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I tried Tea Tree Oil, Vicks Vaporub, Flexitol Anti-Fungal with Undecylenic Acid, Bleach and Urine, but nothing seemed to get rid of the fungus. It would look like it was going, but always came back. After six years of experimenting, I took a nail file and literally filed most of the nail away almost down to the flesh. Then, every night for about an hour whilst sitting in front of the computer, I let my feet soak in a tub of warm water that was 1/3 white vinegar. I dried them off and let them air, no shoes, socks or slippers. It took eight long months for the toenail to grow back but I now have toes that I can wear sandals with again! The fungus has gone and my toenails look healthy!


i had fungus for years and spent lots of i urinate on my feet every chance i get ..fungus gone for good


Medicated selson blue(or equate brand) and a fingernail brush. Dab a little selson blue on the fingernail brush and scrub your toenails with each shower or bath . This method fixed my yellow cracked nails for $5. And the bottle last forever. Also lathering some on your body like soap gets rid of sun spots during each shower.


What kills mold & fungus on walls? Bleach! So I soaked my toe in straight bleach and Voila! Nail is now growing out totally clear after 25 years and over $1000 out of pocket!


I had thick yellow toenails that would not grow. I read about many different remedies and tried some. My treatment was that I would tape cotton balls soaked in a mixture of half vinegar to half regular listerine to my toenails every night for a month. In the morning after my shower I would put a drop of tea tree oil on my toenails and wait until it soaked in before putting on socks. I also cleaned out the gunk under my toes and trimmed my toenails as much as possible to get rid of as much infected nail I could (my nail kind of peeled away because the infected nail was detaching from the nail bed). Now I put tea tree oil on my nails after my shower and before bed. They are growing out white and free of fungus. It has taken about 5 months but it is worth it.


I just soak my feet in warm water an Epson salt


I had a painful toenail fungus. The toe would just throb, probably the fungus under the nail putting pressure on the nail. After much research, I found out there are different types of toenail fungi. Different remedies work on some and not others. I decided to hit it with several. I first trimmed the toenail back as much as possible and filed it down. After washing it well, I used a hair dryer to heat the toe and nail as hot as I could stand it. Then I soaked it in white vinegar. Then I applied Lamisil AT rubbing it into the toe over and all around the nail. Then I applied Vicks. Over the next day or two it changed to a dark color. I am now in day 7 and it looks and feels much better and am confident in a few months it will be gone.


I had toenail fungus down both sides of the nail for two years,tryed everything nothing worked UNTILL I read about vicks vapo rub.put it on nail and cover tightly with electricial duck tape,leave for 24 hours, keep repeatint giving a few hours with nothing,nails look nearly perfect after 2 months


On the advice of a friend I used VICK VAPOUR RUB and it worked fungus blackens and die within 2days keep applying until nail grows out fungus free cost 32.99


You will need:

***White Vinegar
***1 pair of cotton or wool bulky socks
***2 thick plastic bags large enough to contain your feet and go half way up the calf.
***Toenail scissors
***A nail file

Put on socks. Stick feet in bags. Add full strength to 1:3 vinegar to water to the bags until the socks have soaked up all the liquid, but you aren't sloshing about in the bags. Leave on for as many hours as you can accomplish.... sleep in the bags if you can. I tried to do at least 6 hours a day.

On day one with full strength vinegar after 6 hours, nearly all of the calluses on my feet slid off. This made me much more comfortable. I rinsed my feet and then trimmed all of the nails back as much as I could. I also filed and dug out the fibrous stuff under the nail. This was easily done as the nails were soft and pliable.

I repeated this for 2 weeks and the nails were fungus free.

I try to repeat this at least once a month for callus removal and to aid in fungus deterrence.

I have heard of people doing this with Listerine also. It is just my opinion, but I think mixing the two would make each less useful. It seems to be the extremes of Ph that is the activating process here. Listerine is Alkaline I believe and Vinegar of course is acid. Mixing them would not make a better product.

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