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For the past week I have been using Dr. Bronner's Peppermint Oil Castille soap in the shower to wash below. For me, reduces the discomfort, pain, and smell. It does kind of have a little bit of a burning sensation when applied, but as strange as it sounds it feels good. I am interested (but nervous) to try inserting the Women's Ultimate Flora probiotic, but I noticed there are several different 'billions' of probiotic strains available, and am not sure which one is the best choice..does anyone have any input on that? I don't want it to be too weak or strong, especially if I am inserting it (yikes). Thank you :)


I combined what I learned from Sam (2014) and Bella (2014)and it worked :)! I used Acidophilus pills and Tea Tree oil as my remedy (read their posts for more details on what to do). Thanks for the great posts!


Wow after being prescribed so many different medications who knew something in your bathroom closet would be the remedy?! So far the peroxide wash has been working for me no odor past couple days I'm going to continue for for a week and gonna eat some raw garlic to build up a good PH I feel so relieved!!! :)

BV! I hate it

Well for my remedy, I got a capsule of acidophilus pills n I used a hand full, a cup of vinger, and three folic acid pills. I ran a warm bath water, crushed the pills, ands add them plus the vinegar to the water. And I soaked for about a hour. I did it everyday for 5 days and I have been feeling fresh since

Reyna S.


(25 billion) by Renew life

I really recommend to ANYONE that has been suffering from BV or any other related issues, to TRY THIS!

It was the ONLY thing that worked and it has actually kept that TERRIBLE problem AWAY for good :)

I had recurring BV for almost a year. I was told I was allergic to scented products (I'm 24 yrs old and have NEVER been allergic to anything. EVER) After 4+ doctor visits (to different doctors) they didn't care to look into it. They just kept re-testing me for STD's and UTI's every time and they would keep giving me the SAME antibiotics that didn't work!

I had no choice but to take matters into my own hands. It took me some time to research and I tried several different products even the ones that are in the women's care isle such as RePHresh and Pro-B probiotics. NOTHING WORKED! I even stopped using ALL kinds of scented products. It just kept coming back after a couple weeks if that. It was the most embarrassing thing, I didn't even think I would ever have sex again bc I was so ashamed :'(

The ONLY thing that worked is the ULTIMATE FLORA (WOMEN'S CARE). It comes in a yellow and pink box, near the probiotic & fiber products. You can find it at your closest Walgreens or Walmart.

I'm guessing that products like these are pretty new to the public bc I just recently started seeing them pop up on the shelves. TRUST me I live at Walgreens lol...

STOP GOING BACK TO THE DOCTOR for this problem because the more antibiotics you take, the worse things will get. Eventually those antibiotics won't work for anything not even temporarily.

As long as you got checked already so that you know for sure that you are free of any STD's and you have been diagnosed with BV or any of the regular women's issues, I encourage you to try this instead of going back to the doctor and paying them to lower your immune system.

Hope this helps you guys! :)

I know I wished someone would have saved me all that wasted time, money and dignity!


I have been dealing with bv off and on the past year. It started with a new partner. And i finally found a cure after so much research. I've tried all the remedies u can think of and what the doctor perscribed me. But one thing u ladies need to know is, if you are planing to stay with your partner then no matter how you treat your symtoms , ur symtoms will come back.!!!They say that guys cannot give a woman bv , but truly , they can (and other many ways) and thats how i got bv was with my partner. Our ph balances were completely different. And My bf does not like to use condoms, so what i researched for me and him both can be satisfied and cured is to always always keep a non scented pantie liner on ur panties. And take 1 capsule of foltic acid, 1 capsule of vitamin D, and most important -one a day womans -vitamin. I promise you. It will work. Donot what so ever get perfums of any scented chemical close to ur vagina.!!! Wish u the best


I have had bv for about a week now, i surfferd from it in the past so much , just because of being so sensitive. I was tired of going to the doctor for antibotics, when it would come right back. I have had the Same partner for over a year now. And i have tried the yogurt thing, apple cider, about everything u can thing of. Well last week i was getting so furious because of the smell ... And i finally found a cure. I went and bought accuflora from cvs, (the generic brand) and i put one up my vagina and took one orally. And i had some prenatal vitamins from the past and i took (2) of the vitamins. It's been a couple days and the symtoms have not come back. Hope this works for you.


I have been cured!!! I am so so excited to let you all know my experience. So because I grew up with parents who don't believe in the doctors I was totally fucked when I got bacterial vaginosis. I didnt tell them because it was too weird.

I got it the summer going into my senior year of highschool and I remember going to Planned Parenthood who gave me medication and told me if my 'problem' came back (they never told me what it was) to come back for more meds.

Too bad I went to Europe for a year.... It never went away. Then I came back to the states and just kinda let it go.

But god, literally ALWAYS had a panty liner or piece of toilet paper to catch my discharge. It was just the WORST!

I went to planned parenthood 2 years later, gave me meds that didnt work. I did yogurt as well as garlic. Nope. Ate the acidophiles pills. Nope.

Not until I read on this website that you PUT IT IN YOUR VAG did it work. HA! The whole year I had those acidophiles pills stored away because I thought were useless, when instead of eating them, I just needed to stick them in the problem.



It was confirmed that I had a chronic case of bacterial vaginosis a few years ago and I've been on 'antibiotics' every month after my period for more than 8 years. After losing my insurance, I was no longer able to afford my medicine for my bacterial vaginosis and I came on this site to look for help. This is what worked for me. You will need: Dannon plain yogurt, apple cider vinegar and baking soda. I didn't use organic or a specific brand. 1: I started off with inserting 10 ml of yogurt in my vagina before bed with a plastic syringe. (You can get one at your local pharmacy). Put a tampon in and let it stay in throughout the night. Also you hear about how douching is bad for you. This is not that case. I found douching is very healthy if you're doing it the right way. I now douche 4x a week. (Sometimes it's not necessary to do it as much) Your body will let you know. In a douche bottle I will mix 2 spoons of Apple cider vinegar with 1 spoon of baking soda. Fill the rest up with water. Insert into the vagina and hold it in as long as you can. Boom! I've done this for 2 months and it seems like each time my infections comes back slower and hopefully never. Such a shame that my doctors told me there is no cure, fed my body poison (antibiotics) every month for 8 years. They say having many sexual partners might cause this infection...I've been married for 5 years. Don't always take their advice. It's a shame they don't send you home with some home remedies and try it out. This worked for me!!! Good luck ladies


Hi Girls- I read through the suggesting and thank you for the help. I am 44 years old and never had this before. My sister had it and when I asked her what her symptoms, same as mine. I did a 2 day ACV 50% douche and it seemed to make it worse, but what did the trick was opening up a tridophilus capsule and inserting the powder up in there via finger. It did give me cramps overnight, but wow it worked like a charm. No smell, no discharge the next morning...thanks for a diverted doctors visit and one less antibiotic in my body. I didn't need to deal with a yeast infection on top of this horrible nasty infection. Hope this helps :)

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