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I've tried everything. I've had issues getting the Flagyl so I've been trying home remedies- skip the peroxide, garlic, baking soda, vinegar. They all set you on fire. The best thing I've found is Destitin Diaper Rash Cream. My OB recommended it til I can get the Flagyl and it's working great.


Seriously the remedies online ARE true. I'm 21 years old and have been suffering from BV for 3 years now. For me my BV reoccurs when me and my boyfriend have sex and he cums inside of me the cum messes up my ph balance so then BV occurs so anyhow I have been reading online about it since the first time I got it and yesterday I finally got the courage to try out a home remedy. I did 4 different things so I'm not sure which one worked but it's gone in one day!! First thing I did was soaking a tampon in plain yogurt then put it in and left it for about 3 minutes. After that I took half water half pure tea tree oil in a spray bottle and sprayed it everywhere down there. Then Put 1/4 cup water and 1/4 cup hydrogen peroxide in a douche bottle that night as well and also this morning. And lastly I bought Vitamin D gummies because I hate taking pills and BAM! No more BV. I'm so glad I did it. Now I don't know if it's a 'permanent' cure but it did get rid of it. Also the peroxide stings just a little bit but it goes away. You definitely have to dilute it.

Kathy Costello

I'm back! It's been 11 days since I went to a holistic person to get help for my BV (after months of doctor's visits).

She suggested that the problem started in the intestines and has me taking several herbal pills (no douching or adding anything to my vagina). I'm taking Garlic, Oil of oregano, B100, a probiotic and two other herbal pills. I also have continued taking the D3 on my own.

All the pills can be purchased at stores that sell health food (I went to Sprouts). My boyfriend is taking Garlic pills too and we are using condoms while I'm trying to flush this out. So far, so good! Everything seems to be working.

I can give more details if anyone is interested but the overall message is DON'T GIVE UP!! And if any of you have access to a renowned holistic practitioner, you may want to check it out.


Can anyone help me? I'm worrying myself sick that I'll never be able to get rid of this because I've taken so many antibiotics for it! I've had four prescriptions from the same doctor, 2 for 7 days metronidazole and 2 for 14 days metronidazole all orally. On the last one I noticed the metronidazole wasn't even working for me now. I'm really scared that I've screwed it up beyond repair right now. For over a week I've been taking acidophilus, folic acid, vitamin D, and a multivitamin and nothing has changed. For about 6 days now I've also been taking BV Essentials capsules for reoccurring bv but nothing has changed. I'm only 14 and so scared and I just don't want to enter high school in less than a month smelling like this someone please help me


For a quick and simple remedy for BV read this!
So, a couple of weeks now I've had an awful smell coming from downstairs. I often got whiffs of the smell sitting in public and when I used the toilet, so I decided if was time to do some research, I went online and googled all my symptoms and BV came up. The symptoms of BV matched mine and I wanted to do something about it especially the smell as it was effecting my confidence and my love life. Anyway, I came on to this website and read all the home remidies but most of them were too much time and effort and they involved going to the shops and buying medicines or going to the doctor which was just too much hassle and embarrassing. I wanted a easy simple treatment which didn't involve going shops and getting fancy powders etc so I came across this one!! I hope it works for you as it worked for me within hours ..

1. GARLIC- this method was a bit complicated and made my room smell of garlic for hours but it seemed to work. Garlic has some sort of bacteria which kills all of bad bacterias so using garlic is effective and well.. Interesting!! Firstly slice a clove of garlic and grind it into a paste. I found that using a pestle and mortar done the trick. I also found that adding a little bit of water made the consistency great! Make sure there are no big lumps, when the consistancy is right you have to rub it all around and up your vagina (trust me it pays off) it may burn a little bit that's normal! Leave it on for a few minutes then wash if off.

2. YOGHURT- You've properly seen loads of posts about yoghurt and tampons! But it is a really useful and benificial way of balancing the levels of bad bacterias and good bacterias !! The garlic probably burnt off bad and good bacterias so you need to replace the good ones!! Get a yoghurt, quite frankly it doesn't matter what sort of yoghurt! Mix 2 tbs of yoghurt with a little bit of water so it's not lumpy. Then soak your tampon in the mixture for like a minute (this is the tricky part) when the tampon is soaked it gets bigger and soggy which makes it hard to insert but literally you have to shove if up there!! With the remaining yoghurt/water mixture just try and pour it over the already insterted tampon. Leave it in for about 2/3 minutes then take it out.

3. TEATREE- This is especially good for the smell!! I didn't have pure TEATREE but I had a teatree body wash. If you have pure Teatree you have to mix 2 tbs with water and if you have body wash the same method applys for both. You have to wash like you've never washed before ! Scrub IN and OUT then rinse.

4. TEABAGS- I'm not really sure what this method does but apparently if your vagina is itchy or sore this helps!! Put a Teabag into a cup of water, then put it into the freezer to freeze. After its frozen enough for you instert it into the vagina like a tampon. Leave for 5 minutes then remove and rinse.

5. YOGHURT ICECUBES- this method is great!! Basically get an ice cube tray and fill with yoghurt and a little bit of water and mix. Leave to freeze and when frozen (at night before bed) instert into vagina. If I was you.. I'd wear a sanitary towel as whatever goes in must come out !! In the morning , shower and wash!

I hope this information helped you as it has helped me.. I would advise taking vitamin D tablets aswel as they help. Good luck with these methods as I understand BV is annoying and really does effect your confidence! Stay positive and if nothing works for you I would suggest going doctors.

Beth x

BV Survivor

I have suffered with BV on and off for the past 3 years. It seemed to come after having sex with my ex boyfriend (I literally felt like God was punishing me, lol). Anyways, this past July ('13)... I had the worse case ever. However, with this episode I had no itching. So, I was thinking omg, my ex gave me an STD. But, the smell and discharge was the same as my normal BV just seemed to be a stronger smell and thicker discharge. So, I like the rest of you googled natural cures, b/c obviously the antibiotics aren't CURING it and I tried some of the tips you ladies offered and they IMMEDIATELY worked for me.

For 1 week I took a Vitamin D 2000 IUD and the smell and discharged decreased significantly each day.

The week after that I started taking a Folic Acid tablet along with the Vitamin D3. And the discharge and smell has disappeared.

I also, prayed the symptoms away and I will never discredit God's ability to HEAL.

But for the non religious... Folic Acid and Vitamin D3 will get rid of the BV. I don't care what nobody says... it literally worked like magic. Save yourself the trip to the OBGYN and pharmacy and take some vit D!

Hope this helps somebody, it sure helped me. Us women go through so much... A fishy smell shouldn't have to be one of them! =)


Yogurt with active live cultures.. Eat it once a day, everyday along with an acidophilus capsule. Make sure you keep the acidophilus refrigerated or it will go bad and wont do you any good. You can also get BV capsules at WalMart. Look for VH essentials. Eat a yogurt and take both capsules together at the same time once a day. Try to keep soap and anything else that should not go up there away from the vaginal opening. Just be careful while washing in that area. Seriously, you have no idea how easy it is to upset your natural balance. I wouldnt recomend antibiotics because some can cause yeast infections in women, and they dont cure BV permenately. They can make it jworse. Think about it, your
vagina needs both good, and bad bacteria to stay healthy.. Antibiotics kill all bacteria


I just spent the last month trying every single one of the remedies listed on here. Nothing. And the douching with hydrogen peroxide and water set my vagina on fire so it was time for a doctor visit. Have been on the flaygl medicine for 3 days and my symptoms are virtually gone finally. Save yourselves some time and just go to a doctor.

Kathy Costello


My doctor suggested I start using the IUD last fall. I was always someone who was sensitive to yeast infections but a month after the IUD was inserted, I got my first BV infection. It happened several more times (3 BV and 4 yeast infections) so in March I had the IUD taken out. It's now the end of July and I am still getting BV infections. I'm going crazy.

I have recently decided to go the homeopathic route and am working with someone in that field who has gotten me started taking Oil or Oregano, Garlic capsules and three other herbal capsules. I hope and pray this works.

I may also decide to try getting a V-steam (chai-yok) which is a Korean vaginal steam available in my area (Los Angeles).

I will post again if anything works. Please send your positive vajayjay vibes my way - I'll be sending them to all of you.


So, I read all pages of natural remedies for BV and immediately tried 2 of the remedies I saw most commonly use. Vitamin D and Folic Acid. I have been taking 1 Vit D pill and 1 Folic Acid pill a day and not only has my discharged changed in color and lessened in amount, that smell that has you self conscious all day is completely GONE. I realized that my boyfriend and I must have completely different PH levels, because every time we have sex I start having BV. He goes to school in a different state, but hopefully next time we have sex the BV is kept at bay due to my home regimen. So, I 100% recommend taking a folic acid pill and vitamin D up to 2000 IU a day. Good luck and stay strong ladies. We > BV

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