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I am twenty one years old, and after having discharge and a foul odor I assumed it was just another yeast infection I also treated myself for that but my symptoms never went away. And no I did not go to the doctor and get tested, I started doing research online trying to figure out what was wrong with me and how I got this nightmare called bacterial vaginosis. Nothing added up, I didn't have a new sex partner and I've been with the same guy for a year. So then I started questioning has he only been with me... Of course so I knew that wasn't the case so I continued to look into it, and I found out that the ph in semen (7.35-7.50) is higher than our ph (3.5-4.5) And me and my boyfriend had unprotected sex, so after the frustration it all begin to make sense. I first tried the 'natural remedies' I had read online, I tried the apple cider vinegar in the bath, the tea tree oil, the hydrogen peroxide and water, which all led to masking the odor for a short period of time and no discharge for a short period of time also.. Eating yogurt, drinking a lot of water, taking folic acid and acidophilus, and probiotics, even the vitamins for bacterial vaginosis. This went on for three months. I just want to say that didn't work ladies!! Not for me anyways, I was nervous but I finally breakdown and got VH essentials homeopathic BV vaginal inserts (6pack), it was $19.99 at Walmart. You use it preferably at bedtime, and I would recommend wearing a panty liner or pad to bed, because you will have discharge and a odor from the insertion. I also use the vagisil ph balance wash. And everything is back to normal all in the matter of a week, couldn't be happier. I hope this helps you ladies out.


I pray this helps someone....hello ladies I am a 29 yr old mf and I have been battling BV for years but I think after trial and error and 100s of dollars I've found something so simple and affordable that has worked wonders for me. After research and prayer this simple herb has stopped the itching burning irritation and yes that awful smell. I'm not a doctor but I'm not stupid either I can put two and two together, I believe BV to be an immune problem and your whoo whoo is letting you know that your immune system is weak. I say this because, well here it is, garlic is my weapon against this awful disease. And it is said that garlic has antibacterial and immunity properties I've been ingesting two or three cloves a day, please do not take it whole it will cut your throat trust me, I started cuting it up and putting it in yogurt but now I just chew the cloves with some juice to mask the taste and burn. I've been doing this everyday for the past week and a half and ladies no burn no smell but the itch still lingers but I've notice that each day it gets weaker. For years I've hated garlic the smell the taste never wanted anything with it on it, now it has proven to be my best friend. Again I pray this works for someone else. And also lemon and water together or seperate as long as it gets in your body to detox, got to flush it out too. Be blessed!


There's some really great advice on this site. There are also a few points I think maybe should be clarified.
1- Wearing a panty liner everyday will prevent natural air flow which may make your problem worse. Cotton underwear and loosely fitting clothing can help.
2- Remember that there is a balance of 'good bacteria and 'bad' bacteria in your vagina. If you are douching, it may kill all of the natural flora. This appears to 'fix' the bv but it is a very temporary thing- and will make matters worse as the 'bad' bacteria are incredibly resilient. They will come back faster than the positive elements necessary in your vagina to keep them in check. Basically, if you are douching, you will be creating an environment ripe for bv to flourish- UNLESS you replace the 'good' bacterium immediately. Which can be done using plain yogurt or you can empty probiotic capsules into the plain yogurt and insert this into your vagina after douching (not on a tampon- which is a foreign object). Theoretically this will create an army of good bacteria to keep the nasty ones at bay.
3- Soaps, body washes, perfumes, and powders all mess with your vagina's NATURAL state- leading to more alterations of that natural state- ie. BV, yeast infections etc.
4- Try to hold off on inserting random things experimentally into your vagina- they will only exacerbate this issue. This includes tampons soaked in anything. Tampons are NOT good for you.
5- If you are able to visit a naturopath they will know the best natural interventions and collaboratively you can create a treatment plan that is feasible for you.


I am 32 years old and have been dealing with this problem off and on for the past 7 years. It is a horrible feeling to always be self conscious about the odor and discharge and having it interfer with any chances of having a normal sex life. The antibiotics will get rid of it and then a week later the symptoms will be back. I am so happy that I found this site and it was reassuring to know that I'm not the only one with this problem. I am so grateful that so many women were willing to share their experiences. After reading all the posts I decided to try douching with half hydrogen peroxide and half distiller water. I also bought acidophilus and folic acid. After douching only once I inserted one acidophilus tablet in my vagina and took another one along with the folic acid orally. The next morning the discharge and odor were completely gone. I am thrilled!! I thought I'd be dealing with this problem forever. I'm going to continue to take both the acidophilus and folic acid daily to hopefully prevent ever having this problem again! I hope this helps someone...,good luck!!


From an experienced consultant gynaecologist.
I am a medical student and i sat in so many clinics and saw many patients with this problem, where antibiotics only cures it temporarily, and it all just comes back. What he tells his patients is:

1) Buy a tub of greek yogurt. (original flavoured)- LOL flavoured ones are just weird to use haha!
2) Dip a tampon into the yogurt
3) insert yogurt covered tampon into the vagina for few hours.
4) wash well. Repeat if necessary.

The theory behind this is yogurt has plenty of lactobacillus. Bacteria Vaginosis is caused by lack of this good bacteria, and other annoying bacteria takes over to produce the smell.

Try this and let me know how it goes. I hope it helps! =)


Omg bv has got to be theee worst thing ever for a female..who the EFF would want there female parts to smell soo is a very emberassing topic to discuss with anyone even your doctor and it has nothing to do with your hygeine because I wash up everyday and still smell nasty...anyways my bv all started after I had my first and only daughter she is almost 2 now I was 20 when I had her now im 22 still battling this shameful bv shit excuse my language,when I first start getting these symptoms I had no idea what this nasty discharge was I just thought hot showers and soap would take care of this problem as they did before when my vajaja was normal boy did I think wrong I had no idea that my girl parts could be so irritating and emberassing...anyways to make a long story short me and this guy have been dating for almost 2 years and its been a ongoing issue but he must really like me because he still wants go be around me even though I have this situation going on, just last week when we where having sex I had to tell him I felt so uncomfortable doing it because that smell was even a turn off for me I had to explain to him what was going on with my vag, he took it well and was very understanding he told me we can wait until we have sex again until I get this problem fixed...but I feel like im losing him also because were not having sex its only been about a week since we did it but I feel like he is distancing his self from me...and to be honest what guy is gonna wanna be with a girl that he is not having sex with it seems to me like he would just go find another girl to have sex with and that hurt me the most I dont wanna lose him...anyways im currently taking tons of pills folic acid,boric acid, acidophilus capsules, I recently just purchased some extra virgin organic coconut this seems to be helping with the smell...lord knows I love for my body to be clean I remember them days guys would tell me I had no smell on my pussy but water I just wish my old vaginal would come back, when I could have sex and and just enjoy every second of it...ladies wish me luck on finding a permanent remedy:) god bless all you brave and beautiful ladies with sharing your stories.


I have been reading all the posts here . I too am dealing with this . I went to gyn and had the antibiotics and it went away .. then its back .. so I am currently taking RX folic acid 1mg , a probiotic, garlic gels, vit D, Vit C, biotin, a multi vitamin, and fish oil ... It will not go away and I am so upset about it ... :(


I also struggled with BV for almost a year, trying oral & topical antibiotics with only short-term success. Since I had a hysterectomy several years ago and the risk of pelvic inflammation was limited, I used a medicated douche containing iodine once. I also started taking 10 tablets a day of a homeopathic cell salt compound, Luyties Vaginal - Tissue N and have been symptom-free for 6 months! It's available online. I hope this helps some of you. I am so thankful for the relief from this irritating condition!

Desperate 23 Year Old!

Please help! I feel like I've tried everything... I have been to the doctor on numerous occasions and it always comes back as BV. Conventional meds were of no help. I've had this for probably years and never realized it was abnormal because I never knew normal.
But lately my problem is beyond bad. I have air constantly escaping my vagina and the smell is so bad I can't even describe it. I have to change my pants probably 3 times a day, and my friends at the gym are like wow you smell...if only they knew where it was coming from =( Needless to say, it's ruining my life! Cleanliness is certainly not the issue either. So I tried using a Hydrogen peroxide douche, take prenatal vitamin (since it has extra folic acid), vit D3, cranberry pills, and super strength probiotics. The hydrogren peroxide douches work immediately. I'll be smell and air free for as long as I use them. But about a day and a half after I think I'm ok to stop with them, the smell and air return, but worse each time. I've tried garlic inserts, lactobacillus acidophilus inserts, and nothing has helped me. If anyone could help me out once and for all, I'd owe them my life.

Mary White Janosh

If you have no stds or other ailments, but have a ph imbalance producing a smell, try this:

So, FYI, I should get paid for enlightening the world with my brain.
I have been struggling with this PH stuff for like two years now. Going from one prescribed antibiotic to another, killing off all normal bacterial activity and abnormal, creating no less than a super clean breeding ground, to only be sent back to the dr for more antibiotics..over and over again thru the 'sickcare' system.
Through my own frustration and failure to depend on a system that wasn't working, i started investigating myself..
I finally have figured it out!!
PH stands for, percentage of hydrogen...
Stating in essence that given enough oxygen through means of the hydrogen vehicle, i could produce a nursery for good bacteria instead of bad.
Through 1/3 hydrogen peroxide douches (which the drs and gynos scoff at), yogurt every day and a heavy vitamin regimen, I have finally found the answer!!
I did however return to them for their patented swab test to confirm, but I have won the battle!! My PH is finally fixed..

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