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I'm 20 and I have been suffering from bv for two years now. I have tried everything from Apple cider vinegar,Greek yogurt,hydrogen peroxide, etc. Flagyl just made me sick every time I took it so I threw my antibiotics out of the window. I finally found something that works. Vh essentials probiotic pills! Seriously ladies this works. After two days I didn't feel the watery discharge or have the funky smell. They also have supositories but they're like $30 and I'm a broke college students so I just bought the $11 capsules. Also drink plenty of water when you start taking them. I also take enchiea(hope I spelled it correctly) pills everyday as well. Good luck ladies!


I am 22 have had bouts of recurrent bv for a few years now. I am almost positive that my bv is triggered by not peeing directly after sex. (Even if you're tired always do it ladies haha) I have taken flagyl twice and it worked both times, but only for a short period. So frustrating. This time I looked for a more natural cure, as I believe the flagyl upset the balance of bacteria even more. After only a few days of my new treatment, my symptoms are gone.

This is what worked for me:
-Probiotics. I have been taking 3-4 Accuflora brand probiotics orally each day. This helps get the good bacteria back into your system and calm down the upset balance in your vagina.
-Vitamin C. I have been using vitamin C tablets as a vaginal suppository. Before bed I just insert one tablet and let it do its work while I sleep. I have also been taking vitamin C orally in the form of emergen-c powder supplements. I usually drink one or two packets a day in a bottle of water.

Within 1-2 days the odor and uncomfortable discharge were gone.


chlorophyll capsules take 2 orally from your healthfood store...after 3-4 hrs smell and itching is gone


Ok ladies I have suffered from BV for the past 5 years. One day I was at the doctor for the 5th time in 4 months. The doctor told me to soak a tampon in vinegar and insert it and go to sleep. I reaped this for a couple days and it was gone. It has come back a few times about every 6 months but I repeat this and boom its gone! Super easy, if you have a scratch it may burn a little but just at first and go away in seconds.


I have suffered with Bacterial Vaginosis for years. After being prescribed antibiotics many times with no success, I just gave up. I lived with it for years and now I wish I knew then what I know now.

My BV has gone away for the first time in years! It was not an easy process, and I must do daily maintenance, but I finally figured out what works.


Every night, I took a really hot bath with Epsom Salt (1/2 cup), Himalayan Pink Salt (1/8 cup), Vinegar(1/4 cup), and 2 caps full of tea tree oil.

This helped almost immediately. I then took probiotic pills daily. I would insert a whole pill inside of my vagina and wear a panty liner (as the pill dissolves it will be bright yellow and can stain your underwear).

I started taking the following daily (as per the instructions on the bottles):

--Vitamin D
--Flax Seed Oil
--Women's Multi-Vitamin
--Vitamin E
--B-12 Complex w/ Folic Acid
--Diatomaceous Earth

The main thing I did that gave me COMPLETE relief from the BV was drinking 2L of Green Tea and 1L of water per day.

I am not a huge water drinker, but the GREEN TEA was what really changed things for me. Green tea kills bacteria and also is an antioxidant. The Diatomaceous Earth also helped. It kills parasites and helps your body produce calcium.

It wasn't one of these things, but all of them that cured my BV. I take the baths every other day and I don't insert the probiotic anymore. But these things worked and even though it's something I now do daily, I don't mind it because I can't go back. Now my panties never have any discharge and the smell is completely gone. I don't get any abdominal pains anymore and I can't be happier. I know if I continue this regimen, the BV will stay gone.

In addition to this, my hair has also grown an inch in a month.


Thank you Ladies for all your remedies! I got BV for the first time two months ago and tried everything to get rid of it-you know the slippry slope! What finally worked for me was the hydro/h20 douche for three days,with a final day of apple cider vinegar/h2o douche with a probiotic inserted afterwards. I couldnt beleive it so i even whent back to the Dr. to confirm and test came back negative-phew!
My BV was triggered by sex and im currently without a partner so im not sexually active. My question for all you kind ladies is, are you douching regularly to keep BV free, or just when you notice symptoms, or after sex? Just trying to get more info. so i know what to do in the future. Thank you for sharing!


To get rid of BV, I inserted Vitamin C with rosehip right up there at night, and by the next morning the odor was completely gone. I did it for a few days just to make sure, it's the quickest and safest cure!


I had BV every month for 16 consecutive months. I was prescribed oral or vaginal medication & each time I used the full course. Sometimes symptoms (horrible odor & discharge) came back 2x in a month. I searched online forums, read countless 'remedies' & hundreds of threads; I was obsessed with finding a remedy for myself, I took supplements, probiotics, folic acid, repHresh, abstinence, exercise, pH balancing tampons, I changed my diet, prayed, douched (only a handful of times in desperation--I know it does more harm than good), inserted yogurt to neutralize my pH. Nothing worked. I was so sad & hopeless. My bf even took MY medication to kill the bacteria in HIS vagina?!!? Haha I forced him into it thinking maybe my BV hid itself in his penis head-- I'm telling you, I was obsessed with getting rid of it.
I FINALLY read a few threads that mentioned **Femdophilus by jarrow formula** I researched it a bit & was reluctant to try yet another gimmicky product especially at it's price & refrigeration required-- which means it's not sold everywhere not easily shipped. I few more months with unrelenting BV & I finally took a trip to Whole Foods to purchase it. I started 2 pills a day with dr prescribed metronidazole & continued to take 2 pills per day until 1 week after finishing my medication, then I weaned myself to 1 pill per day everyday. IT WORKED!! I was BV free for almost 18 months!
I'd stopped taking femdophilus about 6 months prior to the last BV episode. I figured that my body was no longer prone to BV & I could save $34 a month by not taking it. After I had BV this last time (2 months ago) I decided that $1.13 per day to stay BV free is 100% worth it.
Femdophilus is truly the only thing that has worked for me. I only wish I'd tried it sooner.


After having BV for about 3 months and trying just about everything I could think of (eating a lot of yogurt, limiting the intake of sugars, taking vitamins A, B, C, D, Folic acid, probiotics, etc) I finally decided to try the hydrogen peroxide douche. I have read others posts about how hydrogen peroxide did not work for them. I read a study about how it worked in 89% of the participants, and did what the participants of the study did. I mixed about 2 tablespoons of hydrogen peroxide, with 2 tablespoons of water, and slowly squirted it into my vagina while laying on my back. I kept my hips proper up for 3 minutes before standing and allowing the solution to flow out of my vagina. I repeated these steps every day for 7 days, and have been BV free for 2 months now.


Melt coconut oil in a small dish, add a few drops of tea tree oil (only a few!) soak tampon. Insert and keep up for no longer then an hour each ever evening.

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