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30 Home Remedies for Bug Bites


Use LIPH..revitalizing lotion..contains Modified liquid silicate that neutralizes the 'sting'.. and aloe-vera gel that helps soothe the pain.


Mouthwash. Take a cotton ball, soak it with mouthwash, and apply to the bug bite. (I have only tried Scope, but other mouthwash brands would probably work just as well) I heard this from my Great Aunt, and so far it has worked almost every time. :D


to stop the pain and itch use noxzema.


If you have a bug bite(such as mosquito bites or any insect bite except for stings) An easy way to get ride of itching or pain is to put ice on it for 1-3 minutes depending on how much pain or itch there is.


Chigger bites I had about 50 bites,soaked wash cloth with rubbing alcohol scrubbed bites, then Doug out a hemorohoidal ointment. It removed the sting and helped stop the itch. It workerpertty well. Had hard time keeping my socks up the next day , however it was worth it.


My mom always put mud on our bee/wasp stings. It soothed the sting and draws out the barb...


Red Bugs are not under the skin, as now determined by experts. They normally just bite & leave. But they're almost worth it, it feels so good to scratch. A good remedy is to apply a moistened Abe Penney to the bite. Use only the Abe which is copper, newer ones are tin.


tea tree oil. that's it! Apply full strength on bug bite as soon as possible. Almost immediate relief. Re-apply as needed.


put an asprin pill over the bug bite( mosquito bite, bee sting, spider bite, wasp bite anything) and place a warm wt( not dripping just wet enough to disolve the asprin) over the pill on top of the bite/sting. Just hold it there and wait for it to dissolve or partly dissolve , or check it after 5-10 minutes to see how reduced the bite/sting is.

My mom has always done this and had my sister and I do this as well . It walways works . The bites/stings almost completely disapear and the irritation as well. I am actually surprised this was not already under the bug bite catagory.

Also basil leaves( just a few tucked into a shirt pocket or jeans pocket or something help keep mosquitos away. I don't know what it is but they don't like it.


My 4 year old is extremely allergic to bug bites. Wwe have tried every bug spray even listerine. A friend told me to use dial soap, bugs do not like it and then I did some research and found they do not like lavender either. So now we bathe with regular dial soap and I cover her whole body in lavender creamy baby oil-any lavender lotion I think either would work. She hasn't been bit since! Also add some lotion in the evening if she will be outside. I will give an update when the bugs start biting really good! Good Luck

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