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Just wanted to thank every woman who has posted here - thanks to a combination of all of your ideas, I can tell that my BV is in remission.

I have only recently encountered BV. A few days after I had sex with a new partner, I noticed a foul smell and thin, watery discharge. Sometimes it would burn when I urinated but it was very rare. Due to the onset of these symptoms right after being intimate with a new partner, I thought I had an STD. I went to my OB/GYN who took a sample of my discharge and tested it. It was not an STD after all, but BV.

My doctor prescribed me metronidazole tablets that I took 2x a day for 7 days. This seemed to help, but as soon as I had sex again followed by my period, the odor and discharge came back.

I read that many of you had the same problem when taking antibiotics, so I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I have been trying to eat healthier, (I am not a health nut, vegetarian/vegan by any means- I appplaud you that are) but more importantly, I turned to home remedies.

I have never douched and didn't want to risk doing so, so here is what I have been doing for the past week:

Take these vitamins/supplements daily:
Centrum Women's 1 a Day (1x) - contains Vitamin C, D, folic acid
Garlic pills (I have been taking 1, some board members said they took 2)
Ultimate Flora Women's Care Probiotic (1x)

Drink lots of water and cranberry juice (not cocktail)

Take warm baths with 12 drops of tea tree oil (I have done this every other day)

Peel clove of garlic and slice small incisions into it to expose the juice- insert in vagina for at least 3 hours (hey, desperate times call for desperate measures...apparently garlic has magical healing powers). I have done this every other day.

Insert Fage plain yogurt in vagina at bedtime. (Some users said they soaked a tampon in yogurt, but my tampons smelled like they were scented so I didn't want to introduce a foreign object that might upset things...). Also done every other day-- the days that I do the garlic, I don't do the yogurt...they're alternating.

This is what I have been doing for the past 5 days and I can tell a huge difference. There are a few more things I read about being effective but have not tried yet...
- empty capsule of Ultimate Flora into vagina
- sit in a basin of very warm salt water for 10 minutes 4x a day (twice in the morning, twice at night, emptying basin between each trial)

Hope this helps! Thanks for the tips- together we can all conquer BV!!



Ready to FIght the Beast

I have struggled with BV for over a year now. From my experience, the physicians have no idea what to do. There are medications to take, but they take a great toll on your liver. And there is no guarantee. I am not interested in that route. I took it one time and it scared me. FIgured I'd rather be alive and healthy with an itchy crotch than wasting away with liver failure, feeling fresh. Needless to say, I remain confident someone will come up with the natural cure. I sure wish they'd hurry up though.

I can tell you this about my version. It is completely related to sugar intake. I can practically eradicate the stuff from my body. (though I can almost feel it patrolling....) And as soon as I eat my coveted chocolate chip cookie, things go awry. Mostly because I cannot eat just one. My sugar intake peaks. Next day...there comes tiny waft of...the dreaded smell.

I also get small sores either in my nose, mouth, or tiny little pimples on the outside of my nostrils. (when they're inside they are quite painful.)

This is all quite irritating to me, because I eat so incredibly healthy. I juice, I'm a veg, practically vegan, I eat lots of grains, veggies, seeds/nuts. I practice yoga regularly. The ONLY junk I eat is chocolate chip cookies. And when I eat them, I eat alot of them.

One thing I do (and this really helps) is to take 2 Jarrow probiotics EVERY SINGLE day. If a flare up (likely because I ran out), take throughout the day for at least 2 days and drink GoodBelly (yum!) as often as you can afford, at least once a day for 4 days.

Here are two cleansing/douching recipes I have tried successfully in the past (and continue to use). One I doctored from a previous post. I can't say either cures it but it certainly quells the tide and takes out the itch and the smell.

50/50 hydrogen peroxide/distilled h2o
1-2 drops tea tree oil (the less there is, the more powerful, really). TTO is antibacterial and antifungal. TTO is the safest and gentlest essential oil for the entire body and is one of the few eo's that can be put 'neat' on the skin, meaning doesn't need a carrier oil. No brainer.


distilled h20
1 tablespoon-1/4 cup-ish of Braggs Apple Cider Vinegar

Either recipe really feels like you cleaned house. You can get a good night's rest without that ridiculous discomfort. There is a concern about douching too much. I agree. However, for me, sometimes the only other option is a potato scrubber.
And I really don't want to do that.
In a pinch, Braggs on a cotton square tucked inside the labia. It's like a fire was lit, but for me I withstand it for a minute or so. Once removing the pad, and the sting subsides, the itch is gone. That may seem sadistic to some. But I much prefer pain over itch. especially if it is brief and works.

The first whiff I get, I get a sea sponge and douse with hydrogen peroxide. Squeeze out with a towel (trust me on this, your first sneeze will confirm this need). Add 1 drop TeaTree Oil. Insert for the day. It fights the beast, and keeps the discharge and smell at bay. At the end of your work day, remove. Rinse well with water .soak in white vinegar to disinfect. (you can get sponges on look for HolySponge)

What I am about to do now. Because I have grown tired of this and I am ready to fight the beast full on now.

I am going on a 5 day cleanse. All sugar will be removed from my diet (give me strength).

In addition, I recently read a post here about using Redmond Clay. Making a concoction and drinking it. I looked it up. It's very interesting, and ceratinly can't hurt. So while I cleanse, I will clay.

Wish me luck. Hope these recipes and suggestions help you with your beast.


Alright, I vowed to myself that once I find a way to get rid of BV I will share with the world!

I'm 22 and i've had BV for 7 months. To this day I am not sure how I got it. I spent a week at the beach and was in my swimsuit all day and all night, wet and dry. And I have a feeling that's what triggered it.
I spent tons and tons of money on products that I've 'heard' it worked so of course regardless of how much it cost I was determined for a cure.

I tried VH Essentials capsules and inserts, Hydrogen Peroxide, inserting probiotic capsules, changing underwear, using Summer's Eve, and a list of other things.

NOTHING WORKED! The smell would be gone for a day and it would come right back!

I did a lot of research on different vitamins, other peoples remedies and so I decided to combine a couple things and so far it's been a week and I haven't smelled any fishy smell! Even after sex!

I take all Nature's Bounty (which can be found at CVS!)-buy one get one free right now!
+Acidophilus Probiotic 1x
+Vitamin C (1000mg)2x
+Odorless Garlic Pill 2x
+Folic Acid (400mg)2pills 1x
+Cranberry Pills 2pills 2-3x

I am not sure if it's a combination of these pills that are working, or if it's specifically one. BUT they are all good for you so I just take them daily!

SO FAR SO GOOD! I had CHRONIC BV and I am telling you with everything that I have tried these vitamins are good for your body and it seems to be helping!
I hope that I have helped some of you ladies out there!


Restore your ph

Eliminate foods like diet sodas, soda, most milk products, red meats, eggs, corn, coffee, plums, and cranberries, white flour, sugar, prescription medications and artificial sweeteners

Take: magnesium, cod liver oil, Kelp & Hops Combination, Barley Grass, Probiotic Eleven, Caprylic Acid Combination and garlic, Bromelein (from pinneaple) and Papain (from Papaya)

80% alkaline-forming foods - examples include:
Lemons, watermelon, lentils, blackberries, raspberry, pineapple, strawberries, limes, grapefruit, mangoes, asparagus, onions, vegetable juices (excl tomato), broccoli, garlic, grapes, berries, apples, pears, almonds, radishes, yams, endives, beetroots, cabbage, dried figs, Alfalfa sprouts, spinach, swiss chard, Cucumber, Dandelion Greens, Kale, Wheatgrass, celery, lettuce, organic carrots, ginger, cantaloupe melon, bean sprouts, almonds, cashews, chestnuts, millet, quinoa, goats milk, apple cider vinegar, bananas, oranges, fresh ginger root, watermelon, avocados, mandarin oranges, tangerines, horse-radish root, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds, sweet potatoes, kiwi fruit, oats, wild rice, chestnuts, natural olives, green leafy vegetables, sea vegetables, sea salt, Cayenne Pepper, Celtic Sea Salt, Himalayan Sea Salt, natural still mineral water, umeboshi vinegar, Alkaline Water, Coconut Water, Fresh Vegetable Juice, Lemon Water, and Herbal Tea

20% acidic-forming foods (you should considerably limit your intake of these, small portions only), examples include:
Cranberries, prunes, peanuts, fried potatoes, beans, seeds, walnuts, meat, fish, dairy, nuts, eggs, tea, coffee, vegetable oils and fats, fried foods, sugar, refined/processed foods eg. White bread, rice and pasta, fizzy soft drinks, fizzy water, processed meats, processed pies, cakes and pastries, ALL alcohol, soy milk, most grains, tomatoes, carrots, couscous, lobster, mussels, shrimps, hazelnuts, soy beans, red wine vinegar, white vinegar yeast, tofu.

Cut the Sugar
Drink Water with Lemon
Drink magnetised filtered water and add Liquid Chlorophyll

First thing in the morning, BEFORE anything else, drink a cup of hot water and lemon continue drinking this throughout the day if you can.
Add a teaspoon of Bicarbonate of Soda or Baking Powder (bobs red mill) to a little water and drinking this each day will help too, so will adding some apple cider vinegar to water and drinking that throughout the day.

Enzymes are essential: Take 1-2 capsules of either Food Enzymes or Proactazyme Plus with every meal. For even better and quicker results, also take 1-2 capsules of High Potency Protease and Nature's Noni between meals on an empty stomach.
Easily absorbable magnesium is needed: Take 2 Magnesium Complex with each meal which provides highly absorbable magnesium to help build necessary buffers. Magnesium is often lost in urine as a consequence of too much acid in the body.
Alkaline minerals are essential: Take 1 ounce of either Ionic Minerals or Mineral Chi Tonic once daily.
Alkalize with Green Food: Take 1 teaspoon of Liquid Chlorophyll in water up to eight times daily.
Absorbable Calcium: If your urine is 5.8-7.2, take Calcium Plus Vitamin D and Magnesium (the amino acid chelated form, not the carbonate form) daily to support your bones. If pH is 5.0-6.5, use Sea Calcium (pH 10.)
If your pH is still too acidic, add the following:
Vitamin D3 helps hold calcium in the body. Taking NSP's Vitamin D3 and Omega 3 will help the body buffer acids. Take 1-2 of each daily.
Cleanse as needed: Take a psyllium hulls supplement such as Psyllium Hulls Combination or Psyllium Hulls Capsules at bedtime to maintain regular bowel movements. Use CleanStart or Chinese Tiao He Cleanse twice a year for liver, bowel and kidney detoxification.
Strengthen urinary and lymphatic systems' ability to excrete acids: Take Kidney Drainage and Lymphatic Drainage daily in water.


Hey Ladies ok me Blessed again I pray this will be my last post. After more research and trial and error, well all I can say is vitamin d.


I have been having BV symptoms for about a week but I got rid of it in a couple of days by using Aloe Vera juice! I buy aloe vera juice by the gallon so I just poured some in a water bottle and poured it on my outer labia while in the shower. Because my itch was only on the outside I did not have to douche with the juice, but I'm sure you can as long as it's just aloe vera. After that I put shea butter on my outer labia to combat any dryness that may be there and I have not been itching for two days. Maybe this will help someone! Good luck!


Hello ladies it's me again Blessed. So after my last post about using garlic which really helps with the inflammation and itching. I have also started taking cod liver oil for vitamin d. I have come to believe that our immune systems are the problem and our lady part is telling us. My proof is, I had a reoccurrence a few days ago because I used regular soap thinking that the soap really doesn't have anything to do with it, boy was I wrong. So after the first day of using regular soap I notice heavy discharge no smell, I thought it was just because I'm expecting my cycle. After a few more days and sexual inter course I noticed the smell and thought oh no. Ive been treating myself with vitamins and I increased my cod liver oil intake and I can honestly say I am headed back in the right direction. Vitamins I take, cranberry iron cod liver oil folic acid. I really noticed a difference when I started taking the cod liver oil and I bathe with summers eve regular scent ph balanced down there and I have never felt better. I have battled BV my entire life, i was born with jaundice and have been anemic all my life. I really believe it to be a weakened immune system ladies, I pray this helps you!:-)


Girls guess what, I'm cured!

I had BV for about a year and I had tried everything. Apple Cider, Hydrogen Peroxide, Tea Tree Oil, Greek Yogurt, Probiotics, Vitamin C, Liquid Chlorophyll, and everything else under the sun. The closest thing that helped was boric acid. It lessen the amount, smell, and thickness of the discharge. But it wasn't a permanent solution.

A while back someone posted on Sodium Bentonite Clay, and because of my desperate need for a cure I looked into it. Sodium Bentonite Clay has a strong negative electromagnetic charge, and when activated by water, it acts like a magnet in and on our bodies, pulling metals and toxins to it. It also has an affect on the body’s pH and provides the body with some vital minerals at the same time.

So I decided to take my chances and buy some. And within a week beautiful clear discharge has arrived. I used Redmond Clay which has a mixture of Sodium and Calcium Bentonite clay. I put a spoonful of the clay in a bottle of water (make sure to use a plastic spoon because the clay removes toxins like metal so once you use a metal spoon you already wasted the either product) and shake it up til most of the clay chunks are gone. Take it for a week and you're in the clear :)
It is also good for the rest of your body.

I'm not a spokesperson or some random person. I am a 20 year old woman, who suffered a year with this and finally woke up from bed happy. God bless the woman that put up this a advice up a while back, I thank God for her! Please please please take this chance to try this, I know how it feels to feel hopeless, but you don't have to live with this at all! God Bless you all! I Love you all! And good luck! You are not alone!

#lover girl

I was enjoying my sex life 4 years ago. There was no problem with the smell of my Vee. I didn't hear any complain from my ex.Problem started 2010. A fresh-like and clean-like smell suddenly turned into fishy fouling smell.There I started to hear complain from my ex everytime we were having contact. I cosume too much salty foods and I know I have UTI but I really hate going to doctors or clinic.I also drink alcohol very often and am also a chain smoker things that trigger of the unwanted smell of my Vee.I was so paranoid that I might had an STD so I made some reasearch and I found out the reason why,its because I had BV and UTI so I drank yoghurt since it's hard to find some plain yoghurt to be eaten.Year 2011 my friends invited me to go to a Japanese Spa 'onsen'. We soak our body in a hot bath. I was amazingly surprised when my ex and I had contacts no more foul smell.And it last for almost 7 months.Unfortunately last year the curse came back and it ruined my life. Me, myself couldn't even handle the smell. I had a new boyfriend and he didn't complain when we were having sex maybe he would rather choose to zip his mouth than to offend me.So I'm still enjoying it. Until I have decided to make some research again regarding how to get rid of this unpleasant smell.I read different articles for a couple of week until I found this forum that suggests different remedy for BV.

This one had really worked for me in just one time application. And its cheap.

I did buy 3% solution hydrogen peroxide and diluted it in water into equal part. I bought a syringe and used it for the solution. I inserted the syringe into my my vagina (douche). The next day I woke up, less discharge and almost odor-free intimate.

Just don't give up...for every problem there's always been a solution... so good luck girls!

I'm so happy! Thanks for this page. You brought back my self-esteem.

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