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Ladies, I am a 58-year-old post menopausal woman experiencing BV. I went to my doctor for diagnosis; and, $500 worth of lab test later found out it was a Gardnerella bacterial infections. I went the Flagyl route which did nothing. I was then prescribed a vaginal cream anti-biotic which worked until I had intercourse again with my man. Then the BV was back. My man and I are monogamous, so I don't have any worries about him playing around. This all started after we had been together for about 5 months. I have never had this with any other sex partner, but had it with him when we were seeing each other as youngsters. I was beside myself when my symptoms came back again and dreaded returning to my doctor. The expense and probable results made me doubt I would be satisfied. I did some on-line research and tried the Vitamin C route. One 500 mg tablet inserted inside for 5 days, and the infection was gone! Probably should have quit after 4 days because I had some irritation after 5 days, but I used some VH Vaginal Health prebiotic suppositories to replenish my vagina, and I am totally discharge free. I plan to insert a Vitamin C tablet after intercourse and see if I can prevent the infection from returning. So far, so good!


I have sufferd with BV for 2 years now. Can I insert a probiotic capsule onto my vag or do I need a tablet that can be crushed


i was told by my doctor that i have bacterial vaginos. i am currently going through the treatment of metronidazole (Flagyl)i am on my third day of taking the pills and i started seeing signs of yeast, my vagina is swollen and i have no Odor just a funny looking discharge. is it normal for your vagina to swell. and if metronidazole (Flagyl) does not work what are some good remedies to help fix my problems?


HI girls!! First I want to say that although I am saddened that you are all suffering from this, at the same time it makes me feel better that I am not alone in this!!! I have been suffering from BV for 6 months and have tried flaygl and clinda both oral and gel forms over and over again. I think that the worst part of dealing with BV is the effect it has had on my mood, confidence and pure vaginal discomfort it has created. I just finished a 10 day course of oral clinda and have been taking Femdophilus probiotic and my symptoms have already returned. I plan to ask my doctor for boric acid which is inserted into the vagina. Other things I have tried is inserting Vitamin C caplets at night and this created a very water and yellow discharge for me and did not seem to help. Just reading through this forum has brought me hope that there are other things available to try. I am going to add folic acid 400 mcg to my diet as well. Its so very true that what works for one person will not necessarily be the cure for another. Stay strong ladies and know that there is hope! I will let you all know how the boric acid works.


So it's been 3 times that I get BV from (this is going to sound gross) from leaving a tampon in too long. Not overnight or anything but when I'm at work I completely forget about my tampon and its caused me to get a BV. It's a disgusting fishy smell that I swear people around me smell. After sooo much research I tried the vitamin c pill with rosehip and inserting directly up there, but it was wayyyy to painful for me, I couldn't bear it. The burning sensation was too much for me. SOOO I came up with an alternative that worked IMMEDIATELY!!! After the shower there was no smell or discharge and still have not gotten any since!! Sooo what I did was since I had already boughten the vitamin pills, I decided to take them orally plus in the shower I douched with simply warm water and peroxide! It does sting a little but nothing like the. Itamin c pill and That's it! No more embarrassing smell!!


Ladies, I have been a sufferer for about a year and just could not find treatment. Finally, I found a post where the male partner was also treated with antibiotics. Do not listen to your doctor when they tell you that it's not possible for the male to be the carrier of this infection. Research does not back up that myth. What you need to do is treat yourself at the same time your partner is taking the antibiotics, (metronidazole) and avoid sex during the treatment. Your partner will keep infecting you if he is not treated. You will be frustrated after treating yourself with antibiotics, yet you're getting infected right after symptoms go away. Since I have done this, I have been BV free! I have also started using the summers eve sensitive cleanser. If you want to get rid of your BV, you need to get your partner treated. Good Luck!


I was recently diagnosed with BV and I found that washing my vaginal area with the orange bar of DIAL (Anti Bacterial) soap has worked well.


I have reoccuring bouts of BV that leave a lingering fishy odour that leaves me incredibly self-conscious. After reading threads and researching home remedies, I've finally found a remedy that works with me!

So, when I start to smell that fishy odor, I insert a 250mg uncoated Vitamin C tablet into my vagina overnight. I do this for two nights in a row. Usually the smell is gone after the first night. But, what tends to keep my BV away is taking a Women's multivitamin every night, as well as 500mg of Vitamin C (orally), 2000mg of Vitamin D and a RePhresh Pro-B capsule. I do this every night and my BV usually doesn't come back until I start to slack on my nightly routine. I do find that after my period there is a slight odour that returns, but then I just insert a Vitamin C tablet overnight and I'm good to go!


I suffered from BV for the last 13 yrs let me tell you it's been a ride the doctor the antibiotics the creams the douching the crazy things from garlic to you yogurt apple cider vinegar baths and sea salt soaks wew and let me say douching is not healthy but the smell is so horrid I would cut my finger off to get rid of BV.One simple vitamin D and one folic acid pill both of them are good for you so it's no foreign medicine in your body. I personally recommend them. It worked for me its been the best 2 month's of my entire life. Please try if you haven't you have nothing to lose but 8 bucks the cost of the pills 4 bucks each at walmart
Good luck


I've suffered for years off and on with this. I don't have medical insurance now so I've been trying home remedies for the past few years. Garlic cloves will help for a few days. Apple cider vinegar doesn't seem to help me at all. I even tried the BV homeopathic treatment from Walgreens. Nothing helped. I just learned about boric acid. I was a little nervous about trying it... It had acid in the name. I filled the capsules... And within hours the pain stopped and by the next morning no discharge!!!! To anyone suffering please try this!!! You are supposed to use one or two a night for ten days. I used two for the first few nights then down to one for the lsu five days. This really works!!!!!

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