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There used to be a fantastic product called PAV by NATR (NATIVE AMERICAN TREE RESIN)- my Mom had terrible mushroom like fungus on all her toes. She was 90+ and used to sleep with socks & shoes on to be ready. This stuff totally cured it - It was a pine resin - pure pitch that I would paint on with a toothpick. The aides & doctors couldn't believe the results. The owner died, but I would love to find this again as now I have a light case of fungus. I've been experimenting with ponderosa pine sap & grain alcohol (tincture) that has produced good results, but not as good as the product mentioned. I would love to hear if anyone knows of this PAV ointment, or knows the formula to make it.


I completely lost a nail to toenail fungus. When the new nail came in it was also infected. I applied honey to the nail morning and night for at least 2 or 3 weeks. I could see it slowly improving and now it is completely healed and normal looking.

Reamy ANcarrow

Works completely, and no need for a purchase of medication. Simply take 1/3 cup laundry bleach, and

2/3 cups regular water, mix in a jar, and swab in on nail once a day in the morning for a couple of weeks. Press on the nail up and down a little as you swab so that it goes under as much as possible. Then follow up as the new nail grows in about once a week. Completely cures it. Simply, and easily. You don't need to buy products like those one TV.


I had toenail fungus on 7 nails. Two were really bad, thick and deformed. The other were yellowish but more or less ok. None of the natural, home remedies worked. I tried bleach, oregano oil, different OTC medicines, straight vinegar, even grease. Nothing worked. In fact some of the nails were getting worse. I decided to go to the doctor an request Lamisil pills. If you have insurance is $5 a bottle of 30 pils. After 90 days i was fungus free. All of them cured. I know the risks of the liver and other side effects but I am done and no side effects to report. By the way, I do not have any relation nor receive any compensation from the company that makes the pills. Just trying to help as It is awful to wear sandals in public.


Toenail fungus is a very common problem and if it left it left untreated then it can cause splitting, cracking and completely loss of toenail. But it is curable natural home remedies are really effective. The apple cider vinegar is helpful as it is mildly acidic and helps to prevent fungus. Oil of Oregano is also helpful as it has the antibacterial, antifungal, antiseptic properties.


AfterBite, which is a topical liquid for bug bites, has been a godsend in abating my toenail fungus. I have tried all the other OTC meds plus laser (which did nothing after spending $500.) I believe it is the ammonia in this liquid that stops the growth. And, I didn't have a problem with reddening of tissues around the nail. I have used it 2x a day since December and my nails are now normal. The laser treatment was a couple of years ago, so this cure really had nothing to do with that procedure.


$1 !!!This is the BEST and cheapest. I got a fungus from a pedicure. My friend does acrylic nails and told me this cure (not the medicines).
Scrap under your nail as far back as you can, you'll be surprised how far under the nail you'll go. Get a container that your foot will fit in. Pour in Hydrogen Peroxide just to cover your nail. Put your foot in and push your toe skin to try to get the peroxide up under the nail. Soak for 15 min in the morning and at night. I even put a towel under to tilt the container for just my toe. It may take a week or two - but will be GONE!! to not return. $1 !!!


My husband uses Gold Bold lotion for men on his 'barn itch' & says it seems to be clearing up a toe nail as well.


I've battled this toenail fungus for several years and tried many home remedies: vapor rub, vinegar, soaking in smelly tea. None of the over-the-counter stuff works so don't even waste your money. If you want to get rid of it, remove all the polish from your nail, ladies. Cut the 'sick' nail down as far as you can and file it away with a pumice stone as best you can. The only thing that worked for me was using the bleach pen and painting the nail at least once a day. Bleach kills everything and it will kill this fungus. Keep filing that nail down, cutting it back as soon as you see growth. Get over you vanity and stop trying to cover it with nail polish. For the first time in years, I can wear sandals with confidence!

Doc Savage

I had a bad toenail infestation for many years and this worked like a charm: 1/2 White Vinegar + 1/2 Listerine (the brown kind) + a few drops of Grapefruit Seed Oil. Soak your feet in it for about 30 minutes twice daily. You can do it while you eat breakfast or watch TV. I just left it in a dishwashing tub, and changed it out every few weeks. If the smell really bothers you, you can cover the tub with a cutting board.

Women's toenails are thinner than men's, so they will respond a little faster. Mine took about 2 months and it's been gone for several years now.

For reference, I'm a physician and tried the antifungal pills, the paint-on antifungal treatment, foot powders, creams, you-name-it. Vinegar/Listerine/Grapefruit Seed Extract is cheap, safe, and works better than anything I've ever heard of. It can also be used to treat or prevent Athlete's Foot. The only down-side is that it takes 30 minutes twice-a-day. And no method is fast - it takes time.

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