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I have recently bought the Vitamin C with natural rose hips, the brand is Finest Nutrition from Walgreens, and I'm at the end of my rope when it comes to BV. I just wish that I could have a normal sex life and I wish that I could give my boyfriend better. I have tried everything until I saw the vitamin C pill remedy, but then I saw that it burned very badly so now I am scared to even put it in my vagina, but I want this to go away so bad. Im just looking for opinions from people about this remedy. Is your sex life back to normal? Did it burn when you used it? Please leave your input. Im tired of this smell and having to worry about it whenever Im around people or when I have sex with my boyfriend. Im tired of being embarressed when having sex...

The Home Remedist

I have had BV on and off for about 2 years. But not anymore. I've read through a lot of remedies and tried tons. From baking soda to soaking in salt to using the tea tree oil with a tampon thing.

The BEST thing that works is Organic Apple Cider Vinegar (Bragg's). Drink 2 tablespoons twice a day with 1-2 cups of water. Take a multigrain probiotic twice a day. And take 1 400 mg Folic Acid once a day. This works wonders. You can Do this for maintenance as well.

Another thing to do: Get 2 cups of Bragg's Apple Cider vinegar and pour in the bathtub. Sit there for 20 minutes. This does wonders. The vinegar(Never do this with white vinegar) balances the body's PH.

Also dairy, meat, sugar, and access fat(junk food) will make everything WORSE!

Hope I could help you all!


Holy crap. BV is a nightmare. I had never had it before until about nine months ago and it has been a struggle to find what works...permanently. I stopped going back to the OBGYN for the antibiotics and decided to try something else. After thorough research (and lots of trial and error), I settled on: Hydrogen Peroxide, Folic Acid, Vitamin D3 and Probiotics. (a lady one with all the vaginal bacteria, etc.) I started treatment in January and was absolutely symptom free until I slacked on my routine and now it's back again...but I know why and I know how to fix it, so it sucks right now but I'm happy to have my own solution without running to the doctor and it's a lot cheaper too.
Here's my routine and I sincerely hope it helps somebody 'cause BV just plain sucks:

Hydrogen Peroxide douche in morning and night-- I used a baby medicine syringe thing and I find it's more effective if you lay down and let the peroxide sit in there a bit. Then I rinse with water and insert a probiotic into my vagina.

along with...
Orally: Probiotic once a day (2x if symptoms present), Vitamin D3 once a day, Folic Acid once a day and Apple Cider Vinegar pills once a day. (The ACV pills are supposed to help with yeast infections...)
I douche (or at least cleanse with peroxide the best I can) after sex. And insert a probiotic vaginally.

I can usually handle taking the pills-- but the whole cleansing after sex thing I slack on...but I try to do it as soon as I can afterward. But this latest bout of BV, I slacked on both the pills and the post-sex cleansing, so there you go. I also use Tea Tree Oil Body Wash.

Hope this helps!

Mariel Ramos

I am a 24 yr old whom recently changed sex partners after 5 years and was experiencing BV. So I was freaking out as soon as I saw this weird looking discharge lol. I went to doctors and he diagnosed me with this condition, i started to read on it immediatly. I honestly didnt think it was really bad for some of you out there and im so sorry to hear that. I wasnt having any bad syptoms with smell ( thank you baby jesus) I was experiencing green/yellowish clumpy watery discharge, it did have a different smell to it, not fishy just different, (dont really know how to explain)I did the regular routine with anti biotics, it worked for like 3 days, once I stopped it came right back.

Anyway I bumped into this awsome forum !

This forum is great,
although I saw alot of remedies that did work for most of you females, I decided to go with the 'safest route' FOR ME at least. I didnt feel comfortable at all to stick something up there although it did make sense, but the whole gralic thing/ tampon drenched in hydrogyn peroxide, vitamin c thing didnt sound too appealing BUT i was willing to do so if the method I planned on using didnt work.



the same morning I drank 12 OZ
6 hours later it was gone. I am on 2nd day and my va jay jay is back to normal!

I feel refreshed I feel great. I drink this in the m orning and night when i go to bed, I noticed i even slept alot better. so I will be doing this for 5 days and I think i will then just have a glass n the morning. I am so happy. I hope this works for you ladies, before putting anything up there just do this !!

Thank you all for sharing.


I've been trying the Vitamin C treatment but without the rosehips because I'm already sensitive enough and I heard that rosehips causes more burning. The vitamin C alone burned enough to the point where I could barely walk and I just wanted to dig my finger in my vagina and scratch. But I didn't and after an hour and a half the whole pill had dissolved and I felt much better. Once the pill completely dissolves, it'll take about an extra 20 minutes for you to not feel the burning sensation anymore. I had to do it one more time tonight but I can't seem to take the burning again today. Any other tips? Something I can do that won't burn? Please help!


Hi Ladies,

I recently suffered from BV after I started having sex with a new partner and I scoured every single BV forum looking for a home remedy. Here's what worked:

product:1 tablet of vitamin c with rose hips (500 mg)
brand: finest nutrition, immune system health
point of purchase: at Walgreens
process: insert directly into the vagina before bedtime and repeat each night until three days have passed

The first thing I noticed was that it quickly got rid of that embarrassing fishy odor - within one day. Then my other symptoms cleared up as well within the next few days. Thanks so much to the ladies before me who suggested it. I had previously tried antibiotics and hyrogen peroxide but found that this method worked best.

Hopefully this helps!

Sick of BV!!!

I'd like to try the Vitamin C with rosehips method to see if it'll kill dead this damn BV I have......I don't know what brand to buy though....To the ladies who've tried this with success what brand have you all used....Please help me out here! Thanks loads!,


I inserted one 500mg vitamin c and rose hips caplet into myself, last night at 10pm, and work up with absolutely NO odor (smelled nice actually) and no itching. The discharge is simply from the vitamin disintegrating, I am inserting another tonight before bed. And I'll repeat this for 6 total days. I swear this got rid of the BV. I smell nice, and have relief. What a life saver.


I had BV for about a year. I read about using Vitamin C capsules. I inserted one soluble capsule in my vagina three nights in a row. After the second one I had a lot of discharge. After the third one no discharge so I stopped. It worked!! It's been about a month and no smell or discharge! It's awesome. Try it!


Dealt with BV many years now. Tried probiotics, antibiotics, natural remedies, PH balancing supplements, apple cidar vinegar, peroxide, etc. Nothing worked permately. Some helped for a few days and then it would be back. I dealt with BV, ammonia smell discharge, reoccuring yeast infections..what a nightmare. It's so embarrassing. Anyways, if you're battling with this. CHECK FOR LOW THYROID. Low thyroid causes you to maintain a low body temperature. (below 98.6) Low body temperature allows bacteria to flourish. Get your body temp up and the bacteria can't survive. I started taking an OTC thyroid support supplement and I haven't had any issues since and my acne cleared up and hair is healthier.

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