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I use the vinegar method. I filled a film container with vinegar and use a cotton swab. i dry my feet after my morning shower then dab on the vinegar with the swab. I also do it again when I go to bed. In order to get the best result, I first soaked my foot, then using nail clippers ( the kind that look like pliers) i removed all the bad nail part, then used rough sandpaper to grind most of it away. after a few days of the treatment I used the sandpaper again. i think it important to remove as much of the bad nail as possible. I don;t know how I get his, but 1st time was a couple of years ago and I did the vinegar for over a month and it was all gone. Got it again recently and an doing daily and I can see the new growth is fine. Vinegar works great!!


Here is an excellent remedy to cure Fungus Infections of the Feet, also known as toenail fungus or onychomycosis.

1. Invest in a 4 oz. Dropper bottle.

I recommend visiting the following website for your purchase:

2. Fill your dropper bottle with 70% isopropyl alcohol.

3. Put 2 drops of the isopropyl alcohol at the growing base of the affected nail every night and morning, and within a few months, normal nail will begin to show at the base of the nail.

Other remedies (like distilled vinegar) are effective as well. However, isopropyl alcohol dries or (evaporates) quickly and does not leave the mess that vinegar can leave on the floor.

This alcohol treatment works and it is relatively inexpensive.

Good Luck.

Jake Nugent


For over ten years, I've been suffering from Toenail Fungus (Onychomycosis) and it kills me. This fungus as greatly affected my life. I live in beautiful sunny San Diego where shoes are optionl and it's been torture not being able to wear sandals, taking off your socks at your friends house, not going to the beach with friends or going swimming. It's uncomfortable both physically and mentally. I'm trying everything I've learned on this website.

Saturday July 18, 2009
Its starts off with a trip to Walmart. I purchased $30 worth of stuff. White vinegar, yellow listerine, hydrogen-peroxide, Vicks Vapo Rub, Tea Tree Oil, bandaids, cotton balls and a rubbermaid container to put soak my feet.

Step 1. I have soaked my feet in the vinegar for over 30mins now and will clean w/ the peroxide, then cover with Vicks. I'll keep you posted of my results.


I just got a bottle of Miracle Cure stuff from Bed Bath and Beyond. It's meant to cure those thick yellow fungal toenails and it absolutely worked. I have tried all the little home remedies and couldn't stick with one long enough to see results but this stuff worked with in a week.


1 1/2-2 Tbs of cayenne pepper powder and a big bowl of warm water. soak your feetfor about 15-20 minutes evey night before bed for 2 weeks. You should start to see results in 2-3 days. I have tried to tell my husband this for the past 5 years that we have been married but he didn't want to take my advice but1 month ago he finally took it and it worked really well. It took it away and now he loves to wear his flip flops everywhere.


okay well i have had a fungus on my toenails for like a year now well over a year and i did research and found the vicks vapor rub one and i tried it and the same day within mins of putting in on my nails it was disappering. what i did was i cut the nail as low as possiable than i took a nail filier and rubbed it on top of my nails all kind of ways to scratch it up a lil and than applied the vicks vapor rub on my nail rubbed it in real good and like i said with in mins it was going away as soon as i put it on my nails so it worked for me.


I'd seen on a site this mix for toe fungus and although I've only been using it for three days it is working!

50% Listerine
mixed with
50% Vinegar

Spray toe(s) and let dry

THEN apply Vick's Vapo Rub all over nail (cuticle and under nail) and cover to protect sheets at night.

Do the spray twice a day after shower and Vicks at night while sleeping!

Thank You to whoever had first submitted this as I am on cloud nine with the results!!!!


what i used to completely kill off toenail fungus was the bleach method, but what i did was using an emery board, i sanded surface of nail each time i did this, i used an eye dropper that i set up just for this, but i did a single drop or two of straight beach on each nail and let it sit for about 10 mins so it could soak in, only had to do this for about a week and it was gone, hasnt come back

cleat toenails

URINE! it's free! Urinate in a bootle and let it set for a few days and then soak your feet in it. your urine is just minerals your body didn't use. it will kill the fung if you use it daily until you see clear nails. it's also excellent for your skin. think i'm lying google it!


3 months in to this regime and it is working:

Weekly: Soak toes in vinegar for 25 minutes.

Nightly: Apply Tea Tree Oil to toes, cover with socks (so as not to stain the sheets).


At first I used a topical anti-fungal liquid to address athlete's foot around the nail bed. I still apply this once daily.

I now apply vinegar either by cotton swab or dropper daily.

It was difficult at first to clip the nails and to file them, but easier after soaking them in vinegar. After 2 months I kept filing them and now I have smooth nails. Not sure the fungus is gone, but it is a remarkable change.

I tried VVR, but wasn't too impressed. This is working for me.

Once a week I soak in bathing crystals that have epsom salts and Tea Tree Oil.

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