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I protected as much skin around the toes as possible with a towel and then heated the infected nails with with a hair dryer set on high to the point where it started to hurt me. Did this morning and night for about two weeks and it killed the fungus.


I just started a remedy like 3 days ago...I have been experiencing extreme pain on my big toe...I noticed it was discolored, but thought I had an ingrown toenail. ..I found out it was fungus. ..I soaked my foot in bleach water and applied vaporub and tea tree oil...within hours the pain subsided... the pain I'd almost gone on 3rd day :)...I soak in bleach ware for 20 min daily, let dry, apply tea tree oil with cotton ball, then thoroughly apply the vaporub, even using qtip to get under nail bed.... the nail I'd already changing colors. ...good luck

Cinnamon Vogue

What people need to understand is if you have a severe toenail fungus you also need to treat internal causes, which in the vast majority of cases is the Candida Yeast infection. Candida is a major cause of the toe nail fungus. Diabetes often get Candida which thrives in a sugar rich environment. Taking Ceylon Cinnamon stick tea or Ceylon Cinnamon black infused with cinnamon bark Oil will kill the Candida yeast infection and helps modulate your sugar levels. And since Ceylon Cinnamon has low Coumarin levels you can take it every day without damaging your liver, unlike Cassia Cinnamon. And cut out the sugar in your diet.

For topical treatment Apple Cider Vinegar, Tea Tree Oil and other natural remedies work. But Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil with at least 75% Eugenol content works much faster. This is because the anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties of Ceylon Cinnamon Oil is far more powerful. As good as clove oil but more cost effective and easier to use. All you need is 1% Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil mixed with 99% water and spray on your toenail. It works faster. If you have a damaged toenail however, you need to keep applying the oil and drinking the cinnamon tea until a complete toenail grows out which usually takes 6-9 months.

And follow the other rules. New socks, clean and wash your shoes or get new shoes, spray cinnamon oil on your shoes, clean and file your toe nails every other day, use a hair dryer to dry your feet, use sterilized manicure/pedicure equipment, avoid wearing tight shoes, air your feet, avoid damp moist surfaces and eliminate sugar and dairy.


My daughter got toe fungas many years ago. The doctor prescribed her meds of course. It would be over $200 for three or so months’ supply.

When I looked up the side effects I was shocked to see there was risk of kidney or liver failure (can’t remember which one). So the doctor wants me to pay $200, put my young teen on a med that has the risk of kidney/liver failure to treat a toe fungus? Are FKG kidding me!
I did some research on natural remedies mostly from this website and this is what we did and it worked.

I bought 12-16 new pairs of socks for her. Every morning and night she soaked her foot in warm apple cider vinegar for 10-15 minutes. Afterwards, she applied a topical solution to the affected area and put fresh socks on. She repeated this process twice a day for two weeks slacking off a bit here and there but by the third week it was 100% gone, never to come back. We managed to save her nail. 5 years later it has not returned and it cost me all but 40 dollars!

What you will need.....

Brand new socks, enough pairs to change your socks at least twice a day. We kept the “treatment” socks separate from our clothing and washed in hot water to make sure the fungus did not carry on elsewhere.

Tub or Tupperware container to soak your foot in, and anther or a bag to throw your “treatment socks into”

Apple Cider Vinger cause it is highly anti-fungal.

Topical solution with undecylenic acid. I found a topical solution where the athlete’s foot stuff is located. There were two options with a few oils in it. I picked the one with the highest concentration of undecylenic acid as it’s proven to be highly anti fungal as well.

I have to say I am very grateful for this site. It’s taken me far too long to post our results!


I have 2 infected toes. I have a lot of medicines that I take, so lamisil was not an option. After reading a few of the entries below, I am trying a different one on each toe. I'm taking apple cider vinegar tablets 2x daily. One toe is getting ACV applied directly to the nail. The other is getting tea tree oil. Apple Cider Vinegar ALL THE WAY! It hasn't been more than 2 weeks and the toe with the ACV definitely progressing faster. Try it, it totally works and it's cheap.

Cinnamon Vogue

The best cure for the toenail fungus is Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil. It works and works fast. It will be gone within a month. guaranteed. Either soak your feet with a 1-2% Cinnamon Oil to water solution or spray direct with the 1-2% diluted ratio. The Toenail fungus is also caused by internal factors like Candida. So make some cinnamon stick tea or cinnamon black tea and drink it every day for 1-3 months. Cinnamon is a powerful anti fungal but you need to get the real stuff.


Iv have toe nail infection for 3 years lotions potions and tablets from docs nothing has worked, I bought tea tree oil for £1.00 been using it morning and night for 3 weeks , it's now growing out and the infected part is so much better. For a pound give it a go.


I had bad toenail fungus for 10years. It spread to all my toenails on one foot, I used a white malt vinegar foot soak. Get cold but not freezing water (1000ml) and the vinegar (60 or 100. Depends how bad the infection is) and soak your feet in a tub for 30 minutes. Worked like a charm. Gone in 6 months!


tiny sand paper, Q-tip with PAINT THINNER, then cover with vaseline and powder. GONE in 2-3 hours.


My boyfriend has fungus on some of his toenails but not all of them. He's recently begun to pay more attention to foot care due to being on a chemotherapy regimen which involves two medications that affect the skin on his feet and hands. When I began helping with his foot care, I suggested using a Qtip to daub OTC store-brand antifungal cream (for jock itch or athlete's foot) all over & around any affected nails, including beneath the front edge.

It's slow going, but it *is* clearing up. His toenails look the best I've seen in the nearly 5 years we've been together.

The chemo is now causing his toenails to slough. When each affected nail sloughs off, we use a Qtip to daub the OTC antifungal cream on the nail bed.

His hematologist/oncologist is aware we're doing this and supports it, as long as it continues to help.

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