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3 Home Remedies for Snake Bite


I first seen the chicken on the snake bite cure,on my old tv show,Gun Smoke, so i guess it works..


If you are out in the middle of nowhere, or you live out a long way from a hospital, your best chance of survival, as it will likelybe a while before anyone or you get you or you make it to a hospital, this is one of your best chances of survival.

Some one needs to cut an X over the bite then suck out the veno with outswallowing it. If there's no one with you, its a question of if you get dilusional or not so you can do it.


I don't know if this really works but I had an uncle tell me that when he was a child his brother was bitten by a rattlesnake and his mother grabbed a live chicken, split it open and quickly pressed it to the bite. It supposedly drew the poison out.

If I were bitten by a deadly snake and a chicken were available, I'd sure give it a shot before I would lay down and die- I'd be interested to know if anyone else has heard of this snake bite remedy.

I can imagine (if the story is true) that in some parts of the world where snakes are deadlier and chickens are still handy this might save somebody's life.

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