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Ok ladies I have to share my story! I've suffered from this horribly frustrating bacteria for years. I've tried everything from Apple cider vinegar douche,peroxide douche, every vitamin, and probiotics. These things helped mask the smell and symptoms but I had to keep up with douching everyday. The smell would always return the next day. So here's what cured me!!! I bought a ninja bullot from Wal-Mart a couple bags of frozen fruit a bag of spinach and kale mixed, pineapple juice, chobani plain Greek yogurt with live active cultures. For the first two days I drank 3 smoothies and the smell and discharge had completely gone away!! I'm a couple weeks in my smoothie cure and still no symptoms! I'm now drinking 2 smoothies a day! This cured me please give it a try!


Tea tree therapy is a company that makes tea tree oil suppositories for your V! It is basically the same- just oil and a bit of tea tree oil. I buy it online on amazon! And definitely steer clear of yogurt, the entire US medical system is misleading... Dairy is NO good! Also, I suffered from recurring BV for 6 months last year and not even my holistic doc could help UNTIL I recieved from her a little strange natural medicine from Supreme Nutrition company. It's called BFB-1. I could not stress enough how amazing this is. Basically when you 'cure' BV or yeast let's say, there remains a thin film layer of the bacteria in your body (gut I think). So that's what allows the infection to return no matter how vigorously you treat it! I promise - within three days of using this stuff (one drop behind ear and one under your left big toe) and I broke down the film layer and have never had an infection since!! and this was in December :) I hope this helps. Plz, plz consider ordering the product from supreme !!!


Thank you to this site and all the ladies sharing their remedies. I have BV for for 4 months. Finally I am cured. I have tried all remedies, all works only temporary. Boric Acid insert cured my BV. First capsule insert, smell was gone for several days until my period is over. A very light odor was back. After gathering information…I inserted Boric Acid again, this time I do it 2 days. Also, first thing in morning i drink a glass of water along with GNC Ultra 30 Probiotic complex women's. After lunch I intake my daily fish oil, multivitamin, and Dong Quay root. I drink Yogi (woman's energy helps balance the female system) tea. It has been 30 days and sex, NO smell. My period is over and still no odor. Dong Quay root and Yogi tea are from Whole food and Sprouts store.


Hello ladies! I Have been suffering with bv for maybe a year off and on now, I have been to the doctor multiple times and like many others it goes away and comes back! I searched and searched for a cure and finally found something that works! EMERGEN C!!! 1000 mgs of vitamin c and vh essentials bv capsules, I take 2 capsules and one emergen c packet a day and It's worked for me. Do this everyday! It is worth having a fresh v! I know how annoying this is just thought id share! Hope this works for someone!


The easiest thing to treat bv with is homeopathy. I tried all the antibiotics, garlic, tea tree and a few other things all to very little avail. I tried homeopathy last as I was a bit skeptical about it. Anyway, after looking it up on the net i thoght that at aproximately £5 a go I didnt have a lot lose. My bv syptoms required KREASOTUM 30c. I took 1 pilute every four hours for 3 doses. within 3 days the horrible stench that had left me confused, depressed and hopeless had completely gone. The relief was the best Ive ever experienced. there are different remedise for different symptons. the best thing to do is see a homeopath but if money is tight do lots of research on the net. I do also avoid all body washes, eat natural yogurt once a day and have cut down but not completely cut out sugar and yeast. If you deside to try treating yourself never use a remedie higher than a 30c.


one word HIBICLENS!!! RUN!!!...dont walk to your nearest Walgreens, CVS, Duane Read etc. Its in the band-aid section! Use in the shower instead of soap using your hand or clean wash clean the outside of the vagina. I have suffered from BV my whole life and this is the ONLY thing that has worked!!! (I thought I would need something to put inside but this works!)


Like the rest of everyone I continually suffer from BV and nothing seems to destroy this irritating problem. Now my post isn't a remedy, but a question.

Last night I pricked a clove of garlic and slept over night with it in me. When I woke up I noticed something.... I had a slight garlic taste in my mouth. Now i know garlic is always extracted through your pores, but i didn't smell. I know that doctors do not know the root cause of BV, but has anyone associated BV with bacteria in the mouth? I read somewhere once that BV can be associated with teeth infections and I suffer from tonsil stones constantly.

Does anyone else here suffer from any problems with their mouths?


Yes this works!
I take two acidophilus and two garlic tablet orally per day. Usually one in the morning and one mid day. Drink plenty of water and cranberry juice. I use my finger and dip it in coconut oil and insert in in my vagina to coat. Then take you finger and dip in tea tree oil and insert in vagina to coat it. I have been trying to incorporate yogurt but I'm not a big yogurt fan so I eat it here and there. My vagina is now fresh and clean. Do this whenever you feel unclean or smell. Good luck ladies!


Hi Ladies,
As a woman who suffers from Bacterial Vaginosis quite often, I would like to share a hypothesis as to why sometimes Bacterial Vaginosis wont go away even if you insert yoghurt in your vagina, (which is my all time magical cure for this totally uncomfortable infection).

Whenever I have had BV I immediately take a little syringe (with out the needle of course) fill it with yoghurt and insert into my vagina. The next day I am all good and cured from BV, (for a while) yaaaaay!!!

But recently I suffered BV for a few weeks in a row and the yoghurt trick was not working! AT ALL!!
But i kept doing the yoghurt, taking Acidophillus pills 3bilion! drank lemon juice every morning, etc.. I did it all!And it still would not go away!!

Then I went to visit my mom for a few days and every morning she gave me a spinach smoothie and after two days of this, the horrible BV was gone!!! yooohooo!

So, it might be all in your diet, of course. What my conclusion was, is that my body might have been too acidic and therefore the BV was not going away but with the drinking of SPINACH smoothies or juice it went away because it is an Alkaline food. So all I was missing was more alkaline in my diet.

So, less sugars which make you acidic and feed bacteria and therefore wont help that gross BV take a hike and more Alkaline foods!

This worked for me. Might not work for you. But why not give it a try ;)


I had BV (self diagnosed of course). So I came to this website and got a whole bunch of different ideas and remedies. Here is what I tried and what worked best for me:

Organic probiotics (4/day)
Tampon soaked in tea tree oil/water combo (this step must be before the yogurt, 2 hours) as it helps clean the area and get it ready for the good bacteria
Tampon soaked in organic Stoneyfield plain yogurt (2-4 hours)
Tea tree oil/water spray on outside of vagina after every bathroom trip
Cotton underwear during treatment

After about 2 days of this homemade treatment I couldn't believe how fresh I smelled. Even at the end of the day after working out and sweating. I hadn't realized how long I had been suffering from BV until it was gone!!!!!! No more fishy smell!!

Whenever I start to smell even if just a little bit I do this treatment and it works every time. I notice it mostly after my period every month.

I'm currently starting the process again just to make sure I'm fresh!! I stopped taking the probiotics about 2 weeks after the BV cleared up. This time I'm just going to keep taking them on a daily basis.

Hope this works as well for you as it did for me!! I'm so incredibly impressed by how fresh I am it still surprises me!!

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