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4 Home Remedies for Birth Control


Queen Annes lace (or wild carrot seed) taken in tablets of 500mg taken within a few days after intercourse. This is not a form of abortion. It is to be taken before the sperm and egg are one. It can also be used to end a period.


Try Natrol Menopause Formula for the menstrual blleeding from the Depo Shot. It works.


Never wear two condoms at the same time. It might sound like you're being extra safe, but the friction of the condoms rubbing on each other can make it easier for them to break, actually increasing the risk of pregnancy.


Pure Vitamin C can be used to prevent pregnancy or to bring on a period that is a day or two late.

If using as a birth control, take 1500 mg of Vitamin C (no rosehips, only pure vit c) 2 times a day for 3 days after intimacy.

To bring on a period that is a day or two late, take 3,000 mg a day for up to 5 days.

Do not use if you have had a positive pregnancy test! This is only for delayed period due to stress! Taking this much Vitamin C during the first month (4 weeks) of pregnancy can cause a miscarriage which could possibly have complications. Do not try to bring on a miscarriage at home, it is dangerous.

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