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1/2 mouthwash and half white vinager in a spray bottle, when you get out of the shower, dry your toes well and then spray them with this spray, in 2 weeks your fungus will be gone no matter how many decades you've had it!!!! I had it for 15 years, and finally this one did it. Spray the inside of all your close toed shoes also!!!!


i have really bad toe nail fungus and the rash all over my feet was also the same fungus according to my doctor. nothing worked for the nails, not even laser treatment. i recently tried tamanu oil [NOT CHEAP!] but i think that that really inflamed the 'rash' part and boy did my poor feet become taken over! i scratched til i bled! last night i put on a little 'selsun blue' for scalp itch on my itchy feet and it stopped the itch immediately. no itch today! but man i'm going to give those tahitians a good scathing review for this crappy tamanu oil!

Cinnamon Vogue

Further to my previous post on why Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil works, I would like to add you have to cut and clean your toenail every three days. Normally you don’t want to cut and clean away your cuticle (since it brings in more germs), but in this case you must, to allow the cinnamon oil to penetrate and get to the fungus underneath. Use a cuticle edge trimmer and a metal file.

The Ceylon Cinnamon Leaf Oil will dry your nail very fast and then the nail will start to flake off. This is a good thing because you want to get rid of the fungi infected nail. If you want to moisturize the skin around the toenail and later the toenail itself, you can mix the cinnamon oil with coconut oil (which is also an anti-fungal). But don’t put the coconut oil on the toenail itself at the beginning. Let the nail dry a bit for a couple of weeks with just the cinnamon oil. Also massage your feet every day. For severe cases soak feet with the diluted cinnamon oil twice a week for 25 minutes and dry with a hair dryer.

And those of you, who don’t believe that Candida causes the toenail fungus in most cases, get a Candida test done. If you have Candida, you know you have to start drinking Ceylon Cinnamon Tea (Cassia Cinnamon will damage your liver) which is very effective against Candida, even anti biotic resistant Candida. If you don’t get rid of Candida, the fungus will keep coming back.

And please watch your diet. No sugar and no dairy whatsoever. Candida feeds on sugar. Dairy products have fungi. If you are a Vegan/Vegetarian you also have a compromised immune system so you need to eat much more and maybe even consider eating meat. If you taking a lot of supplements especially tablets with Silicon Dioxide and Magnesium Stearate they are bad for you. Eat good quality natural food.

Happy Big Toe

I had toenail fungus on my big toe for over 3 years, and I've tried many home remedies and even prescriptions including pills. Nothing seemed to work. Then I thought about it one day; what is it that the fungus needs. It needs moisture. So before I jumped in the shower, I wrapped my toe with a plastic baggy and tied it on with a rubber band, not too tight to cut off circulation of course. Afterward, I would then apply some moisture absorbing body powder and within a week I saw improvement. I've been doing this for a month now and it's almost gone.


I have had toe nail fungus on 2 of my toes for about 20 years. I've tried everything from prescriptions to store nail fungus solutions.
I was at the nail salon one day getting a pedicure when the lady sitting next to me said her husband used to have toe nail fungus. She told me to use white vinegar on them, and it will kill it. So, like I always do I tried it.
Everyday after my shower I put the blow dryer to my foot for a few minutes to dry them as much as possible. Then would spray (put vinegar in a tiny spray bottle)a little vinegar on my toes and make it go underneath. After just a few days, underneath the toe nail turned white. I keep putting it on a couple of times a day for about 2 months now. The toe nails are about 3/4 of the way grown out. That is the farthest they have grown out without any fungus in years. It seems to me that the vinegar is finally the solution that I was looking for. I probably have about 3 weeks to a month left and it will be completely healed. Since Ive had the fungus for so long, I will probably keep using the vinegar just as a maintenance so it doesnt come back. I am convinced that they are finally going to look normal!


Soak feet in pure peroxide 3 times per week is working for me and I have tried several products with zero results.I can't believe it was that easy.I soak them about 15 min.each time.


I've had nail fungus for over 10 years and could never properly treat it. Whether it was the sloooow healing process or that I just didn't apply enough treatment (tried practically everything), it just never seemed to get better.

Just found a full out cure that has my fungus down to about 30% from what it was originally.


Have 1 hot foot bath with a 1/2 cup salts and a good pour of vinegar.
Do this EVERY night for at least 3 months.
It's a long process but you can see improvement in just the first couple of weeks.
Trust me!!!


I have had fungus all over my left foot and it also got into my toe nails. I didnt have any pain it just looked bad and I got a lot of dead skin coming off in flakes. I tried several home remedies with limited or no success. Apple cider vinegar did nothing. Tea tree oil was slightly better but too expensive and my wife hated the smell. I nearly got rid of her before the fungus. I found that a foot bath in a solution of hot water and ordinary vinegar helped a lot. It softened the skin so that I could clean it but it was not practical.
I then tried Vicks Vaporub twice a day and about two months later it cleared the foot completely. Its much more practical and it's also cheaper. I also got the wife's reluctant approval. Now I apply it once a day. The nails are slower. They are better but obviously I have to persevere. The thing is once the fungus gets under the nail its very difficult to eliminate it. You must cover the nail with Vicks all round it especially at the front

Happy Toes

Thank you to the people who said tea tree oil and cinnamon oil along with cinnamon vitamins it works..... I have tried applecider vinegar, vics rub, soaking feet in bleach and over the counter ointments which none have worked completely because it would come back. I think it comes from having candida yeast in your system because the cinnamon is the only one that has stopped it from coming back..

Happy Toes

I am so happy to report to the internet my toenail fungus home remedy success story. I hope many of you can find it works for you as well. In April 2014 I noticed, after removing toenail polish that had been on for about a month, what looked like a bruise under my right big toenail. Turned out to be fungus. I was mortified. I tried Lamisil prescribed by my Dr., but it made me feel weird: headaches, loss of taste, gas, etc. I did not want 3 months of that very strong drug, who knows what it was doing to other cells in my body. So I started trying all the internet suggestions: apple cider vinegar, tea tree oil, etc. After a few weeks of this with uncertain results, I soaked my toe in vinegar, clipped the nail down really short, and used a toothpick soaked in tea tree oil to DIG OUT THE FUNGUS from under the nail. Totally gross, and it takes a strong stomach, but a healthy nail is almost completely grown back (3 months later). I still put tea tree oil under the part of the nail that has not grown back, to keep it clean, etc., but I am so glad I just went ahead and took control of the situation. I was very gentle, and didn't break skin, it didn't hurt one bit. I used a headlamp. There was a gap in between where the nail and the healthy nail bed is, with fungus in between. Dig the fungus out! I hope this helps some people out there! good luck.

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