first noticed a strong odd, fishy smell since December and after months of it getting worse, I finally went to the doctor who confirmed what I thought I had after extensive research: bacterial vaginosis. I got prescribed antibiotics which cleared it up in a few days, but after my next period, the BV came right back. At this point, I decided to try home remedies since another doctor's visit would run me over $100 and I knew that the antibiotics would soon become ineffective after every month of being on them. I first tried hydrogen peroxide and water, which only cleared the BV up for a day. Then I tried the apple cider vinegar/water mixture soaked in a tampon, followed by another tampon soaked in Greek yogurt. This worked for a day and a half. Last week, I saw a tv commercial for RePHresh Pro-B caplets. I was at my wit's end so that night, I went to Walmart and picked it up, along with a bottle of Vitamin D3 and a bottle of probiotic Acidophilis. The instructions on the RePHresh bottle said it would take 5 days before I started to see results, but after day 4, I noticed a difference. I am now at one week of taking the RePHresh, the D3, and the Acidophilis, and my BV is almost completely GONE!!!!! I am more than willing to spend $30 every month to keep the BV at bay. I am soooo much happier! This stuff is AWESOME!!!


So I found out I had BV and it just wasn't going away. I got it whilst camping, and it's been around 3 months. I haven't been able to get hold of any new medication since I'm on the road all the time at the moment, and all these remedies online seemed expensive (another thing is I'm short on money).

I had some Germoline laying around the house, it's an anaesthetic/anti-bacterial cream; and reading how all these women were sticking tampons up there, I thought, 'What the hell! If it gets worse the doctor will fix it anyway!' (I live in the UK so lucky me visiting the doctor is free, sad to say not the medicine).

Anyway, I rubbed Germoline all over a tampon in the morning, and inserted it as usual. Left it for an hour or so (I don't really pay attention to the time), and then removed it, and washed the outside of my vagina with antibacterial soap.

Third day in, discharge has almost gone, I have had NO fishy smell at all. I mean, I stick my fingers up there to check. There used to be yellow-white cottage cheese, and grosely enough, i have to *really* get in there to find any now!
I'm hoping, fingers crossed, if I keep this up for at least 5 days then it'll kill whatever got in there.

Seems to be working though!


I am hoping someone may be able to help me with a question I have as after having a number of swabs and an internal scan the doctors have come up with no really reason why I am getting a very unpleasant smelling discharge. I have had BV in the past but unlike the fishy smell I have suffered from in the past this time it smell like rotting meat. All the swabs I have had done have come back clear indicating I do not have BV but my doctor has suggested having more swabs as he has told me sometime it takes a while to show up but am I right in thinking BV is just a fishy smell or could what I'm experiencing still be BV?? I anyone can help clear this up for me I would be very grateful as I am starting to find it all quite distressing.


Hi everyone, I'm 20 years old and have been with my current boyfriend for over a year now. About two weeks ago, I started suffering from BV after my period ended. I knew it was BV from the start. I had a really pungent smell down there and the odor would seep through my clothes. It was so embarrassing to be in class not knowing if the person next to me could smell me or not, cus I sure could!

So, I read some reviews online about Rephresh and how it is widely used in Europe to cure BV. I gave it a try for maybe a week, but was not seeing any results. It did not help the itch and just left a constant clumpy discharge in my panties. The discharge made me think, 'well maybe I don't have BV after all, maybe I have a yeast infection'. So I then bought the Rite Aid brand of Monistat. All of the clumpy discharge was gone so I thought I was cured.

But then I started to get smelly down there again which is not a symptom of a yeast infection. It made me paranoid and I actually thought for a couple of days that I had lost a tampon down in there. I searched and searched for one but couldn't find it. So I realized that it was actually BV all along.

A couple of days ago I researched the best home remedies for BV and started doing them. These cured me in JUST TWO DAYS!!!!! I even had sex with my boyfriend today and no sign of BV coming back! No smell! Here's exactly how I made it all go away, the smell, the itch, the discharge, everything!

I went out and bought some Acidophilis and Boric Acid capsules (800 mcg). I took about 3-4 Acidophilis tablets a day and two Boric Acid tablets (one in the morning, one in the afternoon).

I also washed out one of the applicators from the Rephresh gel that I bought and used it to apply a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and distilled water into my vagina. Be aware that the peroxide needs to be diluted or it will burn. The mixture should be half peroxide, half water, no more, no less. You do not need a lot of this mixture, maybe a 1/2 cup. I squirted the mixture in until it and the smell was gone. Do this one to two times a day. I then put one of my Acidophilis tablets into my vagina. It is supposed to help restore its natural flora. I also did not wear panties to bed because bacteria thrives in wet, warm climates.

You should also eat yogurt with live cultures in it, like Activia. I ate Chobani Greek yogurt. Just plain yogurt will be your best bet, but if you can't handle it, eat the fruity ones. I did and it worked just fine.

And that's it! That's all it took! Two days!!!

Also, taking baths is definitely not recommended for women of childbearing age, as it can affect the ph levels in the vagina and just make BV worse. You should also not wash with harsh soaps and definitely do not wash the inside of the vagina because it will clean itself. I'd say just stick with hydrogen peroxide to to cleanse yourself down there. It's much more healthy and gentle.

Also, your Acidophilis and Boric Acid tablets should be taken even after your infection is gone. Do not risk letting it come back. You need to restore as much of the good bacteria as you can. Why not make these tablets a lifelong nutritional habit? Acidophilis also helps bad breath!

I really hope this works for you guys! It is much better for your body than taking antibiotics, which also kill the good bacteria. Good luck!


I had suffered from this for about 2 years. I had been to many doctors countless numbers of times, was prescribed with EVERYTHING! The antibiotics worked for the smell, but the discharge never went away and was really really annoying. I tried taking expensive good quality pro-biotic supplements, eating lots of yoghurt. EVERYTHING!!
Anyway, as a result of the antibiotics i started to get Yeast infections about twice a month and then that would bring on the BV like crazy.
A naturopath that I know suggested taking milk Kefir for the Candida (yeast infections). She gave me some grains and I started making it at home. I drink about half a cup of the stuff a day and after about a month all of the discharge has disappeared, no more thrush and all I have done differently in this time is drink milk kefir. It is super easy to make, you just need to get your hands on the grains. Pretty simple if you google. I have also not caught the flu or a cold this winter (they say it improves your immune system as it restores healthy bacteria and yeasts to the gut).
I highly suggest trying this. Taking anti-biotics and anti yeast medication on a regular basis is NOT the answer to this condition I believe. We should be looking at why we have it in the first place (unbalanced gut eco-system and possible vit D defficiency) and not trying to put a sticky plaster remedy to the issue with drugs that could be making the actual cause even worse.
Hope this helps


Ok ladies, Im a 29 year old female who suffered with BV for 5 long years. I had a copper IUD and I would always ask my dr if that was the reason the BV reoccured. Of course they would always tell me no. I thought it was so after trying tons of home remedies I finally had my IUD removed and ive been BV free for 5 months. Lets face it, the drs dont know everything and they will tell you anything to keep you coming back just to get your money.

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