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Tara Hillson

Two or three years ago my daughter got toe fungus. It looked like the top of her toe was been eaten away. It was pretty nasty so I did some on-line research to figure out what it was. To be sure, I took her to a doctor who confirmed toe fungus. He of course prescribed a medication. I can't remember what it was called but I do remember it was just under two hundred dollars and had some severe side effects that to me was not worth the risk. I came to this site and spent hours and hours scouring through the posts. This is what we did for her and 3 years later, she has not had a recurrence and it cost me all but $30.00 CDN.

I bought 2 small storage boxes the perfect size for soaking feet. I got a big tub of apple cider vinegar, a big package of brand new cotton socks and a toe fungus ointment cream with the highest concentration of undecylenic acid I cold find.I found it in the same isle that has products for athlete foot. I tried to find undecylenic acid in local health food stores but never found it so I took a gamble on the toe fungus cream.

Several times a day I made her soak her feet for 10-20 minutes in warm water and apple cider vinegar. After the soak, she applied the ointment and put on fresh socks every single time. She did this several times a day for about 2 weeks until no evidence of the fungus could be seen. After the fungus started clearing we could see it had eaten away most of her big toe nail and we were worried she would loose the nail but it grew back to normal and three years later, she remains fungus free. It has never returned.

Why am I posting now? I've been a sufferer of cold sores since childhood and once again my search for natural remedies brings me to this site. I thought I would add my experience since it appeared to be very successful for my daughter.I strongly encourage people to try natural anti fungals before paying for any pharmaceutical.


I have been dealing with two thick toenails for several years now. I finally started to tackle the problem from the inside out, and it seems to be working. I'm taking olive leaf extract pills (from Seagate Products), and my two toenails are growing out clean. I also apply topical olive leaf extract oil (also from Seagate products - called OliveViate), as well as, tea tree oil to my toes on a daily basis. I also use NonyX nail gel sometimes. I'm convinced that the olive leaf extract is killing the fungus from the inside out. It may take many more months of taking the olive leaf extract pills before my toes are totally healthy again, but I think it is well worth it.




This solution is for people with a severe infection.

I am 26 and have had this insufferable malady for the last half of my life. As a girly girl, I would have my nails covered with polish and would never risk anyone seeing the ugly infection by ever letting them breathe without the polish. If you can, do not paint your toes as it makes it WORSE!

Against medicine and at my wits end, I finally decided to take matters into my own hands (literally). I had enough.

1. I clipped my nail ALL the way down as far as I could. This was pretty far because it had gotten so bad that the nailbed was very much separated. My nail was about half an inch big when I was done.
2. I rigorously filed the top. So what I was left with was a very short, very thin toenail.

To make sure the nail fungus was really gone, I would tape an Apple Cider Vinegar soaked cotton ball onto my toe. It stinks but I didn't care. I would leave it there as long as I could until I couldn't stand the irritation any longer.

I did this for a month and it really got my nail under control. I am in month 6 now, and I still have a daily routine to make sure it continues to grow in healthy.

I file every surface of it every day with a new nail file, then I apply Zeta Clear (I think the main ingredient in it is tea tree oil).

I have to stress that you really have to stay on top of it even if it looks like it's going back to normal. If I skip a day I can see it trying to come back!

It's a lot of work, and the remedies smell really bad, but it is so worth it, especially now that the weather is warming and I can go carefree in sandals for the first time since I was 13!

If you have a special event or really just want to have pretty feet for a little while, I highly recommend the little stick on toenails that they sell in drugstores. They stay on for over a week and they will make you feel like you have beautiful feet again!


Hydrogen peroxide. It works!


After many years, this finally did the trick.

I cut off as much of the bad nail as I could, even parts of the top of the nail. (This would be especially easy after a good bath or shower, or after soaking the foot for 20 minutes or so.)

Then each night, before I retired for the night, I taped a cotton ball to the top of my toe with scotch tape. I taped all around the toe so it wouldn't fall off. Then I soaked it with white vinegar. I slipped a sandwich baggie over the toe, then slipped a sock over the foot to keep the baggie on the toe.

I did this for about a week. After about that time my toe was a little irritated (but not until that long), so I didn't do it for a week or so. Then I did it again for about a week.

I started noticing a difference after 2 or 3 weeks. Sure enough, that did the trick, and it was a lot easier than soaking my foot for 20 minutes. Not only that, I had tried soaking it before, but it was hard to keep up the routine.

I think part of the trick was to cut back as much as possible. Then, the overnight soaking killed the problem.

It took a long time for the nail to finish growing out, but my toe is 100% normal now! Ah, finally! I just thought I ought to forward hope and a solution to the suffering.

Kali Sandison

I've culled some of the information from this site and put together this treatment. I've only been using it for two weeks but I'm already starting to see results. I treat at breakfast, lunch dinner and bed time. First thing in the morning when my toes are already clean, I disinfect them with decolored iodine. Then I liberally dab on Tea Tree Oil. At lunch and dinner I use more tea tree oil. Before bed I smother them with Vick's VapoRub and wrap them in band-aids so the salve stays on the toes and off my sheets. Also during the day I use a laser pointer for about 10 minutes on each nail. Once a week, I use a coarse nail file to keep the nails filed down to a more normal thickness so that everything penetrates more easily. One nail (the one that has been infected the shortest time) has flaked off about half way back. The other is starting to show signs it's about to start flaking. I spend as much time as possible barefoot but right now, it's too cold to be going barefoot for extended periods of time. As the weather warms up, I'll stay out of my slippers more.


Lamisil Cream + Rubbing Alcohol: This saved my toenail!

I must have gotten toenail fungus from walking through cornfields in wet boots in 2006. Since then, I've tried the ACV soak and oral Lamisil, both of which seemed to help slightly but didn't cure it. Last year, I was talking to an acquaintance who is a chemist, and she told me that Lamisil used to make a cream product for toenail fungus but they pulled it a number of years ago. She had researched the formula and told me essentially to mix Lamisil OTC cream (the kind for athlete's foot) with isopropyl (rubbing alcohol). I modified this a little bit and this method did cure my toenail fungus, albeit slowly.

Lamisil OTC cream (note: the label says NOT to use the product for nail fungus, but I didn't see why not, plus most of us are pretty darn desperate. It seemed safer than bleach.)
Rubbing alcohol (either 70% or 90%, can't remember what I used)
Cotton balls
Party balloons (yes, you read that correctly)

First, I'm sure you are wondering about the party balloons. Essentially, these act as a mobile foot bath so you can soak and do other things around the house (I wore flip flops). It also cuts back on the amount of product you need for soaking.

Here is the procedure: Cut the toenail down as far as you can (filing if needed). Next, take one of the party balloons and blow it up to stretch it out. Deflate the balloon and cut most of the neck off. (The little bit of neck remaining will create a tight seal for the soak.) Next, squirt a little bit of the Lamisil cream on the infected toenail. Then rip a cotton ball in half and soak it in the alcohol. Place the soaked cotton ball over the toenail + cream. Then stretch the neck of the balloon over your toe, enclosing the toe inside the balloon. Make sure the balloon is snug but not cutting off your circulation.

I did this soak about 1x a day for about 1 hr, for a few weeks. Once I accidentally fell asleep during a soak, which I do NOT recommend. The more you soak, the better the results. It did take a long time for the healthy nail to grow back in, but that's only because toenails grow so slowly. I hope you try this and that it works for you!


I have tried every treatment I can think of. I even went to Australia once for 3 months and wore sandals every day and bought the best tea tree oil I could get and painted that on every day while keeping it filed down but there was no difference.

I finally decided that I needed to heal it from within so I am taking olive leaf extract right now and it seems to be making a difference--first the toenail turned from yellow to white and stopped crumbling and now I can see a definite line where new healthy nail is coming in. I ran out of OLE for a couple of weeks and noticed that the healthy nail was taken over within a week so I got more and again the healthy nail is coming in.


My husband had toenail fungus and has successfully treated his by using a Pedipaws (Dremel tool also works) to gently grind the thick nails to a thinness that can be treated with anti-fungal liquid nail treatment. He grinds them weekly and keeps the front edge straight. All the toes have grown out clear and normal thickness. This method kept the nail in tact but allowed the anti-fungal liquid to get to the area infected.

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