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THIS IS LONG, BUT I PROMISE IT'S WORTH THE READ. I was diagnosed with BV in August of 2013. My doctor prescibed first metronidazole and once that didn't work she then gave me clindamycin, which helped, but the BV quickly came back the minute I was done using it. Therefore I decided to take matters into my own hands. First I bought femdophilus, finished the bottled. It did nothing. I then bought VH essentials BV and probiotics products. Only worked for as long as I used them. At this point I was started to get really frustrated. I decided to do some research SO, I bought folic acid, vitamin c, vitamin b6, vitamin d, garlic capsules, acidophilus capsules, flax seed oil capsules, and fish oil. I also cut back on my sugar intake and acidic foods and started drinking a lot more water. I must say, it did help somewhat with the amount of discharge I was having, but the odor was definitely still there. Therefore, I did some more research and saw a lot of positive reviews on using hydrogen peroxide and apple cider vinegar. Now I did A LOT of research on this because I was always told douching was not good for the vagina because it can not only cause yeast infections and other complications. I was hesitant, but I was desperate and I wanted this thing gone! So I went ahead and bought a little syringe (the kind that is used to administer medicine to babies), hydrogen peroxide, distilled water, and apple cider vinegar AND to prevent getting a yeast infection after washing out my vag with this stuff, I also bought Kyolic Candida Cleanse to take orally which is basically just aged garlic and ginger tablets. They're great for yeast infections. Ok so here we go, using the syringe, I interested 3 teaspoons of hydrogen peroxide into my vag. If you want you may dilute it with the distilled water, but it didn't burn me, it just feels foamy and bubbly. I then mixed a teaspoon of apple cider vinegar with half a teaspoon of distilled water (and trust me you want to dilute the vinegar with the water cause it burns)and inserted it. Immediately I noticed a difference. No odor, no discharge! I did this every night for 3 nights. I was going to do it for a week, but I didn't because I wanted to not only see if it was gone for good with just 3 tries, but also because I didn't want to cause any damage to my vag. At first I thought I was rid of it for sure, I was so happy, but about a week later, it was back. At this point I've had BV for 2 months, I was so embarrassed and frustrated, but continued cleansing myself with the hydrogen peroxide and vinegar twice a week to at least keep it at bay till I can find a permanent cure. OH btw, the hydrogen peroxide is used to kill bacteria and then the vinegar is supposed to make the vagina a friendly place for the good bacteria. Anyway one day as I was shopping for more vitamins at walgreens I stumbled upon a product called Ultimate Flora vaginal support. Its a high lacto probiotic that contains not only acidophilus, but ALL of the lactobacillus that the vagina needs, plus its dairy and gluten free. So I thought I'd give it a shot. I stopped using the apple cider vinegar solution, I figured that with this product I wouldn't need it. And at this point the only vitamins I continued to take are the Kyolic Candida Cleanse, fish oil, flax seed oil, vitamin c, b3, and d. So I did my 3 teaspoon hydrogen peroxide cleanse and then inserted the Ultimate Flora capsule before bed. (You might want to wear a panty liner the next day because you will see a little residue from the capsule.) I was also taking the Ultimate Flora orally every morning with the rest of my vitamins. I decided to stop cleansing and inserting the capsule after 5 days of doing this every night, but continued taking it orally and guess what, no odor, no discharge! It is not January 2014 and I am BV free! I've been BV free for 3 months now and I couldn't be happier. I stopped taking all other vitamins because it costs me a pretty penny and I figured I can get all those nutrients if I just continue to eat right. The only ones I am still taking are the Ultimate Flora and Kyolic Candida Cleanse. I continue taking the Kyolic tablets just to avoid ever getting a yeast infection since I've had it once before, but the life saver here was Ultimate Flora! Omg! and heres the other thing. I was suffering from polycystic ovarian syndrome, which basically means I have lazy ovaries so I don't ovulate which meeeaans I don't get my period every month. My doctor had put me on birth control (loestrin Fe). It did help regulate my period, but I couldn't afford to continue buying it every month so I stopped taking it, as soon as I stopped taking it, my period was all out of wack again. Ever since I started taking Ultimate Flora, not only did it cure me of BV, but I have gotten my period every month! Ultimate Flora is amazing! So thats my story. I really hoped this helped some of you ladies and I wish all of you good luck!


HAD to share, because I am currently dealing with this infection. It has been terrible, definitely was getting worse.
I foud major relief and here is what worked! :

I already had 100% virgin coconut oil. Went to Walmart got tea tree oil and acidophilus pills. Started taking the pills orally, no relief. I did a tea tree oil and coconut oil douche (soothing) however, still the nasty discharge. I did some research online.....decided to put the acidophilis pill up my vajayjay overnight with a tampon. THIS MORNING no discharge or smell!!!!
(AND TRUST ME, I smelled that tampon and there was no discharge in it)
So, my conclusion is the tea tree oil/coconut oil killed the bad bacteria. THEN, the acidophilus pill reintroduced the new good bacteria. I plan to insert the next 3 days.

The acidophilus pills I bought are the CHEAP $4.95 Nature's Valley ones at Walmart!! They are to be taken orally for your digestion, but upon reading the label says it has Lacto-acidophilus whatever which is the same name seen on my plain yogurt. It works!

I mixed the 100% virgin coconut oil with the tea tree, so it could be the carrier oil, I figured coconut oil is SAFE for the vagina, because it is a KNOW natural lube for sex.

Good Luck I hope this works for you ladies!! It sure worked for me, I saved a ton going to the doctor. I am not about to get tested and treated, when Ive had this 3 times over the years and I know what it looks and smells like. They will give me Flagyl scrip and charge me for IT ALL. :-/ Nope. Not this time!!!

I plan to eat more yogurt going forward, vitamins, etc. I eat well already,my immune sys. was lowered due to a cold I caught.


Ok girlies so I'm 19 and suffered from bad BV and had it for months on end and it kept coming and going and it drove me mad finally ive found my cure and hopefully it will help some of you.
All I did was put a few drops of tea tree oil on a tampon and inserted it, it's very strong and dries out your vagina but the tingly feeling is refreshing, I did this morning and night and left the tampon in for around an hour, I also drank a lot of water and began only washing with water and got rid of scented body wash!!
Also don't forget that after unprotected sex to make sure you go for a wee straight after and clean with water, this helps me stop BV before it's started, my bv hasn't returned (touch wood)
Hopefully this will help


I suffered BV for 3 years before I found a remedy that keeps it at bay. Natural, sweetened yoghurt everyday as brekfast. That was it! I cut out all kinds of tea especially the lipton brand sorry to say it just drives the vaginal flora crazy. Those are the two things that saved me. I remebered, i went on a diet exactky 3 years ago that cut out milk completely of which before then, my diet was heavily dependent on dairy and i went heavy on all kinds of teas esp green tea. Everything i ate was to increase my metabolism so i believe it messed up my internal flora. SO ladies please be careful with the diets you engage in, a healthy balance is the key.


Hey lovely ladies! I just had to come on here and discuss my personal experience with BV and what has worked for me. I am 22 and have been suffering with this for about 4months! The most miserable 4 months EVER! I had tried everything from prescriptions from my doctor to boric acid tablets to hydrogen peroxide! I got tired of spending money on co pay's and medication! NOTHING seemed to work. Sooo, I decided to purchase some Bragg's Apple Cider Vinegar yesterday from my local Publix and I could not WAIT to get home to try it. I was so uncomfortable at work yesterday between the itching and discharge. I wanted to scream! So when I got home I showered, I soaked a tampon in the apple cider vinegar solution and and while that was soaking, I took some of the solution and did a quick douche. I put the tampon in and went to bed. I woke up in the middle of the night to take the tampon out. I felt a little raw inside with I did this, but when I woke up this morning, I cannot explain the RELIEF I was feeling! The itching has died down, the odor, and everything! OMG! I'm still experiencing a little bit of itching but NOTHING compared to yesterday. A lot more tolerable! I douched a little before coming to work today and I'll more than likely do it again when I get home today. I'll keep everyone updated.


I'm 30 year old women that have suffered with BV for about 5 years. I've tried everything from suppositories, medicated douche, tea tree oil, peroxide, boric acid... The list goes on. I found an article online about how a study shown that women that lack vitamin d will have this problem.. Blah blah. I was like ok I will give it try. I went to GNC purchased a bottle of women's multi vitamin and a bottle of vitamin d-3 and I kid you not in like 2/3 days the odor was gone. The discharge was gone. I no longer have to wear panty liners. A month later and I'm still not having any problems. I will admit I did not change anything about my diet. Sugar/sweets is so hard for me stay away from:(. I truly hope someone will read this and give it a try.


I have personally been on a quest for 3 years for a cure! I know this thread is old but Ill share my ordeal for the first time. My first bout at age 39, my dr gave me flagyl it worked great til 6 months later then he gave me metro worked for about 2 months then metro again for a 2 WEEK cure... The he gave both myself and my huband metro tablets to take for a week each because I was convinced we kept passing it back and forth ever tho my dr said no, but because it wouldnt hurt my husband my dr appeased me. (I should mention before the pills were all vaginal creams) this method seemed to work for about 2 months. Much to my dismay it was back!! My quest for a non antibiot cure was on... After reading about hydrogen peroxide, probiotics, boric acid, yogurt, vinegar, douching, not douching, making pastes, making suppositories & every other thread i could find on the matter. I have tried EVERYTHING! (With the exception of boric acid, after researching the safeness of each category i ultimately thought that one was too risky) HERES WHAT FINALLY WORKED FOR ME and is my system for the past 6 months and am odor and discharge free!!! To rid myself i douched for 3 days 1/2 distilled water 1/2 peroxide, then i got ballsy cause it wasnt working fast enough i douched for 3 more days with straight peroxide. If u havent had sex in 24 hrs this wont burn but if you have id dilute it. Sex makes small tears in your vag. The smell was gone! Then for maintainence Every morning i take 2 tbs apple cider vinegar mixed with 2 tbs lemon juice mix with water ( i use a small glass and take it like a shot as im not a big water drinker, which may also be a contributor, but i digress). Then after i eat something, a cracker, anything because the probiotics will upset my stomache, i take one lactobacillus probiotic and one acidophilus probiotic (same family but slightly different) and one cranberry vitamin. If i feel a twinge coming on i douche once with peroxide. I ave occasionally douched with a vinegar douche after my period to bring my ph back where it needs to be. This has been the cheapest and most natural way i found to rid myself of this burden... Good luck girls!! I hope this helped!! ( i should also mention, i have never douched in my life until now and have been with the same man for 20 years)


I first developed BV after a course of antibiotics. It only occurs in the first half of my menstrual cycle. Once I ovulate I have no symptoms. I manage it by a three step process first kill the bacteria (tea tree oil soaked tampon for 1 hr) the restore the acidic environment (Apple cider vinegar bath or douche) then insert a pro biotic capsule into the vagina. Antibiotics both topical and oral have not worked. I have come across this remedy from the site so thanks to all of you who have posted.


The cure is DAN ACTIVE! It's a yogurt and you can get it at HEB/WALMART. They are not expensive at all. Good luck ladies!!!


Hey I hav te suffered with Bv for 1yr now everything the doctor prescribe didnt work for a little while then back strongly I started takin one a day for women an a 1500 garlic pill everyday am the smell is completely gone away thank you god try iilt it works promise :)

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