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63 Home Remedies for Hangovers


DON'T TAKE TYLENOL BEFORE GOING TO SLEEP! It causes liver damage. You're already damaging your liver by drinking - taking acetaminophen (among other meds) makes it much worse. Once in a while's ok, but it would serve you for the long run to find a better remedy.

Drinking water over the course of the night should help a lot.


I myself am a heavy drinker but have to keep a job so in the morning i first take a luke warm shower then itake a tylenol and drink CLAMATO juice with 1 can of MILLER LITE does the trick but u must eat breakfast after that


Whenever i have a hangover i find that fresh, citric juices help, like fresh orange or tropical or something. Apple, not so much.


The best cure for a hangover I have found to date is sushi. It's the LAST thing you feel like eating, but if you can muster up the courage within minutes of finishing your meal your headache will be gone and some engery restored.


The one thing that works for me when I am hungover is first thing eating some greasy food and taking Midol...and guys you can take the Midol to it wont make you any less of a man


Pineapple Juice is excellent for a hangover. Drink about 3-5 glasses slowly with ice during the course of the day, within a few hours you will feel well.


Try eating cantaloupe with the lightest sprinkle of salt on it the morning after overindulging. The salt helps replenish those ever-important electrolytes plus salt really helps alleviate nausea (think tequila shots, saltines when you're ill).
Because it's fruit it raises your blood sugar without the nasty sugar crash that result from sports drinks or sodas. It's low in fiber and acidity so it doesn't hurt your stomach like other fruits.
Skeptical? I dare you to stock up on cantaloupe then go out, drink fruity mixed drinks excessively on an empty stomach with no water, and try this out.


A good trick to get rid of a hang over, other than drinking plenty of water before you fall alseep, is taking two extra strength tylenol the drink a glass of orange juice and taking a walk outside. This remedy cured every one of my husband's hang overs. When I drink I usually wake up with major fatigue and not so much vomiting or a headache - just very tired and slightly dizzy, the OJ and walking outside helps me.


take an excedrin and eat enough food so your completely full right before bed with a glass of milk

wake up and drink gatorade

for me if i smoke..marijuana..while drinking i have no hangover but for most people its oposite but if none is around i just eat till i feel like im about to pop

im an alcoholic so trust me


Here are a couple things that work:

-If youre going to use the drinking water method, do it BEFORE BED. Drinking water when you wake up will just make you more nauseated. The electrolytes in Gatorade or Powerade will replenish your dehydration without making you vomit.

-Bloody Marys. When you are hungover your body is going through withdraws from alcohol. A small amount of alcohol will feed your withdraw and the vitamins in the tomato juice will replenish your vitamins.

-Greasy food and asprin always seem to help too.

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