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I dont know what to do. Im 15 years old never been sexually active , never douched , never stuck anything up there. Ive tried to go see a doctor but i dont really have anyone to take me. Its like a nnasty fishy odor coming from my private pparts ,and ive even been bullied because oother people could smell it . I dont knoe what to do , its embarassing . No matter how hard or gentle i wash down there it doesnt go away . Ive tried tea tree oil, baking soda , apple cider vinager. I dont want to spend my money o something that wont work , so can someone give me a way to get rid of it that will work. Im really tired of being talked about it because of it , so please help me.


Hi ! I was recently diagnosed with BV & cervical polyps and legions on my cervix these are slow growing and can lead to cancer if your not careful. As a side effect I began getting BV from the ph balance distress the lesions were causing. Then I got Trichomonas vaginalis from a sexual partner. My doctor said I had HSIL and a cone biopsy is my only option. I was able to heal my cervix and bv using home made vaginal suppositories made from pure Aloe Vera jelly. I want to have more children so I chose to try diet change, quitting smoking , juicing, herbal tonics & cleansing while I thought about surgery. I've had reoccurring bv for so many years, I really wanted to get rid of it. Well to ease my cervical lesions which were always spotting, I decided to try Aloe plant. I purchased the aloe plant stalks in the produce section of the market. To my surprise the bv was also cured after 3 days & my cervix feel less inflamed and no longer spoting. It feel so amazing! The odor stopped the second day of treatment.

Here's the remedy:

1. Brand new flexible ice tray (iKea has small rectangular ones that work great) - sterilize tray by boiling first

2. Use a small pearing knife to scrape the clear jelly from inside the aloe Vera stalk

3. Blend the jelly (only clear jelly) in a blender until the slippery mixture is fine and has no lumps . (Make sure you do not leave behind any of the green outside parts , as these can cause irritation to the outside areas of the vagina.

4. Pour mixture of pure blended aloe jelly into the ice tray and cover with parchment paper then seal in plastic zip loc. Freeze mixture.

5. Break frozen rectangles into half size manageable pieces. Insert small about (.5ml) frozen pieces into vagina at bed time and wear a thin pad.

6. use suppositories for 5-8 nightsn preferable right after your menstrual cycle ends towards your next ovulation.

7. There can be slight irritation to the vulva areas as the jelly first flushes out. This will only last a few minutes while the suppository first melts. Try to be sleeping or laying down. Wipe clean and change pad for comfort.

8. Fishy odor caused by BV bacteria and Unbalanced PH will fade starting the second day.

Good luck!


I had BV for over a year. After having it for so long I convinced myself it was never going to go away. At first I tried the doctor approach and was prescribed flagyl, which did not work, and then was prescribed clindamycin, which also did not work. I proceeded to try various home remedies each for extended periods of time, all which had varying effects:

1. Boric acid suppository, left in overnight. This got rid of a lot of the itchiness, pain, and discharge. However, I still felt very uncomfortable and as soon as I stopped taking it, the worst of my symptoms would come roaring back.

2. Vitamin C, inserted overnight. This just didn't work for me at all.

3. Acidophilus inserted overnight. This didn't do anything.

4. Hydrogen peroxide soaked tampons, 2X daily each for 30 minutes. this helped immensely, but if I skipped a day all my symptoms would come back.

5. Rephresh pro-b probiotics, 2 x daily (as opposed to the 1 time a day as stated on the bottle). A noticeable improvement, but still some pain, itchiness and mild discharge.

After experimenting with ALL of that for a year, I figured out what works for me. Boric acid suppository left in overnight (not every night but about 3 times a week) AND Rephresh Pro-B probiotics taken 2 times a day (once in the morning and once at night). Rephresh Pro-B has an enteric coating to make sure that the probiotics survive your stomach acid and make their way through your system to actually cross over into the vaginal tract. The two probiotic strains it contains are l. rhamnosus and l. reuteri. The two methods on their own (boric acid + rephresh pro-b) didn't help to completely rid my symptoms, but when used together I finally feel normal.


I had this for nearly three years with no luck. I tried everything. I finally came across a study that ties bacterial vaginosis to Vitamin D deficiency. I went to my doctor and turns out my body doesn't absorb Vitamin D correctly. I am on supplements and I have not a problem with BV since. Here is the study:


I had a very resistant strain of BV. I tried hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, a week long salt water soak and bergamot essential oil mixed with water nothing worked. After I stopped my frantic and desperate internet search I was able to calm down enough to realize that I already had the answer from my medicinal herb studies. The cure consist of two ingredients. After a week or so of therapy it's gone forever. No taking a million capsules for the rest of your of your life.The cure is $10 or less. If you would like the cure feel free to email me at and I will share it with you. It's guaranteed to work. Mines cleared up in 1 day. Smell,discharge and fatigue gone but I kept it up for a week just to be on the safe side. I am a black woman in my 30s if that makes a difference to anybody as far the compare n contrast in remedies due to biological make up. However I am very sure this will work for everybody. Hit me up I'll help you get rid of this hellish condition.


I have had many yeast infections over the years, along with my share of bacterial vaginosis. The last time, I suffered for 9 months. After going through 2 courses of antibiotics from my dr. to no avail, I scoured the internet, and tried things such as: tampons soaked with coconut oil, eucalyptus, and lavender; boric acid douches and straight boric acid powder; Hibiclens wash. Although each remedy knocked the symptoms, nothing really cleared it up....UNTIL...I talked with my chiropractor, who said "Maybe you have a yeast infection," to which I replied, "No, Doc, I know what those are like, this is definitely BV, but I've tried everything else, so why not try that too." So I used one of those 1-dose oval capsules (which actually works for about a week). And, voila! No more BV/Yeast/Whatever-it-was!!! That was over one year ago. Since then, I have refortified myself with probiotics (Kombucha tea, raw sauerkraut, yogurt, and supplements -- and I don't eat many grains).My health returned very quickly.


Ladies, this has to be a multi targeted approach, in and out. Keep in mind that any condom might throw things off, just like any unprotected sex act could do the same. Just keep an eye on things!

As for me, I drank raw cranberry juice, not concentrate, taking cranberry extract, taking a refrigerated probiotic, 2 x 1000 vit C a day and will add hot water with lemon. Keyword is acidic, especially inside the body, not just the local area, vagina. Your diet has to reflect your efforts, cut way back on cocktails, I noticed white wine might be ok, but very little of it. Cotton underwear, no PJONe at night. And be patient! Give this targeted approach more than a week, think of it as an inflammatory imbalance that does take time to go away and stay away!


I've been struggling with BV for about 3 weeks now, im 16 and sexually active with my boyfriend. It started out with yellow discharge and a gross dead rat smell coming from the vagina or discharge. I tried douching with peroxide but then i just learned that doesnt cure it just take away my smell so i read about Vitamin C. I been taking it for 3 days intravaginally, my discharge is still yellow and theres a lot, also it has a strong smell not thats fishy or deadlike, it kind of reminds me of vitamins or baby formula. so im curious is the discharge yellow because of the vitamin? & do you think the smell will go away? im getting concerned, its making me depressed and stressed i just want it gone.


Hi ladies, I feel your pain because I've had bv for many years. I constantly went to the doctor and received antibiotics that didn't work. I was sick and tired of feeling like there was no help for me. So, I started doing research and I've learned many things that I was not aware of. First of all, the antibiotics not only kill bad bacteria, they also kill the good bacteria your vagina needs to stay balanced. That would explain why in just a few weeks after taking antibiotics the odor and discharge comes back. So that's when I started looking for natural remedies. I was determined to get my life back and stop this bv for good. I was missing out on everything because I couldn't be around other people because of the horrible odor. I had to do something fast. Here's what has worked for me:

1. Start taking a probiotic with more than one strain, also get one with alot of cultures. I use probiotic 10 with 20 billion cultures.

2. Start a healthy diet with fruits and vegetables and eliminate sweets. Most important DRINK PLENTY OF WATER daily.

3. Start taking Vitamin C or Vitamin E pills daily. This will help strengthen your immune system. I also take folic acid.

4. Start eating yogurt daily. I don't like yogurt so I do the tampon method instead. Get plain organic yogurt with more than one culture. Take a tampon soak it in the yogurt and insert it in your vagina. I usually leave it in for about 30 mins or so. I do this once a day. After you remove the tampon, rinse the area thoroughly with warm water.

5. Lastly, I soak in a apple cider vinegar bath. (Make sure it's organic ACV with "THE MOTHER"). When I first started this step, I started doing this once a week but now I only do it once a month after my cycle. Just add 2-3 cups of ACV in your bath and soak for about 30-40


Well, ladies this remedy has really worked for me. I hope that it will work for others who are dealing with t his horrible condition as well. Remember to be consistent don't give up. Depending on how long you've had bv it may take a little longer to notice results but the key is to get your ph back in balance.

Good luck and God bless.

J.G. ?

Hi everyone!!! I've been battling BV the last 2 or 3 years on and off and the first time I realized I had it, like anyone else who has,freaked the hell out!!!! Went to the doc, got prescribed Flagyl, it worked well but f*cked up my flora and gave me the worst yeast infection I've ever had and made the BV come back! Whatta waste of time and money... so I started looking up ALL natural remedies and tried everything! Through all the crazy experiments my vag and I have gone through, I have come up with 2 sure-fire remedies that do the job for me anytime it wants to start back up again (which is once or twice a year, as opposed to every month the first year I had it on Flagyl)

1ST REMEDY(my fav): 1 part 3\\% hydrogen peroxide, 1 part water mixture in a douche or medicine syringe. Insert and drain. Cleans out all the bacteria, good and bad. Immediately after doing so, push an acidophilus pill towards the back of your vagina to distribute back good bacteria, this is a very important step to rid of your BV forever. Make sure to wear a liner the next 1-2 days while your vagina rids of the excess acidophilus (always get checked up to make sure it is just BV and not due to something else). Acidophilus is available in most grocery stores in the vitamin isle $5-$15 (also really good for bloated bellies if taken orally!!!)

2ND REMEDY: Insert a Vitamin C tablet or pill (NON-FLAVORED) and push it all the way back in your vagina. Wait one day as the pill starts to dissolve and exit. Next day insert an acidophilus pill, pushed all the way back, and make sure you're wearing a liner the entire time! And BAM! You should be clean and foul smell-free!! This remedy takes a bit longer time (3-4 days) but if you don't like hydrogen peroxide this is a great alternative (:

These two remedies have helped me so very much and I hope they work for you too!!! Good luck ?

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