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I have been battling BV for what seems like years now, and NOTHING has worked. I've used antibiotics prescribed to me by my gynecologist, and I've tried so many home remedies such as hydrogen peroxide, probiotics, I've even changed my clothes, my underwear and their material, abstained from sex, EVERYTHING you can think of. Only one thing has cured and kept my BV away and did so within HOURS. I take two tablespoons of liquid chlorophyll in the morning and two at night (you must not exceed six tbsp in a 24 hour period) and it works WONDERS. It tastes like mint tea. No more odor, no more itch, no more being embarrassed to make love to my fiancé. I hope someone sees and can benefit from this the way I did, I'm telling you guys that it really works. Good luck!


First let me say this, and something some of you may have not even considered: GO TO THE DOCTOR TO GET CHECKED FOR TRICHOMONAS (sp). It is an STI that has THE SAME SYMPTOMS AS BV. The only cure for it, is Flagyl or Clindamyacin. Kind of ironic how the two worst things for bv are the best things for an STI, right?

Now, with that being said, I contracted Trich and thought it was BV. But, I'm OCD and went to the doctor, and it was Trich.

Before I contracted it, I'd had BV before, and I was 'cured' when I went on Paleo diet and added a standard multivitamin, but then my symptoms returned after a recent partner, so I went to the doctor.

Now, at least here, they give you one megadose of Flagyl. I knew it would either give me a yeast infection or BV, so I took a standard acidipholus supplement with it. That's it. I didn't douche, I didn't stick garlic up there, I didn't do anything else. Now, I take my multivitamin and acidipholus daily. I think the most important thing to keep in mind is to remember, not everything works for everyone. I truly believe any antibiotics will upset your vagina and it doesn't hurt to take the supplement. My diet doesn't permit yogurt, so that's why I went with the supplement. After 3 days (which may have been the antibiotic fighting off the trich, granted) I have had no problems.

I think a lot of it has to do with our diet and what we put into our bodies, because it all gets filtered and then reintroduced, or pushed out. STOP EATING PROCESSED FOODS. Pick apart from any diet what you will, but putting these chemicals in your body from things being marketed as edible is just not good for you. Even your water, buy bottled water that's been through reverse osmosis. Lemon water is great for anyone, I read on here to do a water fast and that makes perfect sense. BV is just an imbalance of bacteria, so why not flush all of it out, and only keep good bacteria there? IE: Acidipholus.

Take a good multivitamin with folic acid, take your supplement, and go on with your day. Also, a high-potency cranberry supplement if you can't stand cranberry juice isn't a bad idea either. (I HATE CRANBERRY JUICE)

Anytime you're fighting ANY infection, rather it be BV or an abscess tooth, AVOID SUGAR AT ALL COSTS. Sugar only feeds bacteria! Again, the water fast makes sense! If you don't want to drink plain water, a good detox water is this: One cucumber, sliced (with or without skin, doesn't matter), lemon juice (freshly squeezed, or squeeze and throw the entire lemon in there after you got the juices out) And some ginger tea mixed with the water. I slice about a half inch of ginger off, skin it, and boil it in a cup of water and then mix it with the detox water. Drink that for two days, and only that, and then start a diet of organic, natural foods. It can be expensive but you will feel amazing in about a week. We have to start treating our bodies better, ladies!

Try any of these that you will, what worked for me may not work for you. and please, don't panic if you think you've contracted trich. I didn't have ALL of the symptoms of trich, just itching and swelling and a white discharge I thought was my natural discharge from ovulation. It wasn't colored or 'frothy' (as it's been described)

I'll post the symptoms of trich down here, and I'm going to warn you, they are eerily similar to BV. That's why it's important to get tested.

'Often, trichomoniasis has no symptoms. Most people are not aware that they have the infection — especially men.
When women have symptoms, they may have
frothy, often unpleasant-smelling discharge
blood spotting in the discharge
itching in and around the vagina
swelling in the groin
the urge to urinate frequently — often with pain and burning
Men rarely have symptoms. When they do have symptoms, they may have
discharge from the urethra
the urge to urinate frequently — often with pain and burning
If symptoms develop, it may take about 3–28 days.'

(I got that from planned parenthood)

So, please, get tested. Take acidipholus or eat yogurt with your medicine. It will keep a yeast infection or BV at bay.

Good luck ladies, I don't want to freak you out, but I've noticed some of these stories being from women who just recently switched partners. Men don't often know they have trich. They can be carriers and not even know it.


Hi Ladies. I've been battling BV on and off for almost 4 years. Your doctor will prescribe you with antibiotics but that alone won't work, the symptoms will come right back. I had to take a hard look at the things I was putting in my body (crap, mostly). In the last three weeks, I've 'alkalized' my diet significantly. BV comes from an imbalance caused by over acidity in the vagina, so you need to balance yourself out. I drink alkaline water and lemon water, take a probiotic supplement, have miso soup in the morning instead of coffee, and try to avoid packaged goods like candy and chips. That shit is destroying you, listen to your body! It has been so difficult, and I've had some bad headaches as my body has gotten used to it but I've also lost a pant size, have a ton more energy in the morning, and best of all, no BV. It's been less than a month since changing my diet and I'm already better in so many ways. My skin is clearer, too. I also recommend making smoothies and drinking your greens if (like me) the thought of eating salad depresses you. Overall I'd say good hydration (3 liters of water a day), probiotics, miso soup, bell peppera, as many green veggies as possible, and no candy or chips and I guarantee you'll notice the difference in a month. You can get packets of miso soup for cheap, it's as easy as having tea. Alkaline water gets expensive if you drink it exclusively so have it for a few weeks or as long as you can afford it then switch to lemon water. Good luck!! You can do it :)


I've been having an issue with BV for some time now, so long I even got used to having it, but enough is enough I contacted my local herbilst and he supplied me with a remedy

The website is
And he recommended i take vagine
Idk if u can order online beings as though he is not to far from my house. Just check them out


I have been suffering from this (nightmare) Bv for about two months now. When i first got it after my period i just figured it would go away after a good hot bath. But that was not the case . The smell was so strong that i would sit in the tub for almoat 2hours. I spent several nights crying not knowing what to do. Then i went to the Doctor & was presxribed Flagyl. The infection was gone for a week then symptoms came right back. I am gettin so frustrated i tried eating yogurt , drinking lemon water EVERYTHING. I pray every night & ask god to heal my body & deliver me from this. I feel this is the home remedy . God can fix anything & ikno that he will deliever me


I had BV for about two years. The Dr. prescribed pills and creams and none of it worked. It went on for so long with no relief that she finally gave me a prescription for an iodine douche. This gets a bad rap because it will kill your good bacteria as well. After years of suffering, it was worth the risk. It made a positive impact on my discomfort. Iodine can be bought OTC in the feminine hygiene isles. Buy a generic douche bottle for a dollar, empty it and douche twice a day. It has to be watered down before you use it!! I used the douche for a couple of months.

Secondly, I added a daily probiotic to my diet along with Vitamin D, Folic acid, and garlic supplements. I never inserted the pills into my vagina, I only take them orally.

Take everything you read here with a grain of salt, but the remedies are all worth a try when you have an infection and you are suffering something awful. Everyone's body is different so you may need to alter the suggestions to fit your needs. That is what I had to do and I feel soooooo much better. For two years I thought I'd just have to learn to live with it, but relief is possible. Good luck to all of you and I hope you find relief!!


I've done it ALL !!! and let's face it, you can only change your diet for so long….who ever posted about the acidophilus tablet inserted into the vagina I WANT to thank you !!!!!!!!




I have been suffering from BV for almost two years now. Like some of you I visited home remedy sites such as this, and while some of them helped, they never fully relieved me of the symptoms.

I recently read where someone crushed Acidophilus tablets into a douche. I took it a step further and inserted the tablet directly into my lovely with my finger as deep as I could get it. It remained lodged and there was no discharge from the insertion. I did this at night and the next morning, there was no odor, nor was there any that day. That night I did notice a little moisture however there was no odor.

I did it again the next night and each day I feel more fresh. Although the discharge and odor are completely gone and do not return at the end of the day I am doing this for a full seven days and will stop to see if it returns.

One acidophilus tablet inserted Into your lovely at night. I hope this helps someone.

What I have tried: douching with hydrogen peroxide (odor returns at the end of the day and I have to douche every day)

Vh Essentials from WalGreens, CVS, WalMart - days of relief equal the number of tablets (6 @ $29.99. Symtoms still returned)

Taking acidophilus tablets by mouth. No change.


I took 1 or 2 cloves of garlic, depending on the size, from a fresh bulb and after peeling off the outer layer of skin (remove all the white flaky stuff), I used a knife to scrape a thin layer off the entire bare clove, and then I cut tiny slits into it randomly and entirely around it. This is because it is the juice of the garlic that is most beneficial. I inserted the garlic in my vagina before I went to sleep and left it in overnight. Some say to put in gauze if your sensitive but I didn't feel a thing, couldn't even tell it was in there. They also recommend doing that with a string attached so its easier when you remove it. I just scooped them out with my middle finger, and if one was in a little deep I just used my muscles to move them enough for me to get. I did this for 2 nights, maybe 3 I can't remember.
For the following two nights (I'll explain what to do later) I used a mixture inter-vaginally that I came up with after reading a lot of BV home remedy posts. I couldn't decide which one to try, so I picked three things that I felt would work the best and mixed them together. I decided on how much of each ingredient I wanted to make it with from information I gathered where they were used (individually or in another recipe) as a treatment for BV.

-1 cup of plain yougurt, SUGAR-FREE!!!

-2 TBSP of Apple Cider Vinegar,

-30 ml of Hydrogen peroxide (3%)

Ok, so here's how I managed to get it in, if you come up with a better idea, go for it. I rubbed some lube around the outside and just slightly inside around the opening. Then I inserted a cooking tong, the kind that are made staying open and you have to use force to close them together. There was enough discharge that I managed to work it in. It wasn't comfortable but I didn't want anything to get into the mixture that might alter it or make it less effective, just being cautious. While lying down, I raised my pelvis as high as I could, and used a spoon to scoop it in and push it as far in as I could..comfortably. Wish I had a funnel. It didn't feel like it went in enough but it worked. After that, symptoms gone! I went to the gyno a week later, just to make sure that it was completely gone or that it wasn't something else and there was no sign of it or anything else, YAY!! They refused to believe that I cured it that way and gave me antibiotics in case it came back, but I've been good ever since! That was 5 years ago.

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