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Marcus M.

I've had it for several years now. I definitely plan on using your remedies; they definitely sound like they work. This may help somebody along with those remedies. My toenail fungus was so bad that it's like turtle shells--dark and extremely hard. I have it as severe on both feet--on the big toe and second toe. The big one curls outward harmlessly and the small one, on the other hand, sometimes twists awkardly into the skin. The nails will come off painlessly, if severe pressure is added over time. Take something heavy that you can comfortably lift; pick it up and--while still holding--release part of the pressure onto the affected toe. Hold it there for 2 or 3 minutes; you won't feel a thing;
eventually, it snaps off with gentle harmless twisting--only to grow back. It will grow back. It must be some scientific glitch or something, bc it's painless and bloodless. I had to do this, bc my nails are uncuttably thick. They do grow back as before, though, so maybe those remedies will make them grow back clearly. Now, when my nail twisted, I don't advise this at all; I used a combination of the said strategy plus I used a
hammer--both periodically over time. It came off almost like last time--only this time there was a little blood, I used mouthwash for the cut, and a little Anbesol on the cut. It was a big relief and it grew back as before--and not twisted. This was not standard, but the first one was. Most of yours are probably like the first one, you put this here, bc someone may want their nails completely clear; you know, like when you were born. THIS IS NOT A REMEDY. THEY WILL GROW BACK AS BEFORE, IF NOTHING ELSE IS DONE. IT WAS PUT HERE SIMPLY AS AN ADD-ON TO A REMEDY--AS SOMETHING HARMLESS THAT MAY HELP YOUR TOENAILS GROW BACK COMPLETELY CLEARLY. THESE HELPED MY SEVERE TOENAILS AND I'VE USED THE FIRST INSTANCE MANY TIMES OVER THE YEARS, BC MY TOENAILS WERE SO THICK. USE THIS AT YOUR RISK. IT WAS ONLY PUT HERE FYI. IT REALLY SEEMED AS THOUGH WHAT I'VE SAID ALONG WITH WHAT OTHERS MIGHT HELP SOME OF YOU HAVE CLEAR THOSE NAILS COMPLETELY.


I've had really great success with pure tea tree oil (the kind from Trader Joes that comes in a tiny bottle for about $6.) Since you use it in such small amounts it lasts a really long time.

After showering I just dip a clean q-tip into the bottle and swab it all over each toenail, on the nailbed, and underneath the nail as well.

I started seeing results within a couple weeks and now it's cleared up completely after a month or so.

Just make sure you cut your toenails straight across (to prevent ingrowns) and steer clear of nail polish (even the clear stuff), keep your feet clean and wear open-toed shoes or flipflops as much as possible so they get air and sunlight.

great stuff

I have had toenail fungus for 9 yrs.i was in the navy and had to wear xboots all the time.. i tired everything...My right big toenail was almost black and not connected to the nail left 2nd toe was thick and yellow.. About 4 months ago my husband brought me some 'nonxy' from walmart bout $20...i use it everyday and my big toenail is all white except for the tips on the sides which are light yellow and my 2nd toe nail is no longer thick or yellow.. its short but is growing good... im so happy with the results im getting....i feel by the time im done wit this bottle my toenails will b nice again... its worth the money & time!!!!!! just follow the directions on the bottle.


First I soaked both feet in 1/3 parts vinegar and 2/3 parts warm water for about 40 minutes, then I used a new toothbrush and some surgical prep soap I had in the house to gently scrub them. Then I let then let them dry thoroughly, if possible in sunlight.

In the evening I liberally painted on 100% tea tree oil (you can use Vicks instead) on all nails, allowing it to soak into the sides and under the top of the affected nails.
Then I put a few more drops on a small piece of a cotton ball and laid it over the nail, securing it in place with a band-aid. Then I put a balloon over it. (I had to cut the bottom of the balloon off so it would not be too tight on my big toes or cut off circulation).

I got the balloon idea on this site, and it is GREAT because it kept the oil on the area and kept my sheets clean.
It can also be used to soak the area without having to use a basin. Yu can soak cotton balls in your soaking solution, then put on the balloon and you are free to walk around while you soak! GENIUS!


File nail down rub Vicks on it twice a day


I have had discolored (yellow) toenails for 4 or 5 years. They were only discolored towards the outer half of the nail and clear by my nail bed. Went to the podiatrist the other day to get an ingrown nail fixed and he told me it wasn't fungus (like I had thought) but that dyes from certain shoes can cause discoloration when nails constantly are tapping the shoe. He grinded the top of the nail down (can be done with a regular nail file as well) to show clean, normal colored nails below. Can't believe I wasted so much time with various treatments when all I needed was a nail file. Make sure yours is really fungus cause it may be way simpler.


I have had toenail fungus for 10 years. 1/4 of nail bed on both big toes lifted. I cut nails as close as I could & started applying straight bleach out of bottle twice a day & shine laser from hunting rifle 2-4 minutes on each toe once a day. No irritation to skin & fungus is better. Will probably take a couple months for nails to grow back fully. I am very glad to get on top of this because I think fungus has caused me other health problems.


I have had toenail fungus on one foot for about half a year now, and I'm pretty sure I got it from athletes foot about year before that. After trying many remedies, like the vinegar soak (regular and apple)sometimes for 2 hours a day, All sorts of cremes, mouthwash, etc. nothing seemed to work. Taking pills was not an option because I like my organs and don't want to damage them (lol). So then I tried my own remedy:

Step 1:

File the nails. I filed down the infected nails as much as i could, even the toes side by side just in case. (also i sterilized nail clipper and filer)

Step 2:

Burn the nails with a magnifying glass.
When I aimed the glass at a piece of wood, it started burning within 1 second. so I burned my toe nails thoroughly for several seconds several times. especially the infected parts. sometimes 2 - 3 times a week.

Step 3:

I dipped cotton swabs in Isopropyl alcohol and washed my toe nails in it up to 3 times a day everyday.

step 4: after alcohol dried, I placed a thick layer of turbinified Hydrochloride cream 1% on all nails.

Step 5: because of my work i had to wear shoes, So i bought foot powder and powderd my foot, then the sock, then some in my shoes, and my feet did not sweat at all, very dry. Also foot powders have good ingredients and also some sort of acid.

After about a week the yellow began receding and my nails became pink again. Although growth is slow they are getting better. This was significantly more progress than using any other remedy. My inspiration for this remedy was reading about people who used lasers on their toes or even strong lights.

I thank God they are getting better, After they are cured i will continue to put alcohol on my toes after a long day and keep powdering my shoes.


FYI, I purchased stuff from walmart:

Equate foot powder: $1.50
Jumbo 200 cottonballs: $2.50

Not sure about creme and alcohol solution. don't remember.


After years of really bad fungus I am almost free of it.

For over a year now I have been mixing garlic,fresh sage and cider vinegar and I soak my feet twice a day in it. This has helped a lot but didn't get rid of it.

I work in trainers so getting air to my feet is a problem and the fungus easily spreads. Getting desperate I decided to try garlic. I get one clove, smash it and then smear the juice along my nails.I could see results almost straight away and my nail now looks almost normal. I do this nearly every day.

It smells but it works.

On top of those I file the nails three times a week, boil my socks, bed sheets etc and spray antibac in my trainers, shoes etc.

Hope it helps you.


I have my own little cure in the making. Everyone has a different body makeup, chemical reactions do different things for everyone. I have tried it all, I have this stuff on my nails for over 10 years.

I soak my feet and nails, with just enough hot water to cover my feet.

1/4 cup peroxide
1/2 to cup baking soda
1/4 to 1/2 cup peppermint epsom salt
1/4 to 1/2 cup lavender epsom salt
vinegar ( I pour enough to create bubbles and foam from the chemical reaction with baking soda, you should feel tingles on your nails and feet, then you have added enough)

It works for me and I have been doing it for 6 months, nails are growing in healthy and pretty. I also file my nails done but be careful to not cause bleeding. Regularly trim my nails also. May not work for you but it works for me. I soak for about 45 mins. Water gets cold but it is working for me.

Good luck.

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