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OMG guys I'm so excited I wanna scream to the top of my lungs I'm soooo excited!!! I think I finally have the right combo to cure this thing and its not even complicated....3 things: #1 ADVANCED CD ACCUFLORA, #2 ODORLESS GARLIC 1000 mg, #3 ONE DAILY WOMEN'S HEALTH MULTIVITAMIN !!!! ( All @ walmart) It's been three days since I've tried this mix and although I don't know if one product is solely responsible for my fix I figure all of the products are beneficial for overall health I don't mind taking all three. Here's what I do I take 2 accuflora twice daily, I take 2 capsules of the odorless garlic, and of course 1 of the women's one a day...that's all no sticking nothing up my cookie (which seems pretty dangerous even though I've tried doing it all) or anything extra. I've suffered from bv for years and thought there wasn't a solution and now I feel like I could cry!!! There is no smell no excessive Discharge, no itch, NO NOTHING!!!!! Just a clean healthy v!!!! Just try it ladies you owe it to yourself to become comfortable, confident, and happy again :) take care loves!


I suffer from BV off and on for a few years now...I went to the Dr a couple of times to find out what was going on and he gave me a prescription of Flagyl. I hate having to go to the Dr every time I get the infection so I put plain yogurt on a tampon and insert inside my vagina...I leave it in for 4 or 5 hours...I do this for 3 or 4 days...I have also tried the cider vinegar bath and it works well. I put a few tsps in my bath and the next day my infection was gone. I also use Dove for sensitive skin body was to cleanse that area...since it is free of perfumes...when I wash with regular body wash I put a clean bath sponge between my legs so I don't get any perfumed soap inside there. I am careful not to get any lotions or oil around that area. Also this seems to help...the yogurt and apple cider vinegar get rid of it


Hi everyone! I've had BV on and off for 4 months now and have tried every home remedy out there and was prescribed the metro antibiotic twice and both times never worked. I like most people have thought it has to be more of a imbalance with your actual body, not just your vagina. I have racked my brain about what am I doing differently in the last 4 months that is making my body different? I kept reading that the reason why you have BV is because your ph balance is too high, BUT you need to still have acidity too!!! When I was reading yet another home remedy I stubbled across that Vitamin C has shown to treat BV. So I ran to the kitchen and immediately drank a glass of water of Emergen C!! If those of you don't know what Emergen C is.. It's just powered vitamin c that tastes really good in water. I was already taking a multi-vitamin once a day but thought this couldn't hurt.. It's been one week and I kid you not I'm finally BV free!!!! The reason why I think my body went out of whack is because around 4 months ago I stopped drinking pop and just water and some coffee, I think my body was so used to the acidity it didn't know what to do! So please drink some OJ and take a Vitamin C it might just be what your body needs!!!!


I went ahead and gave this remedy a shot last night, having a mild outbreak of BV, I've been dealing with this problem for about 2 years now. I also work out a lot and I sweat a lot so any little thing will upset (my gf) so i have to be extra careful especially when it comes to sexual intercourse. It seems to resurface when I have sex without protection or when I dealing with a high volume of stress. ANYWAYS I was about to go give the doctor 20 plus the cost the medicine just to get it again next month but I wanted to try something new so i tried the hydrogen peroxide remedy in a douche which i was very skeptical about since they say douching of any sort is a no-no but I did it....It felt the fizz but then I felt the sizzle OUCH! I guess my issue was more severe than I thought I would assume since it reacted that way. But i have to say it left me feeling quite refreshed down there. I checked out (my gf) to see if it would reduce the odor immediately but it didn't . After that I took a AZO yeast pill and a Natures Way Primadophilus Reuteri pill orally before bed. I woke this morning and there was NO ODOR!!! So far so good, I plan on trying this remedy for the next 2 days and then seeing what results Ill get.....wish me luck ladies and good luck in finding what works for you.


Hi ladies! This forum really comforted me in my time of need. First off; I realized I wasn't alone! Second; I realized that there were many different options to research! I tried everything! Of course, the doctor first and then the internet. I went on to try a hydrogen peroxide douche (to kill all bacteria in the vaginal canal), followed by an apple cider vinegar douche (to try to create a healthy PH in order to promote good bacterial growth)and finally an ultimate flora capsule (opened and emptied onto a damp tampon because most of the capsules you can buy are time release and will not dissolve properly after insertion). I did this every other day. I was also taking a very good women's multivitamin with extra B complex and the ultimate flora capsules by the handful each day with a breakfast consisting of unsweetened Greek yogurt with pineapples and no coffee/tea or toast anymore. I fasted for 24 hours once a week, guzzled water every day, cut down on grease and starches, and told my monogamous lover (for the last 2 years) we would have to take a break and cool it on the passionate love-making *haha* if we ever wanted me to be fertile. He understood, of course. All of this worked until I had my period that month. I had also done some research into the dangers of douching (and there are many) with peroxide. It can make the infection much worse, which I learned when my period lasted 2 weeks and the smell and discharge came back times 10! I talked with my fiancé, who told me not to worry. He loves me and would no matter what, but it isn't just for him that I have done all this. The horror and shame of using a public bathroom or wearing a skirt and adjusting your legs while sitting, just to catch a nauseating whiff of your own self, was enough to make me continue fighting this seemingly incurable case of recurrent BV. I continued taking my multivitamin as always, and although I love starchy fried foods and sugar, I continued with my new and improved diet. I quit douching, nothing foreign is going inside my nether regions again, and also quit forking out the $20 for the Ultimate Flora pills I was overdosing on (buying more than once a week to continue orally and vaginally). I went to Vitamin World on a whim one day after basically just giving up on a working, natural remedy. I was talked into a buy one/get one sale by an overly pushy and equally rude saleswoman. I looked all around the store planning to purchase a different probiotic on top of goldenseal (a natural antibiotic), garlic (also a natural antibiotic of sorts) and cranberry supplements (a natural diuretic). As you can imagine, this (even with the sale) was quite pricy, so I resolved to make the purchases slowly over the week. My first purchase was, of course, the probiotic. I am so happy that I did this. The product I used eliminated the need to spend a ridiculous amount on yogurts and other supplements. I have been swallowing 2 Tablespoons thrice daily of Vitamin World's liquid Probiotic Acidophilus Digestive Care with 20 BILLION active cultures and like the ultimate flora it contains more than just one strain (which I believe may be the key to recovery). It is vegetarian and gluten free. It is naturally flavored with strawberries and tastes like unsweetened strawberry yogurt. It is not unpleasant and is a more direct way to get these important bacterial cultures into your body than the countless other methods you could try. It has now been a week and I see, nor smell, any signs of my previous ailments and I have cut down the price to one 16 oz bottle per week at $11 rather than those little over-priced cups of yogurt and the damned pills every few days. I can finally feel clean and secure, without breaking the bank and without spending an hour every other day locked in the bathroom doing God knows what, according to my family... *haha* Good luck ladies and remember where there is a will, there is a way!


Hi everyone,
I am writing in hopes of helping any women like myself where none of the common remedies that helped most women helped me. But I feel like I have finally found a maintenance solution (so far). I have been having this issue since last year. Before breaking down and going to the doctor.

1. First tried Acidophilus both orally and suppositories..didn't work.
2. Then I tried Hydrogen Peroxide douches twice a day for a week. Also didn't work. Actually made the problem worse. Continued the Acidophilus anyway just in case.
3. Then I tried Boric Acid powder in a veggie capsule at bedtime for a week. Worked temporarily but returned.
4. After all of this, I gave up and bought the expensive homeopathic treatment at the drug store that had great reviews. The 6 day suppository BV Treatment by VH Essentials. Worked temporarily. Came back.
5. Tried the pills by VH Essentials. Didn't Work.
6. Tried Another round of the 6 day treatment. Didn't work at all this time.
7. Tried the Hydrogen Peroxide Again followed by inserting an Acidophilus suppository to regenerate good flora. Worked Temporarily.
8. Tried Vinegar.
9. Tried Yogurt.
10. Eventually I went to the doctor and I, of course, was diagnosed with BV as I knew because I had had it a couple of years before this had happened and I was prescribed Metronidazole. This worked for about 3 weeks and I was so relieved...but then it came back with a vengeance. So I called my doctor back and she sent a refill but said I would have to come back again if it came back after the second dose. Well I didn't want to do that. So I took the second dose while on my period. After the bottle ran out I could feel it coming back.
11. When my period ended, I did extensive research into the cause behind BV and finally figured that I wasn't treating the reason behind why the bad bacteria kept growing....My PH must not be acidic enough for whatever reason to make the environment unlivable for the bad bacteria. So I ordered some Pure Vitamin C crystals (Absorbic Acid) NOW Brand, Ultimate Flora Vaginal Support (to support regeneration and growth of good flora), and Femdophilus (just some extra support).

What I finally did that is working so far:

1. Filled Veggie Capsule with Pure Vitamin C Crystals and inserted vaginally (Warning: it burns). Let dissolve. I only did one treatment of this. If I feel it flaring up again I will repeat this step.

2. Take Ultimate Flora and Femdophilus nightly. I have been taking orally, but I'm sure you could take as a suppository as well.

3. Take vitamin C crystals orally every morning in veggie capsule to keep body's PH low (acidity high).

Though I would share for those of you who, like me, seem to have a particularly stubborn case of BV, or just a different reason behind it than most women on the net that have found more common treatments.

Hope this helps!


I can't even believe i'm finally free from this horrible bacterial nightmare... I had been suffering from BV from what seemed like an eternity 4 long years i have tried everything from the yogurt to the vinegar to the antibiotics but nothing really ever worked, it always seemed to be a temp fix. I think it has been a combination of a few things, first off my diet; i watch my sugar intake very close, i drink tons of water n take all the probiotics recommended for women but what finally did the trick was HYDROGEN PEROXIDE yes this inexpensive sanitizer has finally cured my BV for what seems to be for good. I used it as a douche at least 3 -4 days a week n i finally have healthy clean non smelly discharge. Use equal parts water n peroxide u will feel n see the results almost immediately n each day just gets better. Good luck ladies please update me on your results!!! Y'all will be sooooo happy!!!

BV Survivor

Hey ladies,

So I have had a shocking 2 years of vaginal grief and I have only just recovered! Here is my story in a nutshell:

I was unfortunately contracted an STI called 'Ureaplasma Urealyticum'. This infection caused my vaginal flora/bacteria to go all out of whack! So I had thrush, BV and urine infections all happening down there. To say the least, it was a fucking nightmare...

I've been to sooooo many doctors and 2 different gynaecologists.

I have calculated that I have taken 101 antibiotic tablets with in 2 years. They killed my STI, but they left my vaginas bacteria completely unbalanced.

This is what I did for 3 months to get to where I am today. It's not a quick fix, but I feel healthy and I've lost weight in the process (bonus):

* Cover and soak a tampon in natural Greek yoghurt and insert up the vagina DAILY (I leave it in for about an hour and did it morning and night). You can also freeze the yoghurt into finger shapes/sizes by wrapping it in glad wrap. It's a bit of a weird cool sensation, but less messy than the tampon method.

* Take probiotics religiously. Everyday. Don't forget. I also sometimes mixed probiotics with yogurt and inserted up my vagina.

* CHANGE YOUR DIET. Your vagina is a refection of what you are putting into your body. Say NO to alcohol, REFINED SUGAR, cheese, greasy foods. Say YES to vegetables, grains, nuts, fruits, NATURAL YOGURT.

* Cotton undies only. NO lacy sexy knickers or g-strings. Let your vagina get some oxygen and breathe!!!

* Clean only with water. Soaps from the supermarket are not designed for our sensitive vaginas.

* Keep a large bottle of salt water next the toilet. Use after urinating a couple times a day and before going to bed to wash away any irritating discharge. *1 teaspoon+2 litres water=works as a disinfecting cleanser.

*Take garlic tablets daily which provide antibacterial properties.

* Cranberry tablets daily which help reduce the adhesion of bacteria to the urinary tract.

* Chlorophyll tablets daily which helps to cleanse the body of toxins, and it works with the natural bacteria in the gut to support digestion and strengthen the body's gut flora.

* Drink shit loads of water. 2 to 3 litres a day. We want to completely flush our body of toxins and bad bacteria.

* Stay hygienic. I showered as soon as I woke up, before I went to bed and straight after exercise.

* Don't have sex while recovering. Let your poor vagina have a break hey? It's going through a tough time! Having a penis poking around up there is just going to irritate it, especially if he ejaculates inside of you. Even condoms can disrupt the vaginas natural flora.

* Stop googling. I would google every symptom I had and completely freak myself out and always thought I was going to die.

* Seek advice from a professional. This is my most important point. Not a local GP. Go to a gynaecologists!!!!! They know what they are talking about. For a WHOLE YEAR my local doctor said I had thrush, when really it was Ureaplasma Urealyticum. An STI that can go unnoticed and cause infertility. I just hope that one day in the future if I want to have babies that this hasn't broken that dream.

So that's what I did to recover, and I am still currently doing all of it today.

I hope you all the best. I know how you are feeling. It is very, very emotionally draining. Somedays I'd just burst out crying because I was so over it! I was quite depressed really. Not myself. Make sure you talk to a friend or family member who will be there for you and respect how difficult it is. Don't bottle it in. Stress never gets you anywhere.

Good luck x x x


I have had BV for about a year now, i've been to the gyno twice, recieving flagyl both times. Through my online research, flagyl has about a 20% chance of treating BV and is given an 80% chance of having BV come back. Unfortunately i fell in that 80% both times! I read a lot of the home remedies on this page and went to the store and bought ultimate flora (the blue pack) they didnt have the yellow and pink one many of the women were talking about, garlic 1000mg, acidophilus, folic acid and d3 1000iu. I feel like it would be messy to put yogurt vaginally, as many of you suggested, so i went the capsule route. The first night i took the powder out of the ultimate flora capsule and mixed it with a few drops of water and made a paste. I put it in vaginally and also took one orally. The second night took a wide bucket and filled it with almost unbearably hot water (be careful about the temp of the water, you dont want any burns especilaly in that area!!!) i put in 2 acidophilus tablets and 3 folic acid tablets, crushed, and half a cup of apple cider vinegar. I soaked in that for 10 mins. Next i took an acidophilus tablet, a folic acid tablet, vitamin D and ultimate flora tablet and put them in vaginally, as well as took them orally. Typically, these are all good to take daily, with or without BV, so don't be afraid to use them to your advantage. The ones vaginally i plan on taking for a couple more days until the infection clears. Also do not be afraid to use them both vaginally and orally the first few days. The ones vaginally are there to fix the problemed area directly in the area. The ones taken orally help fix BV as well as help with other things through out the body. So far, after just the first day i noticed i have no nasty discharge and no foul smell!!! Yay! The only smell im noticing is the bitter smell from the capsules i have inserted vaginally. I now see the bacteria in the toilet when i go, and 2 days in, im seeing results. Hopefully once i finish this process BV wont come back. Hope this helps you guys! ;)


For all the skeptics...listen up! I am a research scientist so I am very skeptical and usually think traditional medicine works better than any home cure. Well traditional medicine failed me on this one. I took the vaginally inserted antibiotics for 5 nights, and did not drink alcohol for those five days and 3 days after...what a nuisance! Well, it did nothing for me. I still was itching like crazy and painfully sore down there, so I got on this site and made a list of everything I needed. I bought 1000IU of vitamin D, 400mg of folic acid and femdiophilus. I took one of each orally and insterted 1 femdiophilus in my vagina at night. Literally the next morning the itching was 80% reduced. I am sooo relived. So please, if you are suffering like I was, try this. It was a complete miracle. Good luck girls!

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