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I had BV for 4 months and tried so many things... At first I thought it was a yeast infection so I used the creams and took the tablet and it didn't work. I took baths in ACV and tea tree oil and that didn't work either. So then I figured out that it was BV and I started using Aci-jel, because I read that a lot of people had success with it. It made the symptoms better, but I still had BV. I had also taken acidophilus tablets and eaten greek yoghurt, neither of which helped.

So I was at my wit's end, because the strong smell would not go away, plus there was the itching, burning and swelling. What ended up working was taking acidophilus and folic acid. I noticed a huge difference after just one day and by day 3, I was cured. I can't believe it was so simple... There's no need to do anything crazy like insert garlic cloves into your vagina or any of that other invasive and uncomfortable stuff.


While trying to combat the copious amounts of foul fish aroma from the dark lady cave, I found only 1 home remedy that worked. I made my husband eat a large amount of plain greek yogurt. He packed his cheeks like a squirrel filled with white creamy life-saving gold. I think you know the rest.


This is the simple solution i used. I don't have any medical advice to back up this idea but i am odor free! At night i wash my vagina out with hydrogen peroxide and water mixed together in a squeeze bottle. Next i insert a garlic pill vaginally. Boom! The smell was gone within a day. No lie.


I have had bv for a long time and I tried all of the remedies that I read about...hydrogen peroxide, boric acid, tea tree oil, garlic, and every other product the vitamin store had to offer. In reading the labels of what I bought, a common theme was enzymes. I did my homework and found that some digestive enzymes are able to kill and digest fungal cells. It was that simple...taking digestive enzymes. They can be found in the same area as the probiotics at the vitamin store. Make sure that cellulase and hemicellulase are in the list of enzymes included. It takes a pretty high dose so buy the bottle that gives the largest dosage. I still take two caps in am and pm. Be sure to take on an empty stomach otherwise the enzymes will only work to digest your food. Immediately with the first dose the discharge decreased. After about two days I began to have a large amount of discharge that smelled awful. Please try this on the weekend if possible due to the smell. The sloughing lasted about two days and since then no more fishy smell and no more discharge. The skin around my perineum even dried up and peeled off which means it was on the outside as well. Jesus blessed me with a simple solution...enzymes! I hope to be a blessing to you.


I suffered from BV for 2 - 3 years and after all of the Drs visits, over the counter remedies and prescriptions that did not work I came upon this site. Thank God!!! One simple remedy worked; I got some organic Greek plain yogurt and dipped a tampon in it and inserted it and slept with it overnight. Worked the first night, amazing!! Repeat if necessary. The other thing I dont do anymore is wash the vagina with soap, use water only. Of course use soap in the buttocks area, but not the vagina. It's been over a year and I'm still doing great, thank God!!!!

Relief At Last

Hi ladies the only thing that has worked for me is a homeopathic insert called pH-D. I tried to make my own boric acid douche and suppositories at home but I couldn't find the necessary supplies. I found them already pre-made online and I ordered them. My symptoms completely cleared after just one treatment. No mess, no fuss, and now I am symptom free!!


I have been suffering from BV for 9 months. So embarrassing. At points later in the day, I felt like anyone I walked past could smell it. And my panties were always drenched, like I peed in them. I tried all the meds from the dr, flagyl, metro gel...none of them even touched it. Smell and discharge never went away. I've been married for ten years and we are both faithful.
I decided to start doing some research, and I found a site where someone posted this:

Eat yogurt every day
Take 1 acidophilus pill per day
Take 1 cranberry pill per day
Take one odorless garlic pill per day
If needed, insert 1 acidophilus pill vaginally

I was skeptical, but it was cheaper than another wasted trip to the dr at this point. The first day I did all of the above. The pill that was inserted vaginally fell out later the next afternoon. I was concerned, but did not try another.
I do all the oral pills every day, and eat yogurt every day, and I'm soooo happy to say that it works!! The discharge went away immediately, and the odor is almost gone. It's been almost a week, and I'm happy with the results. I hope this helps:)


After two years of suffering from BV and even breaking down and crying over it a couple of times, I've cured myself--so far at least. Fingers crossed, I've been BV-free for a month—and this includes the time before, during, and after my last menstrual period. Keep in mind that I'm not a doctor, but here's what I did.

1. I stopped taking metronidazole vaginal gel.

Let me preface this by saying I think it's good to take the whole round of Flagyl the doctor gives you at the start of your treatment because the bacteria could have penetrated the uterine area to create PID. Wipe out the bad bacteria first, but then stop treating yourself with internal antibiotics. I used them for two years, and they did nothing. After five successive nights of Metrogel, my symptoms always returned within the next two or three weeks, and when I starting inserting the gel twice a week as regular maintenance, it wasn't enough. Why should we kill ALL of the bacteria, even the good kind?? That didn't make sense to me. After reading what worked for other women, I decided that I should try to promote good bacteria, not kill it.

2. For the seven-day week prior to my period, I began vaginally inserting two Rephresh-Pro B Probiotic Feminine supplements every 12 hours (so 4 pills per day). They are expensive, but worth it. You can buy them at local pharmacies.

I used my middle finger to insert them as deeply as I could, making sure that I inserted two of them immediately before bed so that they had time to stay inside overnight. Some of it remains inside, but some will come back out the next day. The pills dissolve quickly.

3. During the same time, I took one of the same probiotic pills ORALLY twice per day (one every 12 hours). The brand that I used (named above) contains L rhamsnosus and L reuteri, which are the ONLY two probiotic strains that have been proven by clinical studies to actually penetrate the intestines and make it to the vagina after digestion.

4. Still simultaneous with the above, I began taking certain VITAMINS: iron, D3, folic acid, B12, and calcium. Here’s why:

I accidentally learned that I had a low red blood cell count AND a low calcium level. It's true that I eat more veggies than meats and dairy products, but I thought the low count was odd, so I googled it. That's when I discovered that metronidazole is associated with lower blood cell counts! Then I found articles about low folic acid and BV...or other vitamin deficiencies associated with BV. I decided to take all vitamins that specifically build red blood cells, thinking that their absence in my system might have been contributing to the problem: folic acid, B12, and iron (plus the calcium since my level was low). I ordered the iron online because I wanted to get ONLY 18 mg per day, which is the daily recommendation for women. Iron builds up in the body and never leaves unless through bleeding (ex: menstruation), so it can eventually lead to heart disease if you take too much of it. That's why I take only the minimum amount because I'm not a big meat-eater and I don’t get much iron from meat. Plus, iron from vegetables is harder for the body to absorb.

Also coincidentally, I found a calorie-counting website called Cron-o-meter. It allows you to enter what you eat and then see which vitamins and minerals you're lacking. By using it, I realized that I was getting ZERO vitamin D--plus, I'm literally NEVER in the sun, so it was a wake-up call. That's when I googled 'vitamin D deficiency and BV' and found studies linking them!!! I then added D3 to my daily regimen (I has to be D3). Ladies, if you're never in the sun and don't eat much dairy, you DEFINITELY have a D deficiency, which, by the way, is strongly linked to breast cancer.

As a side-note, I also began drinking a lot more WATER, which is important for not over-taxing the kidneys when taking so many vitamins. Plus, the extra water stopped my headaches and gave me several other health benefits, even reduced cellulite (no joke).

After one week of doing using the probiotics vaginally and orally—and beginning my vitamin regimen—the burning that I felt during urination and showering went away. For the first time in years, my pee felt like a normal temperature—but not every time. Sometimes it was warmer than it should have been, and sometimes it felt fine. It never “burned,” though. I knew that I was on to something, but the occasional extra warmth warned me that the BV could come back or that I hadn’t fully wiped it out yet.

3. On the eighth day of the above, I got my period, so I stopped vaginally inserting probiotics, and I kept taking them orally throughout the menstruation, but only once per day.

4. After my period ended, I decided that I would vaginally insert one probiotic every night for the entire month. I remembered to do this almost every night. Likewise, I also orally took one probiotic every day. Despite missing about three nights of vaginal insertions throughout the month, the burning did not return, and I experienced even more occasions of “normal,” room-temperature pee, which became a measuring stick of my progress. My period came and left, and I still felt good. No BV.

5. Now I am in month two. I’ve decided to continue taking a probiotic orally once per day and to vaginally insert a probiotic once ever y OTHER night until the week prior to my period. I am still taking my vitamins (which I also think are linked to my cellulite reduction, by the way, since I was already eating well and exercising). Then, a week before my next period, I plan to go back to inserting them every night—just for that week—because I’ve noticed that symptoms usually return during that time of the month. During month three, I will still take the probiotics orally once per day, but I will try to wait until the week before my period to do the vaginal insertions. Then, I’m hoping not to have to do any of that—except to take oral probiotics and vitamins--during month four and beyond. There is always that fear that the BV will return, but I’m hopeful.

I never douched throughout any of this because I was afraid of further-disturbing a sensitive area. After month one, I saw my GYN and he said that my PH was finally normal. I cured myself. My doctor DID NOT cure me. Sometimes natural remedies are the salvation for these hard-to-solve problems.

I truly hope this helps someone.


Ok ladies I had to write this post I hope it helps someone.i have been suffering from bv for years. Every month I was at the doctor. After a while the doctor couldn't help me. I took pills after pills but it would keep coming back, so u turned to the internet and came across this website. I tried the hydrogen peroxide 3% mixed with warm water in a douch bottle. Did one at night and in the morning. And it works, I'm tell u no smell, as I'm writing I'm doing it now. Please try it n let me know.

'Free At Last'

Hey ladies, I am almost in tears as I write this because I am so relieved to be free from such a horrible condition that I had been living with off and on since 2003, after a c-section. A few years ago, when I first meet the man of my dreams, my husband, I became so determined to fix this problem before moving forward with him.I made doctor appointments that was just a waste of time because it would come right back. I tried home remedies and only peroxide would work but only for about twelve hours.I ordered products online,like bv essential that gave me a health scare after I start noticing my heart beating really fast every time I took a pill. Lucky for me, by the time I gave up me and my husband became very serious and our sex life was wonderful.....having a man that accepts you with flaws and all, lol. A couple months ago I broke down and had a talk with my husband about how much I really wanted to cure this problem, even though he always make me feel like a queen, and I became brutally honest about all the extents I have been through to treat myself, and together we found a remedy,and it's free.........use only white antibacterial soap(helps protect against itching)....while taking a bath lay back and open up your self with two fingers, let the water flow inside you for about two minutes(helps eliminate odor for at least 24 hours)....keep area trimmed and shaved.....don't douche(helps avoid inflammation and painful sex) there is no need to douche if you lay back in the tub,open yourself with your fingers, and let the water flow and sit inside of you. I suffered for many years and this is my forth month being bv free.....Good luck ladies, and remember God loves you and your still the most precious gift God gave man.

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