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I've suffered from chronic BV for two years, I'm only 20 years old. I tried everything, even putting yogurt on a tampon and leaving it in for an hour. But, I FINALLY found something that works. I started taking 2 'acidophilusl pills every morning along with 2 'probiotic plus & cranberry' (found at walmart next to the douches, and feminine cleansing wipes. I take those 4 pills every morning and within a week the smell, the discomfort, everything was gone! Hope this works for you too!

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I have had Bv since July 2013 and was unaware of what it was. I thought it was just a yeast infection but the medicine for that didn't help but for about a week of relief. I went to my gynecologist and she prescribed me those gel inserts to treat a bacterial infection and once again I was great for about a week. I have been doing research based on posts online and so I used the rephresh gel they sale at walmart and it's been great but after 2 months it seems to not be as effective as it first was. Now I'm taking women's probiotics that I paid $8 for at walmart and they have seemed to be helping thus far. They are in the same section as the feminine care in walmart and called 'probiotic plus & cranberry' I will continue using them as they have made my life a lot easier. Everyone's bodies are different so find what works for you.


Hello I've been dealing with BV for years no antibiotics worked or any of the home remedies i started taking the Energy Now pills at the local 7 Eleven for .99 cents and it works I dont know what they have in them but it keeps everything in tact no smell and no discharge


I've been suffering from BV for over 6 months, went to the doctor few times...but nothing really worked until I did an online reasearch.

I got rid of the BV and that alful smell by taking 4 tablets of Organic Chlorella per day. Within 3 days of taking it, the smell was I keep taking the tablet.
' • Chlorella is an alkaline. It can help balance pH values in your body and counteract the acidifying effects of a modern diet.'


Okay so I suffered with B.V since summer of 2013. It really freaked me out becuase I never had such a yucky odor before and no matter what I did it never went away which got really embarrassing going anyway. So anyway,

1.) first I took a general antibiotic in pill form. Went away until my period came and then it was like it came back with a vengeance and even worse
2.)BVessentials: worked while I took it, as soon as I was off of it, it came back
3.) douch with diluted peroxide (1part h202 and 5 parts h20) This was this first thing I tried that provided ligitimate and noticeable relief! worked immediately, I spent that first day odor and discharge free. first time in 6 months!
unfortunately after a week or so I noticed the smell was starting to come back agan
4) douche with h202 and taking probiotic Acidophilus (1 billion active cutures per tablet) and also used a yogurt tampon...this helped too! it seemd like the smell was still slighty there but I really didn't want to have to keep up this routine so finally...

***THE ONE SIMPLE THING THAT WORKED!!!*** I PURCHESED some ultimate flora women's probiotic. it was only like 20 dollars at walmart(oher stress charge 30 to 40) and omg it was worth it. I took it for a month and two months later I am still BV FREE. no discharge or smell! its amazing. Thank you to whoever suggested this.


Hi!! I got BV in November of 2013 and it lasted until March 2014 Horrible!! I did everything from taking the antibiotics that my doctor prescribed twice and nothing worked!! I have tried every home remedy under the sun and nothing seemed to budge!!
The only home remedy that did seem to help was the hydrogen peroxide douche. If you are going to do this I do think that you have to do it everyday for awhile for it to actually cure your BV!

The first thing that I did was ate Activia Greek yogurt !! It's really the only yogurt that helps me!! Trust me I've tried other yogurts and now as soon as a I feel just a little different down there I will eat one and everything has been fine!

The second thing that I did was I went back to the soap that I have always used and never had a problem with, So girls try to go back and remember if you changed your soap to something different. Even if it was hypoallergenic or not go back to whatever you have used in the past. When all this was happening I went from dove green bar to the white bar, so when I noticed there was a problem I went to Vagisil hypoallergenic and still no difference, and at the very end I went back to my dove green bar! And finally it was all over!! I feel 110% better!!! Couldn't be happier!!! Hope something helps girls! I truly understand your pain!


OKAY, I will make this short & sweet as possible. I got BV Dec 2013 for the first time and FREAKED out. I went to my gyno - was given antibiotics & a few weeks later - it was back. I tried EVERYTHING, acidophilus, yogurt inserts, garlic insert ACV + water douches - Literally EVERYTHING.

I did some research on BORIC ACID. It works WONDERS. I simply purchased boric acid powder from amazon + 00 capsules. I filled them up and inserted one at night. the next morning - Discharge and smell was GONE. I did it for two nights, just to be sure it wasn't a fluke. May 2014 will be 4 months BV Free. I also have left over boric acid + capsules just in case this monster decides to pop up again.

Stay happy and healthy Ladies! Hope you find your cure soon!


I struggled with chronic BV for years, and always thought it was a side effect of my IUD. About two months ago I found out I was Lactose Intolerant and since have cut out all dairy in my life. After a few weeks no dairy, all my symptoms went away. I recommend cutting out lactose, or talking to your doctor about a lactose intolerance test if you have any discomfort with milk.


I was suffering from this every month or so for a year. I saw a remedy on this site that I began using, which was to put a peeled clove of garlic inside the vagina over night. It was great for clearing up the BV quickly but it still kept coming back. I started taking odourless garlic capsules daily and haven't had BV for two months.


Hi Ladies! So I call this a home remedy just because it doesn't involve a doctor's visit ;) I have been having trouble with a specific type of BV (not the usual symptoms... I would have a water-gushing thing going felt like I was peeing my pants, just awful). I did some online research and found out that some good 'ol herbs had powerful antibacterial properties to help restore balance to the system. In particular, Oregano Oil, Olive Leaf, Golden Seal, and Coconut Oil (Capryllic Acid). Oregano oil and Olive leaf kill all sorts of bacteria and have been used for centuries by other cultures instead of antibiotics.

So here is my routine: take an antibacterial herbal supplement in the morning (one I really like right now because it has a formula with a bunch of these herbals All-In-One is called VF10 Complete Feminine Care Formula... it even has Cinnamon in it to regulate blood sugar), then take probiotics in the afternoon AND night (ones with lots of strains of good bacteria/flora). I also pretty much cut out sugar from my diet and follow the usual rules (no douche, no panties to bed, take a multivitamin).

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