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I was enjoying my sex life 4 years ago. There was no problem with the smell of my Vee. I didn't hear any complain from my ex.Problem started 2010. A fresh-like and clean-like smell suddenly turned into fishy fouling smell.There I started to hear complain from my ex everytime we were having contact. I cosume too much salty foods and I know I have UTI but I really hate going to doctors or clinic.I also drink alcohol very often and am also a chain smoker things that trigger of the unwanted smell of my Vee.I was so paranoid that I might had an STD so I made some reasearch and I found out the reason why,its because I had BV and UTI so I drank yoghurt since it's hard to find some plain yoghurt to be eaten.Year 2011 my friends invited me to go to a Japanese Spa 'onsen'. We soak our body in a hot bath. I was amazingly surprised when my ex and I had contacts no more foul smell.And it last for almost 7 months.Unfortunately last year the curse came back and it ruined my life. Me, myself couldn't even handle the smell. I had a new boyfriend and he didn't complain when we were having sex maybe he would rather choose to zip his mouth than to offend me.So I'm still enjoying it. Until I have decided to make some research again regarding how to get rid of this unpleasant smell.I read different articles for a couple of week until I found this forum that suggests different remedy for BV.

This one had really worked for me in just one time application. And its cheap.

I did buy 3% solution hydrogen peroxide and diluted it in water into equal part. I bought a syringe and used it for the solution. I inserted the syringe into my my vagina (douche). The next day I woke up, less discharge and almost odor-free intimate.

Just don't give up...for every problem there's always been a solution... so good luck girls!

I'm so happy! Thanks for this page. You brought back my self-esteem.

have a remedy!

Hi ladies, I developped BV about 4 months ago, and each time I went to the doctors and got an antibotic and each time it came back within a few weeks. My bf was getting really mad b/c he thought I was cheating and I was having such a hard time trying to defend myself while feeling so gross with myself. Obviously there are many ways it's caused - thats not why I'm posting. Usually I don't post on websites, like ever, but I'm hoping my remedy will help someone like me nd I haven't seen it mentioned here yet. I read this trend about a week ago, I saw that folic acid and acidophilus helped a few women in treatment so I tried them out. I tried orally and inserting one of each 'down there', i tried this for about a week to no avail. Finally my bf told me about a n herbal treatment (he is a naturalist) and he told me about an herb called goldenseal. He told me to buy it in a bulk powder, however I couldn't find it anywhere so I bought capsules at my local heathfood store (there are only 1 or two brands that carry goldseal capsules so they might be hard to find but DEFINATELY worth it) It you cn find it in the bulk powder al the better, u make a tea with it. Anyways, I've been taking the capsules as the bottle says (2 capsules, 3 times a day.. i know its alot..) but i've been taking them for only 3 days and am actually symptom free. I have been desperate for so long and I finally found the remedy for myself at least... so i encourage you all to try it, seriously... i am so relieved and happy and tried the other probiotics and vitamins and this has been the only natural cure for me. Please give it a try I know I am thankfull I found out about it. :)


Hi, I'm 24 and I've had BV everyday for a little over a year now. I know how hard it is and how embarrassing it feels, especially after sex!

I've tried home remedies that I've found online like taking a vinegar bath, tea tree oil bath, epsom salt bath, probiotic yogurts, and I even tried an antibiotic prescribed from my gyno. They all didn't work.

Last week, I was walking through my local natural food store and passed through the tea aisle. This one tea caught my attention right away: YOGI: WOMAN'S ENERGY'. It claims it 'helps balance the female system'. If you read the back it says it does not treat or cure any diseases, but like to try natural things as opposed to taking medicine because they've worked great for me and my family in the past.

So I gave this tea a shot. First of all, it smells and tastes HORRIBLE! It's similar to the black liquid chinese herbal medicine, if you've had the pleasure of drinking that before. blech! I'm glad I didn't smell the box though, because I might have not bought it if I had! It makes me gag so I have to drink it while covering my nose.

I noticed the odor of my BV has gotten noticeably weaker and today, after sex, I did not smell it at all!

I got so excited that I ran to make some more of this tea! Then, I came here to share it with all of you that are in the same boat as me!

Everybody is different so it might not work for everybody, but I think you should all give it a shot. I was not very hopeful because of the message on the back, but I am SO glad that I bought this!

I am going to continue drinking this tea and see if my odor and discharge disappear for good. I still notice a very small amount of discharge and an odor that is seriously barely there. If it disappears for good, I will try to remember to come back and share my final results.

The tea contains the following herbs for anyone who is interested:
organic cinnamon bark
organic orange peel
organic ginger root
organic fennel seed
organic chamomile flower
organic dandelion root
organic anise seed
dong quai root extract
organic nettle leaf
juniper berry extract
organic orange peel oil
stevia leaf
organic black pepper


I am new to this horrible trouble down below, I never thought something so simple would smell so bad, it isn't even classed as a sexually transmitted infection either. I totally understand it is the worst thing ever , to smell so horrible, I went to the doctors and they gave me a large dosage of antibiotics for 1 day , I had to take three large tablets, I was relieved when it cleared the smell, but only to my horror the smell has returned , omg it is so horrible, I love my love making, it is only the worst thing ever to have this smell.
at the moment I am making sure I use the special female intimate wash, deodorant and talcompowder.
the only thing to do is carry it around in your handbag to use regularly and when making love really go to town on the wash, deodorant and talcompowder available at boots, superdrug.
As anyone tried using teatree oil in the bath or put a few drops inwater when washing?

there really must be something out there to cure this , does anyone know if it may be hormone related?


I just screamed to the top of my lungs 'omg' with laughs and giggles and joy because after spending hours reading all of your posts I found my own compilation of the CURE! After struggling with BV for one year and taking harsh anti-biotica I said no more!!! The antibiotics makes it worse for the long run because it kills your good and bad bacteria. So your body becomes resistant to the antibody... We need probiotics for the vagina to have the proper environment to keep itself clean. The vagina was meant to keep itself clean and with a few natural remedies we can cure BV. It less than 48 hours a significant improvement in smell, and taste, this is for the sake of your guys. So listen this is what you need to do ! I had to share !!!!!!!
Things you need !!!
- at CVS (cvs brand works perfectly works) buy the following items
-D3 2000iu vitamin capsules
-garlic odorless capsules 2000 mg
-folic acid 800mcg
-100% tea tree oil
-cvs brand regular douche, you will empty out
Contents later
-hydrogen peroxide 3%
And lastly the most important you need, it's a little expensive like 50 bucks but the key to your cure and better health in the downstairs area and better sex life...
- at whole foods or any health natural shop
Get ultimate flora for women 90 billion strands of propiotics. Please make sure to always keep these refrigerated because it is live cultures of probiotics. They need to be refrigerated at all times for it to work.

Instructions ... Take the 4 capsules in the morning and take another 4 before bed. I'm on day 3... I say after a week do it once a day till you feel your body has normalized it's ph balance.

On the first night. Empty out the douche and fill it up with half hydrogen peroxide and half filtered bottle water. Everyone say douching is bad. And it is!!! But it speeds up the process if you do it this one time. And since your taking tons of probiotics it will restore your balance quickly... This will flush out the bacterias ... The reason douching is bad is because you flush everything out but we don't but any nutrient back in. The probiotic will take care of it and this one is very potent, 90 billion strands.

At night take a tampon take tampon out. Dip the applicator in fage Greek yogurt plain, and insert applicator like if it was a tampon just do you can get some of that yogurt in . It has good bacterias... Any excess yogurt just rub on the top.

During the day , maybe one time or 2 times. Use a q-tip and dip in tree tea oil. And insert that for like 2 seconds and rub it around a little it serves at a antiseptic. That's it! Viola!!!!!

I'm being religious about my treatment and it's working. I check my smells and color with a q tip... In the morning get a clean q tip, pop it in, and it should be odorless and colorless. You girls should be seeing a change for sure within first 36-48 hours! I hope this helps... I have a new bf and he is the love of my life , the one, and this is such an embarrassing matter I've had to deal with , luckily he has been understanding!!!! But I'm happy to say I think I find the cure.

Other tips after hours of research. Bv is a ph imbalance! I took antibiotics many times it messes you up more later and your body is no longer capable to sustain itself naturally.
When you have sex do not leave come inside you. But also don't wash yourself with your fingers. Simply try to pee and sit in a squatting position in shower till it all falls out naturally... Then wash with a natural soap lightly ... Don't put your fingers inside to wash out. Your vagina has the capabilities to that on its own. Your can disturb your flora by doing that... Just make sure that most of it comes out as much as possible. Because another part of the problem could be that your partners semen ph level is different that a women's. So the mix can cause an alternation in natural environment. Men and women have different ph levels. Drink a lot of water with lemon to maintain natural alkaline levels in body and keep normal ph levels as well! Hopes this has helped but I followed everyone's advice on this page and made my own recipe for cure Nd it works..


I tried all the available remedies, some of which worked briefly, but symptoms ALWAYS returned. However, this remedy actually works to treat and prevent reoccurring bv. Order Boric Acid powder online (I got it on Amazon), but do NOT use Borax (its completely different). Also order '00' gel caps (also got them in amazon). They are empty capsules fur making vitamin supplements. Fill an empty capsule with the boric acid powder, insert in vagina before bed,


I've for years been a little self-conscious of vaginal odor, but recently, I suddenly had a terrible odor that arose that even my BF could detect by standing next to him! I'm now mortified to think who could detect it at work!

Anyway, it came on so suddenly but I had no other ailments, just a bad odor... no itching, burning, or weird looking discharge. I've had a UTI infection twice and this wasn't it.

To make matters worse, this was a week before my wedding and honeymoon.

Anyway, I was SO bummed out and stressed and I came across this forum as well as a few other helpful sites. And I am already feeling TONS of relief and my odor is gone! Here is what I did when I decided I needed to take immediate action:

I took in the morning 2 cranberry pills, 1 folic acid pill, 1 vitamin C pill, and a couple of drops of vitamin D on my tongue.

THEN, I took a 30 minute warm bath and inserted 12 drops of tea tree oil into my bath water. I purchased the tea tree oil at the Body Shop. Make sure there is NOTHING in the bath (like no bubble bath or other scented soaps), just warm water and tea tree oil.

After this bath, I immediately soaked the top half of a tampon in the tea tree oil and wore this for about 4 hours.
When I took it out, I took a makeup remover pad and used that to wipe the opening to my va jay jay with tea tree oil.

Last steps: I purchased the Ultimare Flora Vaginal Support probiotic supplement and took one pill 2 hours after I had eaten a meal. I then took one more folic acid pill that evening.

SUCCESS! By the time I went to BED that night after this one day regime, I felt FRESH! No more odor! It actually feels refreshing down there!!!!

I am still taking these pills daily and wiping myself with tea tree oil all over down there. The tea tree oil is the real kicker, it's what's going to really get your PH balance back in check. I've also been drinking more cranberry juice and water to stay better hydrated.

Note: I didn't realize how vital vaginal health is until BV snuck up on me so quickly. Now I am way more in tune with my down there. I realized my sudden strong odor could have occured from a variety of things the days leading up to it occurring.... my re-introduction of going to hot yoga and being SUPER sweaty wearing sweaty tight clothes, sex without a condom which I hadn't had in a while so that probably threw off my PH balance, NOT drinking enough water because I remember my urine being a DARK yellow, stress, and lately wearing panty liners to AVOID odor... but these cheap brand panty liners smelled themselves and I threw them out immediately. And you know what? I also think eating asparagus a day my odor came on, might have triggered it too...... they say it makes your pee smell and possibly your down there too.

Anyway, I feel fresher than I did even before the BV. Another trick is to ACT IMMEDIATELY. If you think you smell off, YOU DO and pick up your tea tree oil ASAP.

Note: I had purchased before my vitamin and tea tree oil regime, the pack of RepHresh vaginal gel inserts and they did NOTHING. Waste of money. I have also recently purchased online a natural pill called FEMANOL. I am still waiting to try it but I hear it's supposed to work wonders for BV and prevention. It will be easier to take then the cocktail of pills I am taking now. Will let you know how they are.


Hi my name is mikayla, I just recently have been noticing a more fishy smell coming for down there. I have no stds, no yeast infection, and I've had the same partner for the past 8 months, no burning, sometimes itching. I looked up my symptoms and thought I could have bv. I'm so embarrassed having intercourse because it's smells sometimes and I don't know what to do. I use vagisil wash but sometimes I feel like it smells worse when I use it. Are there any remedies that you think would help?


I was on birth control for two years when I was a teen, and had constant problems. When I finally went to a good woman's clinic they suggested that I stop the pill (which i did that day) and try yogurt or garlic. After failing to figure out how to get the yogurt up there, I used the garlic and was better in three days. I have only had a few short lived problems in the last 30 years.
Garlic- take strong thread, tie to small button, use needle to sew through large peeled clove of garlic, tie big knot and leave a tail for later retrieval. Replace daily for three days.
Yogurt (live unflavored) - dip tampon, insert.


Hi. My name is missy and i have had bv for 6 years. I have had it since i first got my period.i have always been bullied coz of it.i just started college and guss what i am lebled as the smelly girl. I have tried every thing including H2O2.nothing work.i am thinking of taking probiotics coz i have hurt my body eith all the antibiotic i took.any suggestions plz help befour i commite suside.

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