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30 Home Remedies for Bug Bites


Tape a stainless steel washer over the bite. And leave on 1 to 2 days after swelling and itching is gone. This worked on my wasp sting and a nasty spider bite. Both healed in 4 days. I have to carry an epipen. This worked so well that I did not need to use it.
I tape it on with scotch tape.


Virgin Coconut Oil is extremely good for any bug bite and is very soothing. Massage gently on the area and it aids in healing the bite area fast. You can purchase it at Food Lion for under four dollars depending on locality. It will also leave you with a gentle coconut smell that is pleasant. It has many anti agents in the oil to keep down any secondary infection. To repell any bug indoors or out, use peppermint oil. These oils are smooth and pleasant and well worth the purchase.


For most bug bites I use amonia. Just apply some to a cotton ball or A-tip and dab where you were bit. The amonia stops the itching, takes away the swelling and redness instantaneously.


We find that tea tree oil is very effective in reducing itching and healing the inflamed bite. It is also listed as a repellent for midges. Research the history of tea tree oil.


To help with itching, apply a mixture of witch hazel(75%)and alcohol(25%)to the bite. this works for mosquito and chigger bites.


Home made bug spray WORKS GREAT!!!

4 tbsp. vanilla
1/3 cup lemon juice
15 drops lavender oil
mix in 16 oz. spray bottle and fill the rest of the way with water. It takes a minute to dry on skin but bugs will steer clear of you.

IF you don't use bug spray and happen to get one, or some, take a warm bath/shower this helps open skin pores and will allow some if the toxins to escape. After you bath/shower and towel dry, rub mentholated cream on it, vicks vapor rub, carmex lip balm work well. This will sooth the itching and swelling and the bite should disappear shortly. It will burn a bit if the skin has been broken from scratching, but it still has the same effect.


Many of the cures already listed contain great natural ingredients, one oil blend that I love to have on hand is called Purification oil and can be purchased on
It has these ingredients: Citronella , lemongrass , rosemary , Melaleuca , lavandin , and myrtle . A drop rubbed in to any bite except chiggers wiped away the bite. Chiggers can be killed by applying fingernail polish to the affected area. That is all chigger rid does, it cuts off the oxygen to the chigger that is under the skin.


Put ice cubes or frozen spoons on the bug bites (frozen spoons work better)or try Caladryl it temporarily relieves pain and itching involed with rashes due to poison ivy, poison oak or poison sumac.It also relieves insect bites, minor skin irritation or minor cuts. Hope that helps:)!


What i do for bug bites is put a ie cube on it fr at least 15 seconds then i dab some witch hazel on it and the itching will go away. :D


Apply tulsi paste on the bug bite leave it for 2-3 mins then take out the tulsi . It really helps . Try it !

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