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Ok ladies finally I vowed to do this once I found a cure. Just don't lose hope and never give up!! Well I just want to say BV is horrible and I wouldn't wish it on anybody. I literally been through hell and back with this infection. Well just to let you know... It is candida issue. That's why it keeps on coming back. We need to kill the root of the cause and try not to cover it up or mask it. That's what I've been doing for years is masking it! The first time I got if I was 19 years old. I was perscribed anti-biotics and it was gone! To return 3 years later with a vengeance! I tried the yougurt,apple cider, bv homepathic capsules.. Ect. The bv homeopathic pills tablets stopped working in me for some reason. I thought I was going to die.. I had lost all hope. Well here it's is... I bought ultimate flora for a probiotic (very very important) and also the pearls enzymes as well. I douched with my reusable douche hydrogen peroxide only no water... And took these new pills that was recommended to kill candida. I bought it at whole foods it's called 'kyolic garlic candida detox' these pills taste like pure garlic and has an after taste but I'm telling you in 2 days it was GONE!!!! Garlic is a fungus killer and candida is a yeast/fungus over growth. Please don't waste your time with perception drugs and doctors only mask the symptoms. There is a cure for everything on this earth we need to turn back to herbal medicine. :) it had been 3 weeks and no smell :) I only douched 3 times gave it 2 day breaks in between. Comment if you have questions.. Also you lady's that been struggling for years need to do a canids cleanse and diet akin with a herbal protocol.. Please see a naturepathic doctor.


I promised that once I was cured of this awful 'disease', that I would share my story...I had recurring bv and yeast for almost two years...I tried everything including antibiotics, the $30 otc inserts, every home remedy, you name it, but it always came back...I went to several doctors, and FINALLY!God sent me an Angel! I take orally and daily: folic acid, vitamin d3, a reg Wal-Mart probiotic, maca root drops in my water, all.just because I realized my hormones were completely thrown off when I started more bc!! anyhow so here is the good stuff! I finally had a doctor prescribe me with clindamycin inserts (3 day treatment) and diflucan (single tab 1 and done) after day 4,which was no meds at all, against my doctor's will I douched with hot water and peroxide....hallelujah amen! it has been weeks, and im fresh and clean and feel like a woman again, never stopped taking my vitamins, but the douche days and the struggle are over!!good luck and God bless! good bye yeast and bv!!hello life!


Nothing worked until I tried organic extra virgin coconut oil. The tampon method doesn't work. I read a lot about soaking a tampon in yogurt, apple cider vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and even the coconut oil. Nothing with the tampon even the dutching with these things worked. Believe me I tried them all.

The only way I was able to get the coconut oil to work was to freeze small portions of the coconut oil and insert them using a tampon (you know where). I didn't leave the tampon on I just used it to insert the frozen coconut oil. After just 2 tries the awful smell and discharge was gone.

I suffered with bv for months before doing this method so I still do it every once in a while in fear that it will return. I know it sounds weird and uncomfortable I thought the same thing when I first heard of it but when your desperate you'll try anything.


ok I have tried most of these and no insurance to go to the doctor and nothing worked. I decided that to treat any other bacterial infection you use antibiotic ointment right? 4 days of rubbing triple antibiotic ointment inside and no more smell or color. I know it says external use only but I feel amazing. after intercourse I just rub some around just to make sure and so far it's great. hope this helps someone.


I'm 18 & have BV since July..the odor it produced was so HORRIBLE, I was to stop having sex with my boyfriend for 4/5months & it ruined all my expensive $40 underwear....

what worked for me was drinking A LOT of water, Kegel exercises, changing my vaginal soap to something more refreshing & sensitive, eating clean, & having more protective sex with my boyfriend


Ok been dealing with BV for the 10 months now. Seen the doctor system returned.Read some of the post. Going to to try BV Essentials and drink plenty of water and cranberry juice. For the irritation going to use some diaper rash cream. Will check back in month.


Well I have to say this has been a battle for me as well. After myriad visits to the doctor, wasting hundreds of dollars, being self conscious about sex with my husband ... I decided to try the peroxide douche with two probiotc tablets for 3 days and then use of manually inserting plain yogurt. The pain is subsiding as well as the smell. I hope this helps someone!


I have suffered with BV since 2011 after battling with chronic yeast infections. I don't know what happened but all of a sudden I stopped getting yeast infections and just had this horrible discharge and odour but not the same cottage cheese stuff. I felt so gross! Anyway, after trying the candida diet and flagyl and nothing worked..I saw on here a remedy using vitamin d3. Worked for 3 days which was nice. Then, I tried douching with apple cider vinegar, worked for a couple of hours usually. So then I saw another thing where people were using probiotic AND douching with ACV. Bingo! I'm single and whenever I do not have any intercourse my symptoms seems to diminish after a couple menstrual cycles. I recently had sex and felt the same familiar symptoms of it: burning, pasty white discharge, odour. So the next morning I:

1) douched with ACV

2) took a probiotic (the refrigerated kind with 7.5 billion CFUs of bifido bacterium and 7.5 billion CFUs of lactobaccilus acidophilus)

3)10 000 IU of vitamin D3

I also take b complex vitamins and an extra 1000 mcg of biotin (which i read on the internet controls yeast infections?) I don't know if that has anything to do with it though.

Its been 4 days and I have absolutely no symptoms at all. I guess its kind of early so all factors can't be accounted for, like having sex again, or right before or after your period but I'm remaining optimistic! The probiotic is really the only thing you have to splurge on everything else is pretty cheap, so try it!


I'm only 17 and I suffered from this as well. It left an unpleasant odor, that people around me could've smelled as well as it tainted my clothes with its toxic smell.

I googled around, and this is what I found that actually worked for me.

I took cranberry pills, 2.. 3 times a day and washed that down with cranberry juice, I as well drank lots of water, and stuck chopped garlic slices up there for a little. It burned a little but nothing serious. I washed off with warm water, woke up the next night and walaaa NO SMELL. I had discharge, but it was clear and smell free.


BV MUST READ. Hi my name is Jessica. I live close to Mexico and when I say close I mean the border is 10min away I went to see a doctor that was recommend to me in mexico. Had bv for 3yrs nothing got rid of it but after seeing him he gave me a prescription to a medication called femiprim. It was a six day tablet of absorbic acid that is inserted into your vagina. It WAS A MIRACLE. TOTALLY TOOK IT AWAY. Now I've been buying this mediation on a off since my vagina goes out of wack sometimes but I insert a tablet at the first synthoms of bv and it cleans me out like magic every time. Things are getting crazy in Mexico so I took the time to find an alternative.. CVS sells 250mg vitamin c tablets which is ascorbic acid. Same ingredient and amount in my tables for a fourth of the price of femiprim. I instert one as needed and it works just as great!

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