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You will need:

***White Vinegar
***1 pair of cotton or wool bulky socks
***2 thick plastic bags large enough to contain your feet and go half way up the calf.
***Toenail scissors
***A nail file

Put on socks. Stick feet in bags. Add full strength to 1:3 vinegar to water to the bags until the socks have soaked up all the liquid, but you aren't sloshing about in the bags. Leave on for as many hours as you can accomplish.... sleep in the bags if you can. I tried to do at least 6 hours a day.

On day one with full strength vinegar after 6 hours, nearly all of the calluses on my feet slid off. This made me much more comfortable. I rinsed my feet and then trimmed all of the nails back as much as I could. I also filed and dug out the fibrous stuff under the nail. This was easily done as the nails were soft and pliable.

I repeated this for 2 weeks and the nails were fungus free.

I try to repeat this at least once a month for callus removal and to aid in fungus deterrence.

I have heard of people doing this with Listerine also. It is just my opinion, but I think mixing the two would make each less useful. It seems to be the extremes of Ph that is the activating process here. Listerine is Alkaline I believe and Vinegar of course is acid. Mixing them would not make a better product.


My doctor prescribed Penlac for my toenail fungus... Needless to say, that was pretty useless. Money & time wasted and no results.

People on this site mentioned applying Tea Tree Oil, which actually worked for me. I trimmed my toenail as much as possible (almost to the point of pain), applied 100% tea tree oil to the affected area once a day using Q-tips, and kept this up for 3 weeks. My toenail healed after a few weeks. It's been a year now and I haven't seen any recurring infection (although I make sure to trim the toenail once a week).


For about three months, I have been using Hydrocortizone (the 1% creams you can get just about anywhere) on my toenail. Every morning when I get out of the shower, I put a thick coating of it on my toenail, making sure to get it underneath and all around the edges. I also repeat this process after dinner, so the cream has time to soak into the nail and skin before bed. While perhaps not as quick as other treatments, it is very cheap, and the nail has grown out looking normal rather than yellow and thick. I don't know if anyone else has tried this, but it worked for me. The fungus cleared up after about six weeks, and now I'm just doing maintenance on it so that I'm sure it's gone. I hope this helps!

Simply Practical

After injuring 3 of my 5 toes about 5 years ago, I have been dealing with yellow, thick toenails on my right foot. I have tried prescription medications, but nothing worked. I finally tried a mixture of 1/4c Listerine, 1/4c vinegar, 1/2c warm water, & salt. I soak my foot for about 30 min. every night & then apply a coating of Vick's on both my feet. I wear socks on my feet when I sleep, as I do not want to stain my bedding. After the very first use of this mixture, my toenails are no longer yellow & my foot no longer itches. This is amazing & I totally recommend this to anyone dealing with similar conditions. I buy my items at the dollar store, so it is very cost friendly. Hope this helps someone else who is experiencing the same issues.


FINALLY!! I'M FREE!! I started this treatment on June 21st and today is July 14th and I went shopping today for pretty sandals for the first time in 5 YEARS!! Here's what I did...I have (or should I say 'had'..Yay!!) the fungus on both of my big toes and one little one and I used to use a 'paste' of Ajax with bleach mixed with Vicks and would apply that and cover with a bandage. The fungus went away on two other small toes doing this but the fungus never quite completely went away on the big toes and the little one. Well, of course I was frustrated and perplexed and then it hit me...BLEACH!!!! I went to the store and purchased a bottle of CLOROX BLEACH GEL, cotton balls, bandages, rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and Q-tips. That night I cut the nails as short as possible and then applied the alcohol and peroxide to each toe and let dry. I then tore a cotton ball into three parts, put a little of the bleach gel in a very small bowl and dipped each portion of cotton into the gel and then applied to each toe trying to be careful not to get the gel on the surrounding skin. I then covered with a bandage to secure the cotton and put on white cotton socks to protect my sheets and bedding. I applied more gel in the middle of the night with a Q-tip and re-applied the same cotton/bandage. In the morning I repeated the process and was able to use white socks with my required closed toe work shoes and the treatment worked all day. I re-applied the treatment when I got home. Some of the gel did hurt the skin area but I just applied Neosporin ointment around the nail and got better at being careful with the gel on the cotton ball. I have done this day and night for the past three weeks and I wish I could post a picture of my feet in my new pretty sandals!!! I'M FINALLY FUNGUS FREE!!!!


I developed a bad case of toenail fungus. I was nursing, so I couldn't take Lamisil. I researched other options. Here is what I did:

(1) After my morning shower, I applied half-strength bleach with a Q-tip. At night, I filed away at the infected nail. After two weeks, a large portion of the nail fell off. I discontinued the bleach treatment.

(2) I soaked my toes in white vinegar for 15 minutes every evening. It was neither inconvenient nor expensive. I continued this regimen for six months. During this time I only wore open-toed shoes (no socks).

At the end of six months, I had a beautiful nail again. Voila. Five months have passed since I last treated my nail. No sign of the fungus.


Here it is, easy and inexpensive!

Tried a lot of OTC products and home remedies and here is what worked best (by far!) for me. Happily it was both simple and probably the least costly.

I won't mention product names -- and some were quite expensive -- but I tried five before settling on what worked for me.

Yes, soaks are messy and inefficient, but they work. As I am not the soaking type here's what I did:

A simple 50-50 solution -- I merely eye-balled the proportions -- of vinegar (I had apple cider vinegar in my cupboard so used it) and Listerine (the original mediciny-tasting one) applied throughout the day when convenient using a MEDICINE DROPPER. Simple!

I have the added advantage of working at home so I could walk around barefoot and apply the drops directly to the toenails whenever I thought to do so. (Even have a dedicated towel to keep underfoot during the dropping process.)

If you are limited to doing it before and after time in the workplace, it will still work just as well.

Fungus cannot survive in an acidic environment so the application of the solution is VERY effective.

To accelerate the process I would use the Vick's Vap-O-Rub trick whenever I had occasion to put on socks to go out. This bang-bang method was by far the most effective one (especially the 50-50 solution as my earlier Vick's efforts alone seemed to yield negligible results).

I'm telling you, I SWEAR by the 50-50 solution, and the simplicity of the eyedropper method vs. the impracticality of footsoaks is a no-brainer, especially since you will likely do it a number of times a day instead of just once, if that. And it's by far the CHEAPEST!

Try it. I promise you'll get very favorable results.


I dropped a steel drum(barrel) on my left big toe while in my teens (59 now). Oh yeah, it hurt, was the worst pain in my life. Over time I lost my toenail and another started growing, but it grew smaller and thicker. I actually did not know there could be a cure for my toe fungus until one day a couple of weeks ago I got tired of hearing people poke at my 'funny toe'. So I looked on the web, trimmed my toe as much as I could and tried the apple cider vinegar and vicks thing for about a week. All I noticed was it got softer. Then I gave it some more attention (I know now that a week wouldn't be long enough), so I began reading this forum. With all the 'sure thing's' here, I couldn't decide what to tryed first using ketaconizole, clorimeride, and lamisil, all on subsequent days since I have no idea which will work, surely one should show some affect wouldn't you think ? I also use an old oral B electric toothbrush and scrub my toe with alcohol first, then hydrogen perocide, dry it, then apply one of the above solutions all on alternate days. I also have an enlarged prostrate which keeps me urinating at night about every 2 hours. Well, oddly, last night I only pee'd one time, this IS a big deal for me as I slept great. Hasn't happened for years. What happened? Could one of the topical creams be helping my night pee'ing too. How is that possible? Can't wait to see how tonight goes, and I'll post it here again. Anyway, aside from my pee problem, does anyone have any comments on my method of trying to cure my toe fungus ? As I sit here, I'm looking at my left big toe covered in Lotrimin, hoping it works. I've only been doing this method for about a week now, so I will give it more time and see if it works. I really appreciate all of the other comments you all have made, and I didnt know if it would help if I added my 2-cents worth. Incidentally, I didn't just go out and buy all of this stuff, my wife and I had it in our medicine chest already. Thanks all!

Dr Paul

Many of the below posts talk of white vinegar soaks....very time intensive and messy. I knew of these soaks and as a hospice physician knew of penetrating gels to deliver medications through the skin when cancer patients could no longer swallow. Dr Paul's Piggy Paste incorporates both of these concepts in an easy to use gel. Pharmacists podiatrists and physicians in central Illinois recommend it. It is nationwide at Walgreens CVS and Rite Aid in the footcare section. much more information and testimonials on the web


I developed as bad a case of fungal toenail infection as is possible. I was on other medications when it started so I could not treat the infection. It spread to all my toes and destroyed them in a short time. I researched as to what natural remedies had worked for others and came up with a plan. Then I went out and bought the following items - a large nail file, a large bottle of unfiltered Apple Cider Vinegar, a midium sized bottle of Potassium Hydroxide Solution 10%, Q-tips and two very small plastic bottles.
After my morning shower, I use a hair dryer to dry my toes and then I get out my small bottle that I have filled with Apple Cider Vinegar and soak a Q-tip in it. Then I use that to cover my toenails with the Vinegar. After my toes dry, I repeat the process until I have done it three times. I repeat the same process in the evenings before going to bed. Once a week, I take the nail file and I grind away as much of the surface of each toenail as I can. I clean the file after each toe so that there will not be cross contamination. After doing that, I take out the other small bottle I have that is filled with Potassium Hydroxide Solution 10%. I dip a Q-tip in it and then apply to my toenails. Once it dries, I do it one more time. The solution is very acidic and irritates the skin so doing it more often would become painful. As much as possible, I air out my toes and get them in to sunlight. At the end of the week, I empty out the small Vinegar bottle, clean it and then fill it with fresh Vinegar from the larger bottle. I do the same for the Solution, but on a as need basis. The plus side of my plan is that I don't have to devote a lot of time to treating my toenails. I also don't have to worry about stains or residue from my toenails getting on my socks or bed sheets. The downside of my plan is that the Vinegar makes the toenail surface a temporary yellow tint. Toenails grow slow so this takes some time to work. Some have reported success with taking the Vinegar internally - I avoided this because increasing the acid levels in your body has numerous unhealthy side effects. After having done treatment for three months, my toes are coming back healthy.

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