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Ok I have had toenail fungus for about 6 months. I combined to remedies that work awesome! First, take a bowl and put in 1 part white vinegar and 2 parts warm water. Soak toenail in mixture for 15 to 20 minutes. After that,dry foot with clean towel. Now I know this sounds gross, but when your desprate it works and doesn't burn at all! Take fresh urine on a wash cloth, and rub on toenail. This is very cheap and affective.



I had toenail fungus for a few years... which started with white lines in the tonail, which led to a yellow-ish brown thickening of the brittle nail, then to a dark brown/blackish streak leading up the entire nail. The condition is humiliating for us all.. and prohibits us from enjoying sandles in the summer, swimming, etc.

I discovered this site a month and a half ago... read everyone's great suggestions, and came up with a treatment that combines a lot of what is suggested here.

Items needed: bleach, listerine (brown), emery boards (disposable), Vics Vapo Rub, cotton balls, q-tips, bandaids and a shot glass (no, not to drink away the sorrows caused by toenail fungus).

On a daily basis, file down as much of the nail as possible using the emery boards. This includes filing the surface of the nail, back and forth, to rough up as much of the nail as possible. The rougher the nail, the more of the solutions it absorbs, thus the more effective the treatment. Once toenail is filed, fill the shot glass half with bleach, half with warm water -- leaving enough room at the top that the solution won't spill over once you dip your toe into it. Cover floor with a towel or something to protect from the bleach in case of overflow, then dip your toe in the shot glass for as long as your able. Your toe will start stinging from the bleach, you will want to remove every so often and let it air dry, then repeat. Leave in for approx 15 minutes. Once complete, let the solution completely air dry on your toe. Once dry... shower as normal, proceed with getting dressed, etc... then before putting on your shoes, saturate a cotton ball with literine, rub it over the nail for a few minutes, then apply a generous amount of Vic's Vapo Rub over the top of the nail using a q-tip, cover with band-aid, and leave for day. Once home at night, repeat the procedure before bed time.

It's a bit time consuming, and can be a little painful if the bleach burns a bit, but is working like a charm.

My entire outer-most portion of the affected nail has dried, crusted, and filed off with the emery boards.... leaving new nail growth underneath, not affected by the fungus. I could not be more pleased!!

Wearing open-toed shoes as much as possible also seems to help with this process. The fungus likes damp, dark places. So while going through the treatment, expose as much as possible!

Hopefully this works for you all, too! Good luck!

Darlene Duplessis

I've had toenail fungus for about 10+ years and I went to the doctor about 3-4 years ago and I was gonna do the penlac but my Mainecare wouldn't cover it and the stuff was $150.00. So then she had mentioned the pill form to get rid of it but I opted out of that because I didn't want to end up with kidney and liver damage.
About a week ago I was researching on toenail fungus and what it is, what causes it and how I could get rid of it without having to take that medicine. I started off about a week ago using listerine and vinegar together. Then I kept looking for other things that I could try. So I tried white vinegar and water. Then I went and got apple cider vinegar and put some peroxide in with it. So far it seems to be doing the trick.


i use tea tree oil direct on the nail at least twice a day and put magnisium sulfate [epsom] salt in my socks. i wear leggings and socks when its cold and change my socks at least onece a day. I also put the salts in my shoes. The salts help keep the dry nail dry and and maybe as they are magnisium sulfate the sulfer works like garlic ?

This is slowly but surely getting rid of the fungus and its non toxic and cheap!
ps was on lamasil for 6 months, which helped but didnt cure, the salt/tea tree is working better!
pps also tried vineigar [both malt and apple] and bleach - the salts + tea tree seem to work the best, my nails are almost perfect now only a tiny bit of yellow !
Good luck all !


I have toenail fungus for many years; tried prescritions from doctors and topical doctor scripts to no avail; finally what has worked for me: resist the urge to clip nails when they are very short due to pain from the fungus; clip only the health nails that become long and are in need; I use a athletes foot spray twice a day along with vicks vapo rub topical; i also used sears mens organic cotton socks; but the most important thing you can do is drink organic carrot juice; 4 oz a day; it has lemon juice mixed in for taste; this has something to do with making protein or calcium useable for the nails; you will notice your nails becoming harder ; fingernails also; this will take almost a year to cure; after all I had had this for 10 years so I am very happy with this cure; change shoes every day; alternate; have at least 2 pairs; i buy Lakewood Organic pure carrot juice at Wegmans; I hope this works for all of you; I am so happy to help all that have suffered as much as I have

dan kalenak

Simple; an cost cheap. I used Bag Balm for cow's utters.One day an you'll see magic.There many uses for this product.Drug and feed stories have it.



I have been suffering physically and most of all mentally for over 7 years from my toenail fungus. Like most people I really didn't notice it as a major problem at first and ignored it.. BIG MISTAKE! I tried NailRX (3 month supply) and saw very little results for the $100 I spent and became very discouraged. 2 weeks later after running out the fungus looked worse and now my right pointer finger was getting infected. I had had enough! I started reading everything I could find for a cheaper, more effective cure. Here is what I have found and tried.

We are all busy and cant go bare foot to work. Being in our shoes all day causes moisture and feeds the fungus. Most of us have very limited time in the morning and need something fast and easy.

You will need a few things:
Vicks Vapor Rub, Rubbing alcohol, Band Aids, Q-tips, Nail File, Liquid Bleach and Tea Tree Oil-(if you can afford it)

1.Trim and file your infected nails as best as possible. Making them shorter and thinner is half the battle.

2.Wash toes with anti-bacterial soap in your morning shower.

3.Use a fresh towel or hair dryer on toes. (always use a clean towel)

4.With a Q-Tip, scrub in Rubbing Alcohol and let dry.(only takes a sec to dry)

5.With a Q-Tip, rub a generous amount of Vicks Vapor Rub on and around infected toenails and cover with a Band Aid.

This will keep moisture from getting on and under the nail while at the same time killing the fungus.

When you get home from work take off your shoes and socks and wash your feet in the same way. If you have Tea Tree Oil, apply it with a Q-Tip and walk bare foot as long as possible letting it dry. If you do NOT have Tea Tree Oil, mix Bleach and Water 50/50, apply it with a Q-Tip to the NAIL ONLY. Let it Dry. I do the same to my finger.

Before bed, repeat steps 1-5 and wear clean socks to bed.

After a few mornings you will have this down to about 5-10 minutes.

I have been doing this for just a few weeks now and see about half the fungus gone. IT IS NOT AN OVERNIGHT CURE. It is however a REAL CURE. I will be seeing you all at the beach this coming summer :)


Toe Fetish

EASY. Effective. Cheap: About two years ago I developed toenail fungus most noticably on my right big toenail. It started as a white striation down the middle with thickening of the nail. My toenail developed white flaky debris from the striation and eventually the cuticle. After that, my little toebegan to discolor. Lo and behold each toe eventually had some degree of fungal infection on both feet. BAD spa chair pedicure!

My easy remedy:
1.) Dip a cotton swab in undiluted household bleach. Paint toenails of one foot with it, including around the cuticle and nail tip. Dip other end of swab in bleach and repeat for your other foot. Allow to air dry.

2.) Apply undiluted tea tree oil in the same way as above.

Frequency: once in the morning and once at night.

Three weeks later, my fungus appears gone on all nine toes, and my big badly infected toe seems nearly cleared.

1.) Keep toenails short.
2.) If you file, use a new disposable variety and discard after use. Don't reuse from trim to trim.
3.) Wipe nail cutter with bleach after trimming each nail.
4.) Go barefoot whenever possible.
5.) Wear clean socks daily.
6.) Dry toes with hairdryer after baths and showers.
7.) Slough callouses and dead skin from feet daily during shower or bath when feet are softened. Sterilize utensil after use, allow it to dry and don't leave it in moist areas.
8.) Clean shower, tub, linens frequently.
9.) Spray shoes with antifungal between wears. Allow them to dry out by alternating them with another pair.

Remember: Bleach, dry, Tea Tree. If bathing or showering try bleach, dry, shower, dry, tea tree.

Don't double dip those cotton swabs that have touched infected toes into the tea tree!

Best wishes for proud pink toenails going forward. Let me know your feedback and if little piggy feels sexy going to the market!


yogurt containing live active cultures: for foot ro toenail fungus, spread a little on the area and let dry. Do this daily. It works quickly and well. For mouth/ gastrointestinal tract, eat yogurt daily.


I tried the vinegar method and it WORKED. Cheap, easy and harmless. Whoever says is doesn't work is wrong. I wasn't interested in the remedies that destroy my liver or kidneys, that's for sure. So here's my situation.

The type of fungus I had was white superficial onychomycosis on my 2 big toenails. It's the 2nd most common fungus and the easiest to cure, lucky for me. It had been there on my 2 big toes for about 6 months and I stupidly failed to realize it was a fungus. I tried treating it with an over the counter remedy, which helped. I got on several forums and read about trying vinegar. I did a little research and learned that the reason vinegar may work is because it changes the pH of the nail bed, making the conditions hard for the fungus to grow.

My method for a solid year, from August of 08 to today (9/12/09) has been to use white vinegar 2 times a day, in the morning and evening, RELIGIOUSLY. I may have missed 4 times the entire year. I put vinegar in an emptied out little bottle of shampoo, the kind you get for free in a hotel. I used an eye dropper and applied the vinegar under the nail and to the sides and nail bed and all over the nail, twice a day, every day, for a year. I also avoided nail polish all year, if I did put it on for a special event, I’d take it off the next day.

My nail problem is gone, my toenails are back to their cute, normal selves. I'm going to keep it up for 1 more month just to be darn sure there's no little fungi still alive just waiting to come back. A year is a long time and 1 more month seems smart just to be sure.

I picked up the fungus in the locker room at my work's gym. Now I wear flip flops. Again, stupid of me to not have been more careful in the first place. Ah, oh well, live and learn.

Good luck...

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