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Forgot to add to my first post! I also drink lemon water, a lot of it. I insert a fem dophilus vaginally after sex and after my period to help keep things happy, just like to be proactive. I may insert it every other day, twice a day for 2 days etc, just depend on how I’m feeling!

(Long post, Sorry! Please read though) Hi Ladies, I started having problems with infections starting in October 2013. I went to the doctor then and found I had a yeast infection. I was given a prescription and thought all was fine. In November, I was taking a shower one day and noticed an sour smell coming from me. I am very clean and this disturbed me. I went back to the doctor and found out I had yeast again plus BV. Once again I was given antibiotics, etc to treat both. Lo and behold I was right back at the doctor in December for yeast and BV again!! Ladies I feel your pain! I was recently divorced and thinking what man is going to want me with these issues. Even though my doctors were telling me I could have sex, I didn't wanna have sex until I knew the issue was gone. In January, I was on my 4th doctor, yes 4th! She prescribed metro gel for 6 mths twice a week! To me this was an issue, we were treating the infection, but not getting to the root of it. In December, I had started taking Ultimate Flora probiotic (15 Billion. Although, it didn't seem to be helping, I continued to take it. I cut out sugars, breads, ate more healthy, etc, but still had the infection. When the doctor prescribed metro gel, which I hated because I felt like I couldn't have sex with a vagina full of medicine, I decided to do some research online to see what else I could do! I tried bathing in ACV, sea salt, and tree oil, none of these worked. I douched, which is very bad, but hey I was desperate at this point, with hydrogen peroxide and distilled water, that didn't help either! Mind you I only had the discharge and burning every month. I only had the odor that one month, probably because everytime I noticed the discharge, I ran back to the dr. In February, after breaking down in the shower, I made a last ditch effort and went to a 5th doctor. He tested me, but everything looked clear. I think that was because I had used metro gel the night before. He scheduled me for another appt for March of this year and said when I came back, he would do DNA testing on the bacteria. This gave me hope, because this was something different that the other drs. hadn't tried. Yet again, after I left him, the discharge was back within a few days. I went to the store and bought ALOT of vitamins. At this point, I didn't care if i overdosed on vitamins! lol I wanted and needed to get rid of this BV for my sanity. At this point the yeast was long gone, only the BV remained. I was already taking a prenatal vitamin, 15 billion ultimate flora probiotic and a fish oil. I added Vitamin c and D and odorless garlic but that didn't really help, but I continued taking it. Only when I added straight acidophilus, Fem Dophilus, and folic acid to my vitamin regimen did things get better! Now I will say, I had to experiment with how many of these vitamins I took to get the right dosage for me before things cleared up. I'm telling you after I added the additional supplements, I was cleared up in 3 days. I had another break down, this time thanking God and just being plain freaking happy!!!!! :-) Ladies, I'm here to tell you, don't give up! You can beat this! When I went back to the doctor in March, I got great news! I was all clear, no clue cells, no issues! First good report I had received since October!! I am not a doctor, but this is what worked for me. Here is how I started my vitamin regimen, morning, I took 2 acidophilus, 1 womens ultimate flora 15 billion probiotic, 1-2 fem dophilus, 2 vitamin D. Lunch I took 2 - 400mg folic acid, 1 prenatal, and 2 odorless garlic. Dinner, I took 1 fish oil, 1 vitamin c, and 1-2 fem dophilus. I was taking alot! I have been clear for over a month and have not had to use any meds at all! In the past two weeks, I have lowered the dosages of these. I am now taking for maintenance, morning, one 50 billion ultimate flora vaginal support, 1 acidophilus, 1 femdophilus, 1 vitamin d. Lunch 1 prenatal, 1 garlic, 2 folic acid. Dinner 1 fish oil, 1 vitamin C and one femdophilus. I still check myself regularly and because I'm paranoid lol, if anything looks funny or if I get any funny tingling down there, I open up a fem dophilus capsule and use a tampon or the metro gel applicator that i rewash, and insert the fem dophilus powder directly to my vagina. I instantly feel better!! I'm not sure if it a combo of the vitamins that helped, but sometimes I feel like its just the femdophilus by itself, but I don't know! Either way, I am cured!


I am a massage therapist and trust and use essential oils for several healthcare issues. I suffered from Bv I my 20s when I had more than one sexual partner. I haven't had it since and that I am forty years old .. It came back . I was dreading calling my obgyn and getting on an antibiotic. I started reading my aromatherapy books and I started experimenting! A really good probiotic is a must , not only for BV but for a number of other benefits including a good digestive system. Anyway , I filled a douche bottle with warm water and put 10 drops of essential oil of lemon and 10 of lavender . Like garlic these two oils are antibacterial and antiviral. I used it in the shower and the cure was immediate! I also loved that I smelled amazing ( like lemons and fresh lavender ;) ! I was actually really surprised it worked so well and so fast . I was thrilled.!!! I also think takinging vit D3 and C .and that probiotic . I encourage sea salt baths and using organic coconut oil instead of harsh lotions and also for personal lubricant . He or she will love the way you smell......... Here's to a happy V !


I put peroxide straight in a douche container and douched with it. It didn't hurt or burn. For me it worked immediately. Odor and gross feeling gone! I douched for a couple days once in the morning once at night. I read somewhere be careful not to push air from the douche bag up there so squeeze air out before you do it. But its been a few days since I stopped and I feel clean. Great ideas on here!


Finally a natural cure! I have suffered from BV for years & always took the antibiotics my doc prescribed. It went away, for a little while but always came back. Sometimes I would get a few times a year! I eat very healthy, excersise 4-5 days a week & was in a 9 year relationship so I didn't know why I was so prone to BV. On the 2nd page I read a remedy & it worked for me! I started to take 1 Folic Acid, 1 Vitamin C, 1 Vitamin D, 4 odorless Garlic & a multivitamin per day! I was very pleased that I could take these orally & the pills were inexpensive. I didnt like the idea about actually inserting garlic in my vagina or anything else! Like the other girl, I noticed results in 3 days- the odor & itching was gone! I also had a couple days of thick white discharge as your vagina cleanses itself. YAY! Please try, it worked for me:)


Hey Ladies, I suffered with bv a few years ago for a few months and then I got it back again in the beginning of feb of this year. The metro gel was not working and neither were any of the antibiotics. My advice is to not waste any of your money on that crap. Here's what I did. Apple Cidar Vinegar bath, yogurt tampon and tea tree oil. I will say rubbing the tea tree oil up there stung but if you put a cold rag on it afterwards it felt much better. 5 days I am bv free. I also drank lots of cranberry juice and ate garlic which was gross but it worked. Good luck to you ladies, I hope this helps someone!


There are two options that work for BV. Both are over the counter and natural. The first is called PREVEGYNE it is a high concentrate vitamin C tablet that you insert for 6 days. It does cause come discharge so I highly recommend wearing a pad during treatment. I had to ask my pharmacist to order it in and now she keeps it stalked for me. It's a bit expensive but SO WHAT it works!! The next option is called PROVACARE. It's also used by inserting a tablet. (Also causes slight discharge so wear a liner) This tablet is good for BOTH yeast and bacteria. So if you're not 100% sure which one it is go with that one. I stay stalked up on both. I use the provacare (it's a little slower and gentler) after sex or when I feel sick and my immune system is low. I also bring it travelling incase I go in a hot tub or whenever I'm drinking a lot or eating lots of sugar. It's a great for maintanence although it also works too if you have a full on case. However for me if I get a full blown bv infection I use the prevegyne as it's faster acting (wear a pad! Trust me). Anyway my life had changed since discovering these two products so I just wanted to put it out there to see if I could help other women. Bv is horrid so I really hope this helps you too!! :)


Thanks all for reminding me of stuff that's worked before. I have dealt with this nonsense off an on 20 years or so, and it just popped up after an absence of several years. Having never been married, it seems specific to certain partners - some 'give' it to me, some don't. This one did, but only after we gave up 6 months of condom use to try unprotected sex using vaginal contraceptive film. The first time it was nothing, the second time I noticed something right away. I was already having intuition that our chemistry was not good, but I went ahead, and I am just not getting it and realizing what it is and being reminded of what's worked for me. Since this has been such a big problem for me off and on over the years, I was imagining breaking up being the solution (that is another story - maybe our not getting along this week is affecting my stress, as well as overwork and some bad PMS?) I do get the feeling it is an overall health thing but also maybe it has to do with my chemistry being off with someone, maybe physically or maybe in general? Idk. I am just grateful for this sight because I like natural medicine and hope to use yogurt (I sense a lot of relief from the pain and itching already from inserting some), and I hope to try some probiotics. I used garlic clove and it helped slow down the discharge. There is a good recipe for a Greek dish called
tzatziki (to eat)
Plain Greek yogurt
olive oil
chopped cucumber
a bit of salt
and TONS of minced garlic.
Stir it all up, YUM.


I am finally free of this dreadful infection! I do not have any idea where it came from but suffered, yes suffered, for the next year & a half after the first time I got it. I had it reoccur chronically over that time span & it was miserable! Just when I thought it was gone, here it came with a vengeance...
I was treated by my doctor repeatedly & was given every single antibiotic there was. It would subside, then come back. I tried every single natural remedy as well, no bueno.... You name it, I've tried it.
I really don't know what finally made it go away but it's gone for good & I actually feel different knowing for certain it's not coming back this time because I have not had one sign or symptom for 6 months now. I do have an educated guess & suspicions on what finally did the trick.
My doctor eventually wrote me a prescription for the Metronidazole vaginal gel with unlimited refills & said we needed to attack this aggressively & consistently. Twice a week I was supposed to use it but twice a week I decided to just put a big glop on my finger & insert it that way, really making sure to coat allllll around the inside of myself in all the folds & up toward my cervix. In the meantime I was taking large raw garlic cloves and inserting them with little slits in them, also inserting 1-2 Fem Dolphlius at a time also orally taking them. Trying at the same time to avoid sex, or making sure my husband pulled out. One day while cooking I was roasting whole garlic head cloves & decided to just eat a bunch after they were roasted because they were so good. I also researched alkaline diets & tried this for a few days to reset myself. After I did that, mainly eating butternut squash soup & kale, my bv never came back. I KNEW it was gone. I could actually FEEL it had left my body. I really hope this helps anyone struggling, because trust me I know what a bitch this thing is. Good luck!


Ladies, Ladies, Ladies,

Here is what worked for me...although some of you may not like what I have to say...but here is my story: This is long but you have to read it in order to understand where I am coming from. I have spent countless hours reading tons of posts relating to this horrific problem. I have tried to find a way to get rid of this but now I can finally say 'WOW' I never thought it would go away naturally. Rome was not built in a day so you will have to work at this until it goes away, but I feel it is easy compared to other solutions. First thing first, ever noticed when you scrape your skin your body heals don't really have to do anything? Well that's part of the secret to what helped me.
MY STORY: It all started April 2013 I became very ill with a sore throat...I was prescribed Amoxicilin for 10 days and towards the end I felt I was not getting back to the Doc... she perscribes me 7 days of Z-Pak without giving me a throat culture YIKES! I know this is when it all started because I got a yeast infection and I had never had a yeast infection in my life! The raging course of Diflucan begins so the next couple of months are spent taking this (it gets worse before it gets better, by the way...over $3,000.00 dollars spent on this whole @&%#$@# process!). Guess what August 2013 no more yeast, now my OBGYN has diagnosed me with BV (WTF is BV never heard of it before!) Just for giggles let's just look at all the pills that have be prescribed over the course of 11 months April 2013 - February 2014 (by the way antibiotics were not my solution!) Starting April 12, 2013: 875mg Amoxicillin twice a day for 10 days. April 25: Z-Pak 7 days. May 2: Diflucan 150mg once a day 3 days: June 26: Diflucan 150mg 1 day. July 6: Diflucan 150mg once a day for 3 days. July 10: Terconazole vaginal cream 0.8% for 3 days. Aug 8: Tinidazol 500mg twice a day for 5 days. August 28: Clindesse 2% vaginal cream for 3 days: Sept 12 Terconazole vaginal cream 0.8% 3 days. Oct 3: Metronidazole 250mg 3 times a day for 10 days. Nov. 26: Metronidazole 500mg twice a day for 7 days. Dec. 2: Boric Acid suppositories twice a week for 6 weeks. So at the end of December 2013 I had enough and decided to go to a Acupuncturist who gave me these very expensive herbs to make into a tea twice a day that tasted like dirty socks in coffee topped off with something that tasted like NyQuil...Yuck! I did this very expensive little dance for 2 months. STILL NO IMPROVEMENT! Feb 7, 2014 was diagnosed with a UTI (WTF...never had one of these either!) More antibiotics: Nitrofurantoin 100mg 7 least the UTI went away! Back to the Doc. Feb 15: Last chance prescribed Tindizole 500mg for 10 days along with Metrogel twice a week for 4 months Yikes...Yikes! So...what happened next was...I decided I had had enough of antibiotics I did not take the prescription of Tindizole and Metrogel! I was on mission to fight this without antibiotics! Ok let's backtrack a little bit to the end of December...yes this is the part where I tell you what worked for this time I started taking probiotics Jarrow Fem-Dophilus once a day sometimes twice a day I also drank a green super food mix made by Green Harvest...or something like that with acai mixed with apple juice and some other Garden of Life Woman probiotic. I also purchased a Breville Juicer Jan. 15, 2014 and started juicing every day (5 carrots, 1 beet, 4 stalks of kale, and 2 apples and I split this up into 2 servings) Starting mid February I was taking every day the following 1, 5000IU vitamin D, 1 400IU vitamin E, 1 800mcg B-complex, 1 400 folic acid pill, 1000mg vitamin C, 3 cranberry pills 3 times a day, 1 Garden of Life RAW probiotic 100 billion with 1 Fem-Dophilus by Jarrow. By the way...I have not had intercourse since the beginning of June 2013...I read somewhere you were not to do this or d-o-u-c-h! The main issue here is your Immune System and boost it so your body can heal itself. So take the vitamins listed, eat Stonyfield yogurt and add slivered almonds (only this variety has the right Lactobacillus rhamnosus in it). Eat healthy organic food...stop eating sugar and sugar free drinks and stop eating fast food...BV has been linked to a high saturated fat diet! Also, go workout...this really helps! I started training for a Marathon...yes a Marathon...I told my Acupuncturist (I see her still for acupuncture more nasty herbs) I was going to do anything to get rid of this thing...I was going to 'RUN' I told her...'I am going to run, I will beat this'. I started the training February 26 2014...and guess what March 10, 2014 I no longer have BV. I truly believe that the combination of the vitamins, juicing organic vegetables and fruits, eating lots of veggies and healthy foods, probiotics, acupuncture, and exercise boosted my immune system and my body was then able to recover. You don't have to train for a Marathon, just get out and work up a sweat, it will boost your Immune System!! So that's my story and how I fought BV and won! Don't give up keep fighting!


Hi girls.
I have been experiencing some mild BV for a few months which I have never had before. The connection I've made is that it could have been bought on by having unprotected sex with a new partner. It is worse when we have sex. Will this go away if I make him use condoms or should I go to the doctor and get the antibiotics?

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