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Hey ladies! This pasted Thursday I was diagnosed with an yeast infection and BV. I started to take the flagil till I fund this log and saw all the different kinds of remedies available. I tried the folic acid Thursday night and the next morning I notice that the smell was 10 times less. I tried the yogurt last night and this morning I noticed that the smell is gone(including the discharge) I don't want to take the flagil. I am sick and tired of taking antibiotics, they usually destroy my stomach.

Joanna Garcia

I have had Reocurring Bacterial Vaginosis for 11 years now but when it hits I use this remedy that works wonders for me all you do is put a clove of garlic through a garlic press put it in the smallest jar you have at home that resembles the size of olay anti aging face cream container add hot tap water close the jar and shake then you take one of those baby medicine syringe like tool fill it with the garlic water we will call it insert it into vagina 2x daily for 3 days or until gone then voila!


Hey! I have been suffering with BV for a little over a year now. Just as everyone else, the antibiotics didn't work. So, let me tell you wheat I'v tried to get rid of my BV. The best treatment I have found thus far is Rephresh 3 day treatment. It comes with a medicated squeeze bottle and gel and it cures it til I get my period. Another good treatment is the 6 day Homeopathic inserts by VH Essentials. From the first insert all the symptoms are gone. It also has worked til my period. While trying these different things I have been taking Acidophilus,Vitamin D3, Folic Acid, and Cranberry pills. I had a lot of cramping before I got on all the vitamins, and I stayed dry down there because of the other treatments. Taking these vitamins I feel a lot better, and besides the smell after my period, I stay normal. I just wish I could find the cure that keeps it gone completely. I want to give up, but clearly you can't just leave it alone.


I suffered from recurrent BV for 1 full year 3 years ago. I literally had it every month & as soon as it went away, I'd get my period and it would come back. I have literally tried every remedy out there - this is the ONLY thing that has ever worked for me. This cured me of BV for 2 years. I recently had a new partner & it returned - I followed this regimen for 2 days and it is literally completely gone.

Everything can be bought at Whole Foods (I'm sure other places & online as well!)

At night, use tea tree oil suppositories. Tea tree oil is a great antibacterial & they take care of the smell right away.

When you wake up, open a capsule of a very high potency probiotic (I used Ultimate Flora Probiotic - Women's Complete. It is 90 billion & must be refrigerated) Place the powder on your fingers and put it up your vagina as far as you can. It's a little uncomfortable at first but quickly goes away & is absorbed into your body.

I also took 2 of the probiotics on an empty stomach, a ton of Vitamin D & Folic Acid. FYI - if you are taking a probiotic that is not refrigerated it's not working. They are active live cultures that have a short shelf life & are best in powder or released capsule form.

I also tried to eat as healthy as I could - drank a lot of vegetable juices and no processed food or sugar. I also didn't drink any alcohol.

I did this for 2 days and I can literally say it's gone. It is sooo much more effective than any gel or antibiotic you'll be prescribed. BV is caused by an imbalance of good/bad bacteria. The probiotic is literally replenishing the good bacteria instead of wiping everything away.

Good luck!!! I really encourage any one who is suffering to try this.


Good Morning,
I too like a lot of young woman have suffered from Bacterial Vaginosis. I never used to get them when I was younger but now that I've had a child and I'm in my early 30's I seem to get them more so after I've had sex with my boyfriend or after I've had my period. I think a lot has to do with the fact that his semen may just have a higher ph balance of some sort and it messes up the ph balance in me. But I tend to get them reoccuring and it's very uncomfortable and a more annoying than anything. The first time I got one I of course like the rest of you went to the doctor to get treatment. Then I realized I could use over the counter remedies. But I didn't want to keep taking medicine for these or over the counter drugs so I did research. Taking 400mg of FOLIC ACID DAILY combined with a PROBIOTIC and a VITAMIN D pill made it go away. I first started taking Folic Acid and no kidding by the next day the symptoms were less, and after 3days it was gone. Also I've noticed if I seem to be getting one or feel like I'm going too I up the folic acid by one tablet but I insert it. I know it sounds silly, but the absorbtion of the folic acid right were it needs to be gets absorbed quickly and helps cut that BV down before it starts.
I promise you FOLIC ACID works. No more going to the doctors for pills or creams or jells. Or having to go to the local store to get over the counter pills. Just taking folic acid daily is the cure.
I hope this helps and helps you all with this issue. Sometimes being a female isn't so pleaseant but there are ways to make it more enjoyable:)


I have finally found my cure for this horrible bacterial vaginosis I've been suffering from for 6 mos. I've tried every remedy I could find on the internet and nothing seem to work. I found this one site FINALLY. YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE IT BUT IT WORKED!!! This what it said:

1. Douche with half water & half contact eye solution For 2 Days.(The contact solution has boric acid In It Which Help Balance the vagina pH)

2. Take Cranberry Pills.(3 a day)

3. Drink At least 2 Cups Of Water & Cranberry Juice For 2 days.(Drink The No Sugar Added Cranberry)

4. Take One Vitamin C Tablet

In two days my BV has finally left and now I can enjoy life again without the embarrassing odor. Whatever You do continue taking the cranberry pills everyday also the vitamin C pill & DRINK LOTS OF WATER. Hope This Work For You Guys.



Just like a lot of people, I experience BV usually after my boyfriend cums in me a this throws off the pH balance of the vagina. Before, I used to go to the doctors and they would prescribe an antifungal, but it would always come back and was so very frustrating!

the first time after it came back after I decided no more antifungal. All I had to do was use an antiseptic soap (my preference: black soap) while washing and also by soaking a tampon in the black soap liquid (you can buy liquid black soap, but i just would use water and my hand to get a sort of liquid concoction) each time I replaced it. I believe I did this for 1 or 2 days and it was gone!

the second time and the most recent time (hopefully the last time!) after it came back. I was really frustrated. I started off soaking my tampon in tea tree oil alone (did not work), then I mixed tea tree oil, black soap liquid, and hydrogen peroxide (h2o2) and those methods did not work either, in fact, i think the combo burned a little bit of my outer labia lol as it was SUPER potent and painful - that's when i found this website in my frustrations.

after reading a few, I saw a lot of repetition of success regarding the follow: garlic/garlic pills, folic acid, and vit D3. I went to the store in hesitation as i take a daily multivitamin that has these vitamins. So, that day i took 2 garlic pills and 1 of each. I also washed with hydrogen peroxide and water in the shower. at night, i had sex (you know boys) and he came in me again, but this time i made sure to PEE immediately after as well as use a cotton ball and tea tree oil to swipe down there.

today is the next morning, i check very religiously with a small mirror, and there is nothing there! inside or out! i think the pills and the preventative care did the trick!

oh! and i was concerned about the vit d3 bc i'm on birth control pills and last time i took the calc+vit d3 my heart was throbbing and i'm a young athletic girl (22 yrs). but i was fine this time as it was JUST vit d3.

i really wanted to isolate the vitamins weekly and see which one TRuLY worked, but AINT NOBODY GOT TIME FOR THAT! lol so if someone does that would be great and interesting to see which it is!

I'll probably continue this regimen for 5 - 7 days. and continue the preventative care (peeing, swiping with tea tree and maybe a garlic pill or 2) each time after sex.

i hope this helps someone out there!!

IN SUMMATION: GARLIC PILL, FOLIC ACID, VIT D3 DO WORK!! among other preventative care!


Hi guys,

In July I submitted a remedy that I have discovered for BV. I had been struggling with the infection for a while and after trips to the doctor I didn't feel good about continuing with antibiotics every time it came back (particularly after sex). I recommended Balance Activ vaginal pessaries and gel and after a few months of using the product I'm happy to report that I have been able to keep the BV at bay. Whenever I feel it starting to come back I use a pessary or the gel and the symptoms stop. I saw a comment to my initial submission on this site asking where you could get the product and it's sold in the UK but you can buy it on and I'm sure you could buy it elsewhere as well. Hopes this helps. And good luck to everyone!


So like everyone I too am a sufferer of chronic BV...its been going on for the last 8 years...5 of which I had the Mirena...I have a very sporadic sex life so after I take the Flagyl it would be months before I would have sex I did and I was prescribed yet another round of Flagyl...this time it didn't even work...I have tried the HP and that worked for awhile but not I came back up here to see what new info I could find....I came across the Vitamin D post...I tried it...and so far so good....well, let me back track...I'm also taking folic acid .garlic ...prenatal vitamin, Acidipholus, and echinacea....out of all of those, the only thing new that I'm taking is the Vitamin D and the to be honest I can't even say which one is helping, but I don't care! After the first night I has a significant decrease in day 3 the discharge was pretty much gone but there was still a slight I took an extra vitamin d tablet the next day....and I'm good as new...I decided not to douche or put anything up there...I feel clean and dry...I hope this helps somebody...its a lot of pills to take everyday...but to be BV free, its worth it...


Thank The Lord I found this website. I found my own remedy based on a combination of items I read. First, I purchased douche bottles-emptied the liquid. Poured 3% hydrogen peroxide halfway in the douche bottle. Filled the rest of the bottle with filtered water. Insert into vagina while showering. Take 2-800mg tablets of folic acid and 1 tablet of lactobacillus. This has worked for me and I feel much better. No more smell!! I have tried Flagyl numerous times, but it kept coming back.

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