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After getting many BV & UTU infections from sex my doctor advised that I use a betadine peroxide douche after sex. This has saved me, I'm sure, for many years. Once I was at a hotel and didn't have any betadine with me so I showered off and then went to the pool. I think the chlorine would have the same bacterial cleaning properties of betadine. It seems to have infection! The betadine has always worked at times when I think a BV is coming on and if you douched quickly you may be able to prevent it. On another not one time my doctor gave me an estrogen patch to help prevent infections because I was going through a high level of stress.


So I have been suffering from BV for a few years now and have tried many different cures- antibiotics, colloidal silver soaked tampons, Bee propolis capsules inserted inside the vagina, garlic, garlic pills, acidophilus, BUT DRUM ROLLLL ------- I found the best product EVER. VH Essentials BV Treatment!!!! The box includes 6 vaginal inserts and plastic applicators. This is a 6 day treatment, however I find relief on the first day immediately after inserting the pill. BV really has negatively affected my personal life in the past. Another symptom BV has caused is decreased wetness, but my vagina's pH is back to normal, the wetness is back better than ever, & I even squirted for the first time ever. My bf said 'wow I never felt that before.' I mean this only happened once.. but I attribute it partially to VH Essentials getting my vagina healthy again. It cures me for about a month and then after my period is usually tries to rear its ugly head again. But throughout the month, even with unprotected sex every day/ every other day, I don't experience any BV. The treatment costs about $30 but it's an easy quick cure. I feel that it's 100% worth it.


I've suffered with chronic yeast and bacterial infection for about 2 years, if I don't have both at the same time; I always have one or the other. Like many of you I've tried all prescription meds with no results. However, after doing some research, for the yeast, I read great reviews and tried Yeast- Cleanse by Solaray, it worked AMAZINGLY! It made the yeast infection go away with in days, and it has been 2 months and I've had no problems with it ( I also did change my diet, I don’t eat bread, pasta, rice, don’t drink soda, juices, because the yeast feeds on these kinds of foods). Now, the bacterial is still there and I recently started doing the Hp douche and adding 2 acidophilus pills to my daily dose of yeast-cleanse pills as well as a folic-acid pill at night after I douche with Hp. I also insert a Folic Acid pill with my finger ( not the ones with the plastic coating) down there at night. I've been doing the last treatment for only 2 days and that awful, disgusting smell has gone away!!!! I will continue to douche at night with the Hp for another week and I will probably just take the pills forever as a part of my diet to keep it from coming back. Hopefully this will get rid of the bv because like you all already know, is embarrassing, sad and frustrating and has really been a problem in my personal life. I will post an update in about 1 week. Good luck finding a cure that works for you!

Tamra - Texas

PEOPLE LISTEN TO ME!! I have truly found a miracle cure. I've suffered with bv for at least 7 yrs I'm 29 now so many prescriptions flagyl, metro gel, metrodinozle (or however u spell it) and it just KEPT COMING BACK and I mean in like 1 week or 1 sexual encounter and BAM, TUNA CASSEROLE IS BACK! I tried everything yogurt in my cootch, acv tampons, peroxide, lactobacillus, acidophilus, acv tablets, folic acid, raw garlic, garlic tablets, abstinence, and list goes on & on NOTHING WORKED some helped but nothing worked UNTILLLLL I found Wobenzym-N well I can't give wobenzym-n total credit I went I the dr got antibiotics (again) took them immediately after I was done my period came a couple days later after it left and I had sex with my bf I cud tell it was abt to rear it's hideous head fortunately I had already read abt wobenzym-n and had them ordered and on ther way. When u google them it says nothing abt bv or any references as a home remedy for bv but they worked!! U must take just as te bottle says 3 on a empty stomach twice a day I do that and I take 1 milk thistle and 1 red raspberry leave capsule and I have had no smell for weeks even after unprotected sex with my bf they have truly healed me from the inside out 🙌🙏. I hope someone else benefits like have and I'm not even a blogger but I had to rave abt this product. The cheapest u will find is on eBay I couldn't find them at any vitamin shop in my area. GOODLUCK leave feedback pls and ill answer any questions y'all have.


ANYONE WITH BV PLEASE READ THIS: I'm ready to shout from the hilltops!!!! I've had BV for about 4 years now, a very chronic case. Tried all the antibiotics and creams from the Drs. They worked but after I had my period it would come back. The smell was ridiculous. If I was standing in line at the store I could smell it!!!! I was surfing the net and found this home remedy . I brought boric acid from the pharmacy. The bottle says 100% but it was in the isle with peroxide, tea tree oil, etc. It says not for internal use, but I brought it anyway. I also bought folic acid tablets 400 Mgs, size 0 empty gel capsules and fem dolphilus. I got the probiotic ( which was refrigerated) and the gel capsules from the Vitamin Shoppe. When I got home I made up the capsules inserted one using a tampon applicator, took 2 folic acid pills and one fem dolphilus. I woke up the next morning no smell no discharge!!! I actually cried!!! For years I was spending money on antibiotics and they were not really working, I spent about $30 and have been cured in one day. It's been 3 days since I started and plan on using the capsules once a day for a week then stop but will continue with the folic acid and probiotic. I will update again after my period. Please try this I know how embarrassing and frustrating BV can be, but I think I've finally found a cure!!!!

40 year old virgin to-be

This is my 5th year of having BV. I first got it when i was 14/15 randomly one day at school & smelt fishy all of a sudden. I told my mum constantly and she didnt believe me, saying it was just thrush.
Last year (4 years on) i finally decided to go to the doctors by myself, i've had some antibiotics- had a few repeats of taking tablets, but recently used a cream that i vaginally inserted, this lasted me about 2 months (first 2 months i've actually been happy in during the past 5 years). I find that my period smells too, which is really off putting. I've tried taking acidophilus pills( bit of an effect at first along with Vit D tablets), tried the vitamin c pill insertion but wasnt as effective, also the apple cider vinegar bath which only lasted the night. Drinking alcohol makes it smell worse & it's so embarrassing. I've just turned 20 this year & haven't done anything sexual with a boy, nor do i plan to with this horrible infection, which is a really sad thought. I can't even go to the gym b/c i smell when i run or do aerobic exercise. I wear a liner everyday and am so paranoid. It is honestly ruining my life and is extremely depressing thinking i'm going to have to live with this for the rest of my life. I should be having the time of my life, not worrying about smelling every second of the day. Sorry for the long story but i just want people to know they aren't the only one. Hopefully one day i can live without smelling like fish, to be happy & not worry. Ps. i'm going to try the hydrogen peroxide remedy. Really appreciate these treatments & glad i''m not the only one suffering.


Good morning. I am a Woman of 31 years and for the last five years I had a really bad case of bv I tried everything I found antibiotics made it more severe. So I started years and years of studying and trying this and that and I found Acidophilus and for the last two months I have not smelt that shameful smell of a dieing fish Inside my vagina. I will post again in a few months but so far for the first time in 5 years I am smell free :)))


I had been having recurrent BV infections for a little over a year. I tried the hydrogen peroxide and that didn't seem to work very well. I also tried plain yogurt and that didn't work well either. I read somewhere online that the vagina should not be washed with soap, just plain, warm water. I started to skip the soap. At the same time I took probiotic tabs and did a 5 day regiment of inserting q-tips soaked in t-tree oil 2 times per day. I am happy to say that i have not been experiencing BV symptoms for about 3 months now. I stopped taking the probiotics about a month and a half in and have not done any t-tree treatments since. Boy, was i happy today when i saw the doc and she confirmed that I am indeed BV free. Seems the key ingredient was the skipping of the soap for me. Hope this helps someone else, because it was extremely distressing for me.


I have been reading different remedies for a while now and I have finally found a solution that has been helping. It's so great to know that I'm not alone with this horrible thing! I'm only 19 and i have not felt normal down there for almost 10 months. It's taken a tole on my relationship and self esteem.

But anyways, I wanted to share what has been working for me. I have been taking a vitamin c (500mg), a vitamin D (2000iu), and two garlic pills in the morning. Usually sometime throughout the day, I drink about a tablespoon of apple cidar vinegar with some water. And at nighttime, i take two more garlic pills, along with a folic acid pill.

I have been doing this for about a week and have seen improvement. Not as much gross discharge for sure! I'm just hoping with time and a healthy diet, this will eventually be my cure and I hope it can help some of the women suffering with this just like me!


Hi! I've had BV for a very long time and I didn't even know that I have one because I didn't know the 'normal' smell down there. I thought the smell of my vajay is normal until I had UTI. I was prescribed antibiotics and I was surprised because the odor disappeared after the medication. After many years, the smell became different again and I knew it isn't normal. I searched the internet for remedies and I finally got the one that worked for me! so here it is for you ladies!

I used Hydrogen Peroxide 3% solution. I stopped using my feminine wash and change to a diluted Peroxide. Dilute 5ml Peroxide to 10ml of water and wash use it to wash your V. I used it 3x a day. Just 2 days and the smell went away! It was amazing! I also tried dipping a tampon to the diluted solution and inserted it overnight. I hope this works for you too. This is great because I didn't have to go to the doctor and have antibiotics again. Its all natural and cost effective!

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