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For all the skeptics...listen up! I am a research scientist so I am very skeptical and usually think traditional medicine works better than any home cure. Well traditional medicine failed me on this one. I took the vaginally inserted antibiotics for 5 nights, and did not drink alcohol for those five days and 3 days after...what a nuisance! Well, it did nothing for me. I still was itching like crazy and painfully sore down there, so I got on this site and made a list of everything I needed. I bought 1000IU of vitamin D, 400mg of folic acid and femdiophilus. I took one of each orally and insterted 1 femdiophilus in my vagina at night. Literally the next morning the itching was 80% reduced. I am sooo relived. So please, if you are suffering like I was, try this. It was a complete miracle. Good luck girls!

Melanie S

I am 32 and have probably suffered from bv for over 15 years! It had become more of an issue the last year or so and I have tried to rid it through traditional antibiotics, both oral and vaginal, and a slew of natural remedies all to no avail. I finally believe I have found not necessarily a 'cure' but rather the best management regiment for me: manuka honey! I had read about it on one of these sites and believe in the medicinal powers of honey so tried it out. I simply put a small amount on my clean index finger and insert into vagina and rub against the vaginal walls. I repeat once more and that's it! I do this before bed for 3-4 consecutive days after my period. I'm still experimenting with dosages but I think I will apply it every other night for maybe the rest of my life! I seem to be extremely prone to this and know that likely the only way to truly eradicate it would be to eat solely a plant based, majority raw food diet, eliminating all sugars but I simply cannot live this way! So I have manuka honey to help alleviate this pesky issue! Be warned it is quite pricey at around $30-$40 for a small jar. I bought individual packets from wedderspoon for a little cheaper. You only need a small amount and honey never goes bad so this should last you quite a while. Good luck ladies! BV completely sux, so I hope manuka honey will help!


I'm 21and have had a problem with my kingdom since I removed my birth control implant from my arm about a year ago and the doctors meds only worked for a little while and it came back. It was so strong I could smell it through my clothes and in class. I've had the same sex partner for the past 7 years and he could tell the big diffrence. I didn't even want to have sex untill......................... I found the best thing ever...I bought vitamin D3 1000 iu and folic acid 400 and omg it has worked for 2 weeks so far and i smell clean and fresh I feel so AMAZING I'm so happy this worked....take 2 D3 and 1 folic acid orally and insert 1 folic acid in ur kingdom( I know it's weird but it works) the first night ONLY!! After this just take 2 D3 and 1 folic acid every morning and 1 of each before bed ...Good luck!!!!


Ladies!!!!! Start taking vitamin D! It has been absolutely amazing since I have started taking it. I tried everything out there from apple cider vinegar, peroxide, baking soda, acidophilus.. You name it! Within 3 days I started feeling normal and it's been a month now and I feel and smell amazing!!!


I have being suffering with bv for a few years now and it can get you down alot. The first few times I took antibiotics from my doctor which cleared it up no problems until not long after it would come back worse than before. I decided to do my own research and spent hours on the internet looking at home remedies etc. I tried loads of different ones including apple cider vinegar baths, tea tree oil, yogurt on tampons, inserting vitamin c tablets.None of these seemed to do much really and I was despairing at this point as the bv was causing me what felt like period pains and bloating and an awful smell. Eventually I come across acidophilus and rhamnosus capsules by Lifeplan. You can get these from most health foodshops at about £7.30 for 50 tablets. I started taking 1 tablet before each meal and also if I had an attack of bv after intercourse especially, then I will take 1 vaginally too. Simply empty the powder from the capsule into a clean container adding a few drops of water at a time till you a formed a paste. Then just insert inside using your finger as high as you can. Messy job but effective. Do this just before you get in bed so it has chance to work overnight. Continue this for a few nivhts till it has cleared still taking orally daily even when clear. I have kinda accepted that bv is now a part of my life but taking these tablets and using them vaginally when needed has really helped me keep it under control and means I dont have to worry about it. This is the only thing that has worked for me and I hope it helps anyone else who trys them.

BV FREEEE!!!! :)

Okay ladies! I found the cure. I've struggled with BV for years now, and after going to the doctor numerous times & getting treated for Chlamydia (which I did not have), BV, and yeast infections.. nothing worked!! I was so ashamed. I have a desk job, but talk to many people on a daily basis, having to get up to assist them, etc.. it was so embarrassing to have such a funky smell and always so self conscious about whether or not others could smell it as well. So, are you tired of sitting with your legs crossed tightly? Try this!!
I went to the local pharmacy and got a 'vinegar & water' douche, some peroxide, and apple cider vinegar. Also, some 1000mg garlic pills, ultimate flora women's care, and women's one a day vitamins. I laid down in the shower, douched with the vinegar and water, washed the douche very good and done the same with the peroxide & apple cider vinegar. Peroxide kills bacteria, while the apple cider vinegar makes good bacteria welcome (you may want to dilute the vinegar, it burns)
once I got out of the shower, I took 2 of the 1000mg garlic pills, 2 of the ultimate flora, and a women's one a day vitamin and inserted 4 garlic pills, and 2 ultimate flora pills into my vagina. You may want to wear a panty liner because the pills will come out like discharge.
So far, I have a clean smell and no discharge! I couldn't be happier!!! :)
I will continue to do this for a few days and continue taking the pills to ensure that it doesn't come back. Also, try eating some all natural yogurt. Stay away from scented soaps and perfumes & try wearing more cotton panties so your vajayjay is able to breathe.
It's always a good feeling to feel fresh after being miserable for so long! I hope this works for you, too!


Hi guys, I'm a 17 year old girl, I been suffering from BV for a long time. Its really embarrassing when your sitting in class and people like ''it smells like raw fish'' or worst when I'm in gym and have do pulls up with a partner. I never tried any medication because of the side effect. I tried many home remedies. Nothing worked. 3 days ago, I came up with a remedy myself. Guy I'm telling you, try this before any medications.
I put little bit of mustard oil in my Vajay , within 10 minute I noticed the smell was gone. You can mustard oil everywhere. I got mine from a Indian store. Guy try this you won't be disappointed


After getting involved with a new sex partner (my current boyfriend) last spring, I was shocked and dismayed to develop symptoms of BV. I diagnosed myself on the internet, for I'd never had BV before, then I went to the doctor and was prescribed expensive antibiotics. My symptoms cleared up right away. A month later they were back.

At this point I'd done more research online and had decided that I had a vaginal bacterial imbalance that I didn't want to treat again with harsh antibiotics. And so began my quest for a natural cure. I took garlic and cranberry supplements. I took folic acid and a powerful probiotic. My last addition to this OTC arsenal was Goldenseal, a natural antibiotic. I also treated myself with Rephresh gel (worked the first time but not subsequent times), garlic and yogurt suppositories, and hydrogen peroxide douches (also alleviated symptoms the first but not subsequent times). I changed my diet (I'm a daily drinker and tend towards sugar addiction). In short, I tried everything. The BV was annoying, shameful, embarrassing, emotionally taxing, etc. You know. It negatively affected my relationship with my boyfriend and made me feel repulsive.

But then it occurred to me that I could STARVE OUT the bacteria and start fresh. Behold my FREE, KNOCK-OUT, TRIUMPHANT CURE. I went on a 48-hour water fast. Well, really about 45 hours. It was difficult! But at the end of the fast, my symptoms were GONE and they have not returned since. During the fast I still maintained my vitamin and supplement regimen, but since then I've run out of cranberry and goldenseal and I've been fine. I currently take daily folic acid, a multivitamin, garlic, and a probiotic, all of which I should be taking anyway, with or without BV. My diet hasn't changed--I still drink wine, etc.--though I try to drink more water throughout the day to keep my system flushed. I'm more vigilant about my boyfriend's personal hygiene habits and try not to have intercourse with him if he hasn't showered that day, but we've slipped up a few times and I've been fine. Once in December I began to suspect that I was developing BV symptoms again (probably paranoia), so I immediately went on another water fast--this time for only 30 hours or so--and my scent returned to normal.

I can't tell you what a relief it's been to be rid of these symptoms, especially through such a natural cure. I'd be curious to know if anyone else has success with water fasts because I found them to be miraculous. Plus I think they benefit your health in general. Good luck!


Hey everyone, I'm 17 and just realized that I have BV. I thought it was a yeast infection and I found this site, I saw people commenting about BV. I've never heard of BV so I looked it up and it is definitely what I have! I know I don't have an STD because I for tested at Planned Parenthood and haven't had any sexual contact since then.

I have some odor, I've noticed at school it gets worse as the day goes on. I have thin, kind of watery usually white discharge. As gross as this sounds I can feel it coming out of my vagina, I can feel it coming out in gushes and sometimes I can even push it out. It makes me feel embarrassed but most of all uncomfortable. I don't want to tell my mom so I can't go to the doctor. Does anyone know if Planned Parenthood would give me any medicine? Or what are some affordable, discreet home remedies I can do?

Thanks everyone, feels good to put it out there and I'm glad I know that it is BV now. Also very happy to know I'm not alone


I tried everything. Yogurt, hydrogen peroxide, apple cider vinegar, probiotics. I was diagnosed with it three times in six months. It would go away with flagyl and then return. After the last round of flagyl I started drinking a glass of warm lemon water every day. I can see the nasty bacteria in the toilet every day now. I'm still symptom free and the lemon water seems to be kicking the toxins out of my body! I highly recommend it!!

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