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I've suffered with BV for about a year. I've done countless research and nothing until recently. So now that's over I thought I would share with you guys.

1. Can't have sex( for at least 2-3 months) having sex makes the smell worse.
2. Cut out all alcohol, fast food, soda, and juice ( you can cheat once a week, but if you like chipotle stay away from it for about a 2 months).
4. Fruits are your best friend, along with yogurt especially pineapples
5. Tea tree oil (you can find at walmart)

These five elements helped me out..I haven't smelled anything in 2 weeks. I was even able to have sex again with confidence after 3 months! I hope this helps. Btw I did go to clinic the first time I caught BV I went to the clinic and they prescribe me medication which only works for a week. Waste of time and money, STD testing is the best way to go.


Its called Vitanica bacteria arrest! Its a suppository that you use for 6 days. I'm telling you I am always having a problem with reoccurring BV. I have to gk to the doctor every month I take their antibiotics and it always comes back!! For over a year I've been struggling with this an its discouraging. But I'm tellin you I used one of these tablets an I swear an hour later I had no odor or thin discharge!! It was almost instant! I haven't had a problem with it coming back after I used this. If you have reoccurring BV I STRONGLY recommend this product! Its the best I've used so far. And to help keep my PH balance I soak in a bath with boric acid powder and It works! Its gone an hasn't came back for a few months!! Try it ladies its the best!! Vitanica Bacteria Arrest suppository tablets


Wow, thank you ladies for the great responses! I have had BV going on 3 times with the last time I diagnosed and cured simply by taking the advice of others who have suffered this horrible infection! The docs have me on Flygl now, right before NYE and I can't drink! Gee thanks (I'm not even much of a drinker!!) I had NO Idea this was a reoccurring thing, that it goes into remission and never really goes away. Last time I used garlic cloves and powdered probiotics, mixed with distillers water and inserted with a child's medicine syringe. I'm wondering if I can forgo the rx and try the garlic/pro-b again or will I make things 10 times worse since I've already started the rx and should take all the pills in order to rid myself of the infection. Any suggestions? BTW I have used yogurt too but It seems to be too weak to fight the infection and is more of a comfort cure than an infection destroyer. I believe we woman should loa up on as much probiotics we can put up there. Too much is way better than not enough!!!!


I have suffered with BV for a year now. On bad days I use boric acid suppositories(boric acid powder in gel capsule) inserted vaginally. I take vitamin c, d, b12, garlic, folic acid & a strong and expensive probiotic daily. The vitamins and supplements usually keep everything pretty well controlled and I've even thought at times I didn't have bv anymore due to not having any symptoms however, my doctor told me I still have it. I recently found out I have endometriosis when I had a laparoscopic surgery done a few weeks ago. I believe that the BV and endometriosis are linked because I started having severe pain from the endometriosis I believe when the BV first started. My doctors are all out of answers and cannot help me anymore so I plan on changing doctors soon. If you are having severe abdominal and pelvic pain along with bv you might have endometriosis. The only way for the doctor to see if you have endometriosis is by preforming a laparoscopy. I am upset I have this disease however, I feel I am getting closer to completely solving this depressing issue.


I had tried everything including the doctors antibiotics. I started taking (2) 1500mg natural garlic pills at bedtime and finally it was the cure!! I also but had been taking (1) probiotic pill and (1) vitamin D nightly but adding the garlic pill is when it began to go away. Within 3 days it was completely gone!! I had been battling for 6 months and thought I tried everything, and I wish I knew that a $4 bottle of garlic pills was the answer. Now I'm just afraid to stop taking them. Lol.


Please try this remedy first before spending (and maybe wasting) time and money on the many many home remedies you will find for BV. I wasted 2-3 weeks trying EVERYTHING else, but only yogurt bacteria helped.. So please try yogurt bacteria and if that doesn't work for you-because we're all different- try other things.

At first I orally took a probiotic with yogurt cultures like lactobacillus, but saw little change. So I decided to try putting yogurt (plain non sweetened) directly onto my labia. That gave relief for about half an hour at a time. Inserting yogurt into my vagina gave approx an hour of relief. What really knocked the infection out though, was inserting a whole capsule of probiotics into my vagina (use the clear gelatin pills with powder inside). This would give me about 4 hours of relief at a time, and after 2-3 weeks of inserting the probiotics the infection cleared up. I should mention that the BV was caused by douching. If you douche, STOP!!! I was ignorant at the time of using it, but have learned about how bad douche is for the female system. I don't know why its still sold at all. Anyway, if you douche and have BV, I can just about guarantee that that's the reason why. Good luck!


I have struggled with bv off for over ten years now. I constantly had been going to the Dr to be prescribed antibiotics that only worked for a little while. For the past two years I finally started to notice what causes it which for me was : sex,tampons, my cycle, birth control pills, and sometimes pool water.After my last reoccurring bv episode I told myself I have to do this on my own the Drs are not helping but anyways this is what I did. I started taking The Ultimate Flora probiotic for vaginal health it day take once a day but initially I was taking three a day in morning noon and night. I now just take it twice a day morning and night. I also started a multi vitamin for women called One a day I take this twice a day. I also recently got off the pill I think the hormones also caused problems in my body. I also don't use soap to clean inside my vagina just water I only use soap for the outside only. I hope this helps someone with this awful infection.


I'm 19 & I have been having bv for about 6 months. Recently it has been coming before my periods every month for the past 4 months! My doc always prescribed me metronidazole pills! I hated the side affects and it always brong bv back! So of course I googled and tried probiotics (maximum strength cvs brand) I had bv before my period started so one day before it started I bought plain white chobani Greek yogurt bc it contains the good bacteria. So I soaked a tampon left it in for 3 hrs. I started my period the next morning so I couldn't put more yogurt.. Then I bought probiotics and started taking them for 4 days .(1 a day )while I was on my period , after I got off I put more yogurt just inside not with a tampon and left it for an hour. And now I'm bv free! :) probiotics work!


Hi im 27. I've had BV off and on for years. I normally get it from unprotected sex which knocks off my PH. Also you cant drink alcohol or have sweets while having BV or it will make it worse or counteract the remedy,with this being said I've learned what to do finally and here is what worked for me....

Pure extra virgin coconut oil
2-4 tablespoons a day
(Can add to food/put on s andwhich under toppings)
insert in vagina if you like
(on tampon or frozen chunks)

Drink as much water as possible
(It takes longer to get rid of without drinking a lot of water)

Coconut Water
(Drink what you can stand, I like it)

I now swear by coconut oil. Research it. Its antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial. Great on the inside and outside. This also works for TO (which I had as well), yeast, and some STD's.


Hello, I have been suffering from repeated recurrences of BV. I went the Dr, took the antibiotics, just to have the infection return.

What I found to help and reestablish good bacteria balance in my body is:
I took a bath and poured bragg's organic vinegar and baking soda in the water. This refreshed my bodies scent and discomfort.
I also changed my soap to neutrogena fragrance free soap.
The pharmacist recommended RepHresh Pro-B (found in the feminine isle and cost $30... but well worth it!). He said to take the Pro-B for 2 months faithfully.

I have been feeling normal again!

I hope you find this helpful. I can understand you feeling hopeless. But don't give up!

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