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Coconut and tea tree oil! Mix together and apply to vagina. Takes away smell immediately and clears it up.


Ok so I have a question if anyone can help? I've been using 1 billion providing inserted basically, and it usually works within an hour. The smell/discomfort is just completely gone BUT after a couple hours, I start getting a REALLY dark yellow discharge. At first I thought it was just the pills disintegrating, but I tried putting one in water and it didn't turn yellow by itself. Can anyone explain this?


I believe I have BV. Last year I was diagnosed with it by my doctor, was given a vaginal antibiotic and it cleared up fine.

I believe it has reoccurred as my symptoms are the same and I was hoping to be able to do a home remedy.

I have read many treatments on here, but the thing is, I only have vaginal 'pain/pressure' ans slight burning sensation, whic is what I had last year. They ruled out UTI which I am all too familiar with and I know this is not. I do not have abnormal discharge or funny smell.

The pain/burning is more prevalent in certain sitting positions or when I lie down, especially on my stomach. Standing up I usually do not notice.

I have tried the coconut oil and tea tree oil and it helped slightly but not all the way. I am now trying the hydrogen peroxide and will see if that helps.

I eat very healthy and take acidopholus am and pm.

Has anyone had similar symptoms as me and found something that helped? I plan to go to the doctor if the hydrogen peroxide does not help.


I've had BV off and on for a year and a half. I've sadly tried antibiotics repeatedly. It always came back. I felt like I tried it all. Everything... Then I became pregnant and became more determand then ever to heal. I started taking a ridiculous amount of probiotics. IT WORKED! This is what worked for me... On top of eating clean and drinking plenty of water...
Morning/Evening/Night: 1 BIO K (adding 1 capsule of garden of life probiotic vaginal care) and then swallowing 1 capsule of PhemDophillis.
So that's 3 BIO K's plus 6 capsules daily. You may need to work your way up to this. The bacteria will be at war in your belly and it can be too much of a good thing at first. So go easy. I find that this was nessasary in my case especially considering all the antibiotics.
It's been 4 days of this and I noticed an emediate difference after one day. I plan to continue for 8 days total. I feel very good about this. I do realize that there are 2 different types of BV. One that is caused by a parasite(trichinosis) and one that is bacterial. Trichinosis may be a bit more complicated but I know that there is a line of doterra essential oils that work with detoxing parasites that I hear works great. I wish you all health and healing!


Hello ladies,let's get down to business I have been suffering from BV for over three years off and on.These last three months after my hysterectomy it seems like I couldn't get rid of it at all. The smell and discharge was horrible. When I took the antibiotic it would go away and then I would get a yeast infection.I seen my obgyn four times in two months.So I started doing research online and came across this website here and it felt so good to know I was not alone.Everyone had some kind of cure so what I did was take a little from what I read. First of all my doctor said for me to eat yogurt twice a day I prefer CHOBANI it's great ACTIVIA is good also but very sugary. I also take: Ultimate Flora Probiotic(walmart) once a day, D3-1000 twice a day,cranberry pills and also odorless garlic 1000 both twice a day. I also eat two garlic cloves a day.Ladies let me tell you I have been BV free for a month now and I feel great.I want to thank everyone for their remedies without you guys I wouldn't,t have known what to do. Try this or kind of do your own thing,but it works. Good luck


I have dealt with this issue off and on for several yrs. Usually springs up with stress.I am excited to share my recent news. Today is day 5 of a juicing cleanse(using the magic bullet so that I am not just extracting water from my veggies and fruits) This is the first time I ever did anything remotely like this but I figured what could it really hurt. I did it with the intentions of detoxifying myself and wanted to monitor my progress. Day one immediate result! There was no odor, no need for me to take a Refresh capsule to control it. Juicing has lowered my PH almost instantly. I do plan on going back to solid food in tutu he next day or so but I will most certainly be more health conscious and will look to juice each morning and substitute my morning coffee for it.

Check out this article of foods that I believe caused my PH to be off balance and ones that I'll be cutting back on.


I have been struggling with constant BV. I finally was able to do some research and discover something that has worked for me. I used a saline rinse with non iodized sea salt in Luke warm water then I inserted a capsule of goldenseal and Echinacea only a couple drops in a capsule.. and after 2 days of doing it I hve no symptoms I really hope this works for others


I've experienced 3-4 bouts of BV over the last year. They seem to come in conjunction with UTIs and hang around after that infection is gone.
Different things have worked for me at different times. I have never experienced an odor, just swelling, itchiness, dryness or thicker discharge.
What you want to do is restore the balance of good bacteria.
When the infection isn't too bad, I douche with about 40% peroxide and 60% distilled water. Do this in the shower, once in the morning, once at night. Doing this for 3-4 days worked to clear the infection when it was mild. I also took Folic Acid for a couple of weeks.
If I catch it early on, I like to use Tea Tree Remedy Suppositories (find them at health food stores, whole foods) overnight. These leave ya feeling fresh and clean, but wear a pad or old underwear. They're messy. Again, these seem to work better if you have only a mild infection or sometimes work with yeast.
Recently, I had a more annoying infection of BV. I used the suppositories for 6 nights in a row and the swelling went down, so I thought I was good. But it came back a couple of days later. I realized that I was doing everything to fight the bacteria but not supporting the regrowth of good bacteria that would restore balance.
I started taking Femdophilus 2x daily. Drinking a lot of water is always good for everything. I prefer water with lemon that supports your body's alkaline balance.
Here's what finally worked to clear an infection I'd had for 5+ weeks. Inserting YOGURT + FEMDOPHILUS. A lot of reviewers have done this with success. I skipped the tampon. I mixed a couple of tablespoons of yogurt (I had Greek in the fridge, but it doesn't matter, as long as you have plain, fresh, full of good bacteria yogurt in there) with a popped open capsule of Femdophilus. You can get a plastic syringe I suppose but you can also put your legs up against the wall and get it in there.
Do this right before bed and put on some old undies. Shower in the morning. You can wear a pad during the day if you wish as you will have some discharge.
I did this for 3 nights and saw significant improvement each day. By day 3 I had a lot of discharge as if everything was getting clean. Since then I've been fine and felt healthy again!


Let me tell you I have had this horrible BV for quite some time & like everyone else on here I really didn't think it would ever be possible to get rid of. I have tried almost everything, pro-biotic, inserting yogurt, douche, antibiotics, apple cider vinegar baths/pills...until I got on here & started reading some of the stories & results...I have been doing a daily shake in the morning with yogurt/fruit.. but that didn't seem to do much..started taking pro-biotics & have even done the RePhresh package from Wal-mart it worked but not for long until this came back. I was really starting to get depressed about it & having sex with my BF was getting after reading all the stories I went to Wal-mart yesterday & bought the following:

-Peroxide - for the half water douche
-Vitamin D3 - 1000IU
-Vitamin C - 500MG
-Odorless Garlic 1000MG
-Probiotic Acidophilus - 1 Billion Active Cultures

When I got to work I automatically popped 2 x Odorless Garlic pills, 1 x Probiotic Acidophilus, 1 x Vitamin C & D..I had already taken my 2 x Probiotic w/Cranberry, Folic Acid, & Apple Cider Vinegar pills for the day.

I already was taking Folic Acid - 400MCG and VH Essentials Probiotic Plus Cranberry with Apple Cider Vinegar pills..this combo didn't seem to do much that I noticed.

So last night I went home to shower..did the douche (1/2 peroxide & 1/2 warm water)...then washed just my private area with the Hibiclens..DO NOT INSERT...just put some on your hand & wash around the vaginal area...once out the shower I dried up good...then while laying in the bed..I inserted 1 x Folic Acid, 2 x Pro-biotic pills & 1 x Probiotic Acidophilus into my vagina..I know this sounds insane/crazy but after reading some stories on here & being frustrated I am willing to try anything...I mean I have put yogurt up there so I know the pills/pro-biotic wouldn't hurt me.

Before I went to bed I took 2 x Odorless Garlic & 1 x Folic Acid & 1 x Vitamin D pill(which is what I will take every night before bed)...Slept all night woke up...NO ODOR...NO DISCHARGE...NOTHING...I don't know if its the overload of pills, the insertion of the pills..the peroxide douche..or what but I can say I am SUPER EXCITED..the smell & being self conscience if others could smell was HORRIBLE...I know its just day one or two..but I am going to continue the pill regimen for a few weeks...I will prob always have to take probiotics & vitamin D,C..but I rather take all these pills than suffer with this horrible BV.

So after today I will just stay on the pills to see if I can keep this away, the odor, the discharge & gushing of fluids coming out & gone FOREVER...

This is what I plan to take daily...I will douche as needed(don't plan on doing it much...or inserting pills unless it's necessary)I know it seems like a lot..but obviously I am or was lacking all these vitamins/probiotics & I am ready to have a HEALTHY VAJAY-JAY because doctors visits co-pays & antibiotics was not getting ride of the problem..LOL..I hope this helps someone...I know it sounds like a lot to read & do..but I think its totally worth it!!

Daily Pills:
4 x Odorless Garlic (2 in morning & 2 at night)
2 x Folic Acid (1 x morning & 1 x night)
2 x Probiotic w/cranberry (morning)
2 x Vitamin D (morning & night)
1 x Vitamin C (morning)
1 x Probiotic Acidophilus (morning)

Once I get this under control I might knock some of these down to one pill a day...I know its a lot of pills..but I want to get rid of this FOREVER..LOL..whatever works for far this is working for I am sticking with it..I will start to decrease pills probably in a few weeks....hope this helps..feel free to ask questions if you have any!!


Hi Ladies,

I have suffered with this shitty infection for a while. Read a home remedy two nites ago and decided to try it. I want to share this with you too:

Coat a tampon with organis coconut oil and then on top put drops of 100% blend tea tree oil over the top. Insert for about 2 hours. I have done this for two days and so far so good. The odor has almost gone. Probably needs to be done for about 3 days.

Good luck with it all.

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